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Dwarfs Vs Empire 3000Pts

dwarf empire battle

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Posted 19 January 2015 - 09:39 AM

So, I recently got to have a few battles over the festive period starting with a game against the Empire, led by an old buddy of mine. He usually plays a very close combat, in you face style with heavy magic. However he wanted to try out a few new things that he rarely brings, so whie I think it was a tough list, he probablycould have made it harder. Please forgive the lack of photos.

First of all my army:
Ungrim Ironfist leading the slayers
BsB, ga,sh,hw grungni,strollaz  (with the LBs)
Runesmith, ga,sh,hw, (with the LBs) stone, spellbreaking
Runesmith, ga,sh,hw, (with the thunderers), stone, spellbreaking x 2
Dragon slayer (with slayers), flight, speed, might
Daemon Slayer (with slayers), cleaving x 2, speed
43 slayers FC (giant slayer rune of dismay), banner with strollaz and slowness
31 longbeards FC hw,sh,ha rune of stocism
20 thunderers FC, hw,sh,hg,hw
cannon, forging
grudge thrower, accuracy, forging
5 rangers, gw,hw,ha,thrwaxe
10 miners FC,  gw,ha,hw

His army consisted of (looking at his deployment from left to right)
6 outriders
50 halbrediers FC with a detachment of 14 crossbows(general of the empire, level 2 beasts and level 4 beasts were with the halbrediers)
6 inner circle white wolves FC
celestial hurricanum
luminark of hysh
15 reiksguard knights FC (warrior priest and BsB in here)
steam tank
10 archers with a witch hunter
10 archers with a level 2 life
great cannon
5 normal white wolves FC

The plan was to vanguard up with the slayers and longbeards on my right flank to put pressure on his left while the rest stood back in the centre and shot. I wasn´t expecting so much cavalry so it didn´t quite work out that way. The rangers scouted up to the top left as he didn´t scout or vanguard so the slayers and longbeards had a free run at it.

The terrain, (sorry again, no pics, imagination time), was open in the middle with a tower in my bottom left and a hill in my top left with a house next to it. My right side had forest anda hill. He had a forest in his deployment zone. There was also a charnel pit to the right of the house in his deployment zone which was to cause him a few problems. I won first turn. I rolled a 2 on the ancestral grudge table and his witch hunter declared my daemon slayer a heretic

Turn one
I had vanguarded the longbeards and the slayers up. However, this put them right in front to his cavalry. Discretion being the better part of valour, I decided to move them back three inches. This turned out to be a good decision. Every thing else shot. The thunderers were out of range. The cannon took 2 wounds off the hurricanum, I think. The grudge thrower killed about 6 halbrediers. But the 5 rangers shot into the outriders killing two and forcing a panic test, which they failed due to the charnel pit. They fled a mighty 2 inches away.

He tried to rally the outriders and failed again, (thats right, you guessed it), due to the charnel pit. Rolled a 9, needed an 8. They fled to within an inch of the table edge. He declared a charge against the longbeards and made it. However, he tried to move the steamtank into the slayers and missed by 2 inches because I had moved it back. He moved everything else up. In the magic phase he got off flesh to stone giving a toughness boost to the reikguard. The shooting opened with with his crossbows killing a thunderer and ended with his cannon spectacularly misfiring and blowing up. (Cheap man-made rubbish). The combat did not go the Empire´s way either, with me rolling very high and him rolling terribly. It ended up as a drawn combat.

Turn two
So now my slayers were in a position to charge his steamtank, which they did. The miners showed up directly behind his army and moved towards his wagons. Everything else stayed put. The cannon missed the wagons. The thunderers and grudge thrower wiped out about 7 halbrediers beween them and the rangers killed two crossbow men. His knights did better this time winning the combat against the longbeards but they easily passed their break test. Unfortunately my horde of slayers with three characters were only able to do one, (yes, one), wound to the steam tank. Disaster!

He finally rallied the outriders and he charged my slayers with the inner circle white wolves and witch hunter and archers. Everything else moved up or got into position. In magic he got wyssans wildform off on his reiksguard and the crossbows killed another thunderer in the shooting. Combat was mixed. He started beating up the longbeards who couldn´t get past the reiksguards armour. They passed on stubborn 10 though. The slayers finally started to perform against the steamtank
doing 5 wounds. The daemon slayer killed the witch hunter and one of the white wolves also died. Lost a couple of slayers in return.  I won but everyone passed their break test.

Turn three
No movement for me except for a failed charge by the miners against a wagon. Shooting was a carbon copy of turn two. The longbeards were in big trouble now as they were down to about 14 models including the BsB and Runesmith.The slayers finally killed the steamtank and about 7 archers and another white wolf. They all failed their break tests and I pursued the white wolves catching them and smashing into the reiksguards flank.

