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2500Pts: First Battle With The Dwarfs - Full Strollaz Vs Skaven

2500 battle report dwarfs skavens strollaz

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#1 Khazagrim Ironheart

Khazagrim Ironheart

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Posted 30 September 2014 - 09:58 PM

I had my first game yesterday against my usual skaven opponent. I've put up together to most aggressive list I could, while my opponent decided to bring a themed list of the clan moulder, which very unlike his cheesy usual list.

We were playing closed list.


Here is my list:


Dwarf Lord, Shieldbearers, Shield, Master Rune of Smiting, Rune of might, Rune of Speed, Rune of Iron, Rune of the Furnace


Thane BSB, Shield, Master Rune of Grungni, Rune of Strollaz

Runesmith, Shield, Rune of Spell Breaking, Silver Horn of Vengeance

Runesmith, Shield, Rune of Stone, 2 Rune of Spellbreaking


40 Greatbeards, FC, Strollaz


24 Hammerers, FC, Master Rune of Valaya, Rune of Might

24 Ironbreakers, FC, Rune Strollaz, Rune of Sanctuary, Cinderblast Bomb

Gyrocopter, Vanguard



5 Rangers



His list was something like this


Grey seer, 4+ ward, stuff

Warlord, Bonebreaker, Sword of Anti-Heroes, stuff


Captain, Halberd, Skavenbrew

Captain, BSB, Standard of Discipline


45 Slaves, Musician, shields

45 Slaves, Musician, shields

40 Stormvermin, FC, Stormbanner

25 Clanrats, FC

3 Rat Dart (he was trying a format with 9 rat and 1 packmaster per dart)


11 Rat Ogres (I think) with a few pack masters and Skeel (special character giving either regen, extra attacks or poisoned attacks)


Hellpit Abomination

Hellpit Abomination


He probably had some other stuff but that's all I can remember.

A very soft list: No doomrocket, no Gutter Runners, no Warplock Engineer, his Hellpits were the only really scary thing. And he even spend points on rat ogres. And yes, he knows they are really bad.  

Neither of us had an optimal list, and neither of our very shooty army had any real shooting. It was going to be one of those very fun game.


We decided to roll for scenario from the BRB and we've got a Battle for the Pass.


Terrain: A building deep inside my deployment zone which will have no effect. Another right in the middle of the battle field will of course play a much larger part in the conflict to come. There is also 2 forest that will have no real effect on the game. 





He does a refused flank, his rat ogres being his strong flank. His 2 hellpits are deployed at the front of the middle of his forces. His BSB and Grey Seer goes inside a bunker behind his lines, the Warlord joins the rat ogres, the captain with brew goes in the Stormvermin, which are deployed between his slave units. His hellpits and slaves are at 24" from my army while the stormvermin and the rat ogre are about 5" farther.

My Longbeard are deployed on the far left, my Ironbreakers beside them and the hammerer behind the center building, with both of my gyro. 1 Runesmith goes in the Longbeards, the other goes in my Ironbreakers with the Dwarf Lord, the BSB goes in the Hammerer.



Pre Game rolls


My opponent gets 3 Warpstone Tokens on the grey seer, his rat ogres get poisoned attacks and the skaven brew gives death frenzy to the Stormvermin (+2 Attacks, lose D6 wounds worth of models per turn).

His spells were Blessed with Filth, The Wither, Plague and The Dreaded 13th.





I deploy my Rangers on the other side of the central building, ready to chaff these rat ogres if needed. 





I move the longbeards and Ironbreakers forward, at a respectable distance from the hellpits. My hammerers get inside the building. My vanguarding gyro moves to the other side of the building. 



I get the first turn.



Dwarfs Turn 1


He activates his storm banner, so my gyro cannot fly.

I move my Hammerer out of the building, daring on of the hellpit to charge them. The Ironbreakers moves forward to be ready to support the Hammerer if needed. The Longbeard keep pace with the Ironbreakers. 



Skavens Turn 1

The Storm banner doesn't end. 

He tries too get both of his hellpit into my hammerers. Only one of them makes it (the other needed a lot), the other one shows his flank to my ironbreakers. He moves a dart to chaff them,. The rest of his army moves forward. 


During the magic phase, magic was 6v3. He got a channel. I then realised that I had moved forward to much, so was in range for Plague, Wither and Dreaded thirteenth, none of which you want to be cast on your units on turn 1. He first cast Wither with 4 dices on my longbeards, got a too big result for me to dispel it with my dices so I scroll it. 

He had 2 power dices left, but use his 3 warpstone token to cast Plague on the longbeards, and I chose to use my other scroll. I've lost a game already because of that spell, I would not have it happen another time, with another army.

