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Magic Resistance Ruling


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#1 toxicmog


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Posted 29 January 2015 - 10:54 PM

Hi all,

My question is on the runesmith and magic resistance. I know he grants it to the unit. However I've never really used it!

Through natural quirk or potent artefact, some
warriors have an innate resistance to magical attack
A model with Magic Resistance has a bonus to
its ward saves when saving against damage
caused by spells. This bonus is based on the
number shown in brackets after the Magic
Resistance special rule. Magic Resistance (2)
would give a +2 bonus (turning a 54- ward
save into a 3 + ward save, for example). Magic
resistance can even give a ward save to models
that do not have one at all. A model with
Magic Resistance (3) and no ward save
normally would therefore have a 4+ ward save
against damage from spells. If a character with
Magic Resistance joins a unit, all models in
the unit benefit from the Magic Resistance. If
a model has two sets of Magic Resistance, the
two do not combine, it uses the highest.

The above ruling to me reads that I can take my magic resistance ward save from any spell that would cause a wound for my dwarfs, and doesn't specify that no saves of any kind are allowed.

A good example of this would be curse of years, which states on the first turn it's in play a model suffers a wound on a roll of 6+ with no armour saves allowed. So I assume magic resistance would allow me use that 6+ ward from my runesmith? As it says no armour saves, rather than no saves of any kind may be taken.

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#2 lordkingcrow


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Posted 29 January 2015 - 11:26 PM

You are correct sir.

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