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2400 Tourny, Two Lists, Two Attitudes

strollaz gunline

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#1 Daroom


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Posted 30 January 2015 - 06:26 PM

Hey guys, wanted to get some thoughts on these lists I've been looking at.  I've got a big 2400 pt tournament in the summer (One I DID have to pay a bit of cash on, not even including hotels and stuff) and I wanted to (Obviously) bring my dwarfs.


Now here is my dilemma, I think I'm a decent player, and a good enough painter to get decent scores across the board.  But I just don't honestly believe that even as tough as I can make a list, dwarfs can win a 100 person GT.  I know I can crush a few players, and  I know I can smash some lists, but no lists I create have that ability to constantly 'clean up' all those spare points that get you multiple 20-0 sort of victories.  Not to mention, and I know it shouldent, but it does bother me how consistently I hear about folks complaining about playing against dwarfs... we are movement 3, have no magic, our combat units are built to lose, so we bring guns... and ALL I hear is whining while they mindrazor their fast cav and purple sun me to death.


So below I made two lists, one my 'Try hard' attempt at being the best dwarfs can be, going to put my money where my mouth is and do my best.  The second just sort of seems fun and I'd prolly get a lot less 'sighing' and 'whining', but I have no real illusions to overall victory.  Wanted to get your thoughts on what YOU think I should run, and even then any critiques on the lists themselves.




Try Hard:

Thane Shield, BSB, MR.Grungni 153
Runesmith General, Shield, R.Spellbreakingx2 108
Master Engineer R.Stone 75
Master Engineer R.Stone 75
30 Longbeards Musician, Standard, GWs,  R.Stoicism 475
16 Quarrellers Standard, GWs 234
27 Hammerers Full Command 408
Cannon R.Forging, R.Burning 150
Cannon R.Forging 145
Gyrocopter Steam Gun, Vanguard 100
Gyrocopter Steam Gun, Vanguard 100
Gyrocopter Steam Gun XX
Organ Gun R.Accuracy, R.Burning 150
Organ Gun R.Accuracy 145




Strollaz Fun:

Lord GW, Shieldbearers, R.Ironx2, R.Stone, R.Wardingx3 286
Thane Shield, BSB, MR.Grungni, R.Strollaz 188
Runesmith Shield, R.Stone, R.Spellbreaking, Ring of Thori 128
Runesmith Shield, R.Stone, R.Spellbreakingx2 113
39 Longbeards Full Command, Great Weapons, R.Stoicism 611
^BSB + Fire Smith goes here
34 Hammerers Full Command, R.Strollaz 541
^Spelleater Smith goes here
33 Hammerers Musician, Standard, R.Strollaz, R.Sanctuary 532
^Lord goes here

#2 dwarfsarethebestaround


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Posted 31 January 2015 - 08:55 AM

I quite like both of these lists but in the try hard list you probably want to get another spellbreaker Runesmith, maybe trim some models off the quarrellers, take of the GWs from the longbeards, since you already have a GW unit. You would probably be sighing at their lists if they're try harding as well so just go and smash their faces. I personally would prefer the 1st list, even though the second list is cool.

#3 Rayn Oathforge

Rayn Oathforge

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Posted 31 January 2015 - 02:13 PM

I prefer the 1st. Beef up your hammerers from some quarrellers and put RoStone on your general. Two runesmiths is clutch as well, but you could be ok with 1 with all of your redirecting gyros and shooting capabilities. Having been to 10+ GT's I can say that when you're spending all that money you should bring your best. Just make sure attitude is still kind. Your army book is out of your control, but your demeanour is. It's your best chance at a fun game.

#4 Montegue


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Posted 31 January 2015 - 03:04 PM

If the tournament has rules that cause hills to block cannon fire, I'd flip one out for a grudge thrower if you have access to it. Indirect fire can help mitigate people's ability to hide points behind a hill. 

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