It might have been a mistake to use my 2 scroll the first turn. The big mistake was to let him have the opportunity to cast every spell he wanted. 


In the combat phase, I pass my fear check and the Hellpit deals 5 impact hits for as much dead. He gets avalange of flesh. My champ is able to pass his initiative test but 3 hammerers aren't so lucky and die. He kills quite a few with his 2d6 S6 hits but I still get all my attacks. My champ attack and gets 3 wounds through but he regen them all. My hammerers strike but only manage to slip 2 wounds through. This is bad. On the utopic world of average, that hell pit would be on 1 wounds right now. After the thunderstomp, already at least half of the hammerers lay dead. They pass their break check.

5 Stormvermin die to the Skavenbrew infused Death frenzy.



Dwarfs Turn 2

The Storm banner ends.

I use my silver horn of vengeance, since I don't see me making much charges after this turn. 

My Lord charge out of his unit in the flank of the hellpit who wasn't able to get to the hammerers. He stand, which I think was a mistake, but I don't think he was expecting that kind of damage output.

My longbeards gets in the flank of an overreaching unit of slaves that was at an inch from the board edge, parallel to it. This was a gamble and a mistake. The idea was, since I would be disrupting them, they would "only" be on rerollable 7 (yes that was a really badly calculated gamble, and he was on rerollable 8 because of the standard of discipline). If I would break them, I thought I could overrun out of the battlefield and they would have been in a great position when they would have come back. I could not, since it was battle for the pass... At least I had a back up. I could only get 6 of my longbeards in contact with the slaves, so the angle by which my longbeards would flee if they would get rear charged by his stormvermins (I would be fleeing from the slaves since they have the most ranks) would make them pop through the Gyrocopter, the Ironbreakers and through the building to safety, if they could outrun two units (I'm a very bad gambler). 

A gyro get a bombing run on a dart and kills one rat and the pack master.


In shooting, my cinderblast bomb drift off behind his lines.


Combat is more eventful. The dwarf lord wounds 5 time the Hellpit, he regen 3 and I roll 5 and 2 for the number of wounds dealt. The hell pit dies and I overrun. I needed 10 to get in the flank of his rat ogres unit (which would have been interesting to see if nothing else), 6 to get out of the front arc of his slaves, but I get 5. 

In the hammerer vs hellpit combat, the hellpit get 3d6 A but he whiffs his rolls and doesn't do much. I get 3 wounds through him and I lose 3 more hammerers to the Thunderstomp. Only 6 or 7 hammerers plus the BSB remains in the unit. They pass their break check.

My longbeards kills a lot of slaves, don't lose any back. The slave pass their rerollable 8 test. He reform to face them.


He rolls 1 for the Too Horrible to Die chart and the hellpit stay dead.



Skavens Turn 2


Slaves charge my Lord who flees and pop through the building. I make my dangerous terrain test. They redirect in my ironbreakers. I make a stand and shoot with the Ironbreakers, it kills a few stormvermin (I can stand and shoot with a cinderblast bomb, can I?). The slave make the charge. He charges a dart into my Ironbreakers to get them out of the way. The Stormvermin charge the rear of the longbeards. A dart charge the rangers, lose the pack master and 3 rats to the stand and shoot. They fail their panic test and won't rally. 


Only poisoned attacks on the stormvermin gets off during the magic phase.


In combat, I lose about 12 longbeards and kills a few slaves and a few stormvermin in return. I need double 1 for my Ld test and I don't get it. I flee through my gyro, the ironbreakers and the building, neither of his unit are able to catch me. I make all my panic check and dangerous terrain test. Well, that didn't went so bad.

The Ironbreakers don't lose any and kill 5 or 6 slave. The dart flee from combat and won't have any further effect on the game.

The hellpit get feed, which is great for me. I test or D3 wounds for everything in contact. After that, I have my command and my BSB left in the unit. I finally kill the hellpit, and I think i'm quite in a good position to keep my points. I would use my BSB and hammerers to makes double flees in front of the rat ogres and get to safety behind the building.


Or so I thought... He rolls a 6 for the Too Horrible to Die chart and his Hell pit (and his points) are back to life with 4 wounds. Double flee doesn't work against random movement... it takes a silly rule to beat a silly loophole. Now I'm in trouble and I realize that I will not be keeping these points.


More stormvermin dies to the skaven brew.



Dwarfs Turn 3


My Dwarf Lord and my Longbeards both rally.

I move both my gyro in front of the Stormvermin to steamgun them and then double flee to protect the flank of the Ironbreakers.

I move my BSB out of the Hammerer. 


The gyrocopters kill almost half of the remaining stormvermins.


