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2400 Slayer Cult List For Casual Games

ungrim slayers 2400

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#1 Barnie25


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Posted 19 February 2015 - 02:05 PM

After acquiring my dwarves I havent treated them with the respect that they deserve. I have chosen the elven kin over my fellow dwarves. I want to expend on my current dwarves collection to build a nice list which I can use in casual pick up games. The people in my area are the opposite of competitive and don't really like to play against hard armies.


The fluff is one of the reasons I really like dwarfs and slayers in particular. So I will try my hand at a slayer cult list for 2400 swedish play.



Ungrim Ironfist @ 350


Runesmith @ 113

-2x spellbreaking

-Rune of Stone


Thane BSB @ 188




29 Longbeards @ 442





10 Thunderers @160




Cannon @ 150




Grudge thrower @ 130




Gyrocopter @ 80


Gyrocopter @ 100



36 Slayers @ 539

-Giant w/ fire



-2x Sanctuary


Organ gun @ 145



2397 points



The BSB and the runesmith go with the shieldbeards and move up with Ungrim and his Slayers. The thunderers will baby sit the warmachines and make short work of war machine hunters and cav.


The list comes in at a 14,2 comp. 


I have a few questions about my list:


What are the experiences of people with running a slayer star like this and more importantly is Ungrim worth it? He seems like a tough nut to crack that can certainly dish out his fair share of pain. I like the fluff behind him and thats the main reason I am running hem. 


Lords tend not be taken in Dwarven armies but I like the idea of a Lord leading the way.


What do you guys think?

#2 Barnie25


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Posted 23 February 2015 - 02:58 PM

Seeing how this list didn't get any response I assume the list is either so terrible that there is no hope anymore or just not interesting to comment on.


So I have decided to go for a different route, for a full strollaz list, keep in mind that the list isn't intented to be fully competitve but rather be both fun to play with and against for regular league games.


I really want to field Ungrim but I take from most people that bring a lord just isn't worth while. 


So this is my second try. I hope people can comment on the build.



Daemon Slayer 215



Runesmith 110

-Spellbreaking 2x, Stone


Thane BSB 153



24 Shieldbeards 353

-FC, Strollaz


20 Shieldbeards 305

-FC Strollaz


12 Rangers 178



Grudge Thrower 105 



Grudge Thrower 130

-Accuracy, Forging


Gyrocopter 100



Gyrocopter 80


21 Slayers 329

-Giant Slayer w/ Fire, FC, Strollaz


21 Slayers 319

-Giant Slayer. FC, Strollaz


2397 points.



This gives me four medium sized blocks of infantry with strollaz and a small troop of rangers as scouts, including the gyrocopter this gives me six units that can be out of my deployment zone before the start of the game. The two stonethrowers will soften up enemy infantry and provide covering fire on the early turns.


Will this work? And if I were to incorporate Ungrim, I could drop the Daemon Slayer and the second slayer unit for Ungrim and fill the slayer unit till 35 slayers.


What do you guys think?

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