The archers rallied. He charged the halbrediers into the flank of the longbeards and the normal white wolves charged the slayers in the rear. Magic was low and I used a double spellbreaker on savage beast but didn´t destroy the spell. He then forgot to shoot his outriders into the miners and the crossbows did one casualty to the thunderers. Hand to hand was pretty bad for the longbeards. They were reduced to the BsB, the runesmith and 7 rank and file. The slayers on the other hand killed a few knights but he won the combat. The longbeards passed on stubborn 10.

Turn four
The miners failed another charge against the wagons. Boo!! The thunderers, I decided, should hotfoot it over to the longbeards and slayers as soon as possible. The rangers killed another crossbowman. The grudgethrower landed a stone on the outriders killing three and panicing them off the table. It was at this point, we realised he had forgot to use them last turn. However, shot of the turn, nay the game, was by my cannon which hit and destroyed both his wagons which was going to be a massive help to the longbeards and slayers. In combat, he killed another 2 longbeards and about 6 slayers. Perhaps, at this point, I should mention that deathblow was giving me a couple of extra attacks every round which at ws4, str5 is pretty good. I killed a few halbrediers and and 2 knights but still lost the combat. The
longbeards passed the break test again.

No real movement for him except for the 10 archers with the life wizard moving from my right across the table to a more central position. Winds of magic roll was high. I used the the other spellbreaker on flesh to stone. Combat followed the same pattern as before. I nearly wiped out the white wolfs in my rear and a few halbrediers. The longbeards were down to 3 guys. However, he issued a challenge with his level 4 beasts. I must say, I took a long time to think about this one as I was sure he had van horstmann´s speculum which would have made his wizard awesome in combat. But I decided that, if I refused, he would send Ungrim to the rear and I reasoned that Ungrim, was the only one who had a  chance of surviving, however slim. Plus, the slayer King doesn´t run from anyone, of course. "So", I asked, "Have you got it?".  "Got what?", he said with a smile playing across his lips. "You know, Van Horstmann´s". Nope, he didn´t. Phew!! It was a bluff. He was hoping I would refuse the challenge and then he could kick Ungrim to the back. He also figured that, should I send forward one of the lesser slayer characters, then his wizard would be probably be able to survive against them, thus taking them out of the main combat. But I was full sure he had the speculum and the dragon or daemon slayer would have been toast if he did. So, I proceded to attack with Ungrim. Three hits, three wounds, three ward saves, three fails, wizard dead. He needed a 4+ but rolled three 2´s. Excellent performance by Ungrim.

Turn five
The miners actually managed to charge the the 3 archers who elected to stand and shoot, to no avail. The thunderers continued to slog over to the main combat. In shooting, everything was directed towards the crossbows killing about half and panicing them. The longbeards were down to the champ and standard bearer, with the BsB and runesmith. I killed the last of the the white wolfs but my dragon slayer was also taken out. He lost by one but passed the break test. The miners
crushed the three archers with no loss and overran into the other archers with the life wizard.
His crossbows fled off the table. Everything else was in combat In the magic, he rolled fairly high but I was confident that without his level 4, he couldn´t do too much damage. I was out of spellbreakers anyway. However, he total powered savage beast on the higher casting value. So all his characters had +3 str, +3 attacks, Ouch!! The miscast wounded the level 2 beasts and killed a few halbrediers but this was definitely a turning point or so my opponent hoped. No shooting and straight into combat. He wiped out the longbeards, including the BsB and the runesmith. He also killed a couple of slayers. But in return, Ungrim killed his BsB with killing blow. The miners pounded the the archers and life wizard, again with no loss, ran them down and destroyed them.

Turn six
I tried a fairly long charge with the thunderers into the halbrediers flank which failed. The miners turned around. No shooting targets left. He killed a few slayers but I finally wiped out the reiksguard. The daemon slayer killed his priest. His level two beasts killed my giant slayer. But with his last breath giant Slayer swung out catching the wizard in the belly taking him out as well. That was the last wizard dead. Good riddance!

The last empire turn had no movement, no magic and no shooting. In a last ditch effort to go down with honour, his general issued a challenge, which was accepted by Ungrim. He rolled first and did one wound to Ungrim. Ungrim in turn got three hits, which then became three wounds. He had no armour save so rolled his three ward saves needing 5+ and rolled....... three 4´s. General dead. The daemon slayer went to town on the halbrediers killing three of them. They in turn killed a few slayers. The slayers killed 5 more. They finally broke and were run down thus ending the battle in a complete victory for the Dwarfs

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Posted 19 January 2015 - 10:16 AM

Nice repport, quite understandable despite being a 3000pts game without picture, good job !
And congratulations on the win, this was an interesting game :)

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