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2200 - Strollaz Army For A Friendly Game

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Posted 24 February 2015 - 03:06 PM

Hi brothers, I'm preparing for a 2200 pts (no end-time) battle this weekend and I need some advice to improve my strollaz list. I just bought a new dwarf lord for my throng and so I will try to field him once again (last time I think was prior to our "new" book). Also the slayers are a news to me (usually in this kind of list I field the good old Ironbreakers). Anyways, here we go:
Dwarf Throng, 2200
Dwarf Lord (In Longbeard)
Great Weapon
Runic Armour: Rune of Iron x2, Rune of Stone
Runic Talisman: Rune of Warding x3
Thane, BSB (the plan is to place him in the Irondrakes to provide vanguard and then move him into longbeards who probably will be deployed near the slayers)
Runic Banner: Grungni, Strollaz
Runesmith (In Longbeard)
Runic Armour: Rune of Stone
Runic Talisman: Rune of Spellbreaking x1
Runesmith (In Irondrakes)
Runic Armour: Rune of Stone
Runic Talisman: Rune of Spellbreaking x1, R of Fournace
Runic Heirloom: Fiery ring of Thori
14 Quarrelers, FC
Great Weapons
22 Longbeards, FC
Runic Banner: Strollaz
24 Trollslayer
Runic Banner: Sanctuary, Strollaz
Gyrocopter (Vanguard)
18 Irondrakes, Mu + St
Runic Banner: Stoicism
5 Rangers
My doubts on the list are:
- Lord runic items. This guy is really tough but maybe I can swap his equipment with something like this: runic weapon (Parrying, Snorri, Might), Runic talisman (warding x3). To be honest, the main reason to change his runic items is that I find quite annoying the lack of a proper runic weapon (I'm also thinking about something like 3x cleaving or 3x fury... just for a change).
- Maybe I can go out of my comfort zone and remove a runesmith (the one in longbeards) to beef up rangers and slayers (and maybe add the ironwarden with cinderblast bomb - that in my meta can make a s&s reaction).
Probably my opponent will be one beetween Orcs & Goblin, Daemons or Dark Elves. 
Some advice ?

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