In combat, the Ironbreakers kill more slaves, still don't lose any. The slaves pass their break check.



Skavens Turn 3


He charges his warlord out of the rat ogres (they would not have fitted) in the Hammerers. I should have fled as I had first intended. I didn't for some obscure reasons. 

He charges his stormvermin on a first gyro which flee, he redirect in the other which also flee. The slaves charge one of the fleeing gyro, not getting it off the board but the changing his angle in a crucial way. He is not in reach to redirect in my other gyro. I think that my Rangers fled at this point for some reason I can't remember.

The Hellpit gets in the BSB.


No magic get through I think. Maybe an uneventful blessed with filth.


Combat is still uneventful in the Ironbreakers vs slave match up. The slaves losing and being steadfast 10.

The Warlord kills the Hammerer champion in a challenge. They stick. 

Hellpit kills the BSB with impact hits.


Few more stormvermin dies. 



Dwarfs Turn 4

My rangers rally. My Gyro both fail their test and one of them goes off the board (because of the slaves charge). 

My Longbeard enter the building.

My Dwarf Lord stupidly join the rangers. 


Combat is the same as usual for the Ironbreakers vs slave.



Skavens Turn 4


Stormvermin into the flank of the Ironbreakers. 

Hellpit gets into the other flank of the Ironbreaker. 


Wither gets off on the Ironbreakers.

Dreaded Thirteenth goes off irresistibly on my rangers. Kills them all with the lords and they are ingloriously transformed into clan rats. The miscast is dimensional cascade. It kills almost his entire bunker and makes them panic. Sadly, the Grey Seer survives.


In combat, the slaves kill nothing, the stormvermin puts 6 wounds but 5 of them are saved by the 4+. The hellpit goes to town, rolls 17 attacks on the 3d6 and kills 3 full ranks of ironbreakers by himself. They break and are catch. 



Dwarfs Turn 5


Gyro rallies.



Skavens Turn 5


Hellpit charge the building.

Warlord joins the rat ogres.


In combat, the hellpit kill 5 longbeards and takes 2 wound in return. The longbeards stick. 


4 Stormvermin dies and the unit has only 4 remaining!



Dwarfs Turn 6





Skavens Turn 6


He is unable to cast Dreaded Thirteenth on my Longbeards




End of the Game


I was left with my longbeards, a runesmith and a gyro.

He lost a hellpit and a dart.


Result: Massacre win for the Clan Moulder.



I will post my afterthought when I have time


#2 Durak


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Posted 01 October 2014 - 07:48 PM

Man, those hellpits won him the game. It's a really sad state of affairs when someone takes double hellpits and the stormbanner, and that is called a "soft" and "fun" list. Gah!

#3 Luntan


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Posted 02 October 2014 - 06:27 AM

Man, those hellpits won him the game. It's a really sad state of affairs when someone takes double hellpits and the stormbanner, and that is called a "soft" and "fun" list. Gah!

I dont neither think the Skavenlist is a week one, the only weeker thing he had in the list was the Ogres but that dosent make the army week. 2 HPAs against a none cannon list is nasty. If you have had more of a gunline then the game would have been different. HPAs dosent like flaming cannons.

But anyway nice battlereport, was fun to read. Would like to read more of them.

#4 Khazagrim Ironheart

Khazagrim Ironheart

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Posted 02 October 2014 - 08:52 AM

Maybe I've mistaken fluffy for weak. To my opponent's credit, he did not have anything from any clan but Moulder. I'm just use to face way more cheese in his lists. 


His hellpits indeed contributed to his win, and of course without that one coming back to life it might have been another game. Even so, he did not make any real mistake and I've made a few, I think his win is well deserved.



I will break down what I think I did wrong, and should have done. 


The first tactical error from my part was in deployment. I should have switched the longbeards and hammerers of place. This is pretty minor, but the 40 longbeards would have been pretty much invulnerable in that building, while the fewer hammerers were vulnerable to dreaded 13th and sheer grind.


My biggest mistake came in the vanguard phase. I didn't moved forward all the way to 12", but I should still had held back a little, and make sure he wasn't going to have good targets on his turn 1 for either plague or wither. The hammerer (who would preferably have been longbeards) should have stopped before the building and got in it only when the battle lines got closer. Then I could have moved my 2 other elite unit as I did too soon in my late battle and their flank would have been protected by a garrisoned building and impassable board edges. I would then have been in a very solid position where his hellpits wouldn't have been able to deliver much damage to the hammerers in the building and would be forced to engage my ironbreakers with Dwarf Lord (Dwarf Lord who seem to kill these abominations with ease, Dwarf Lord who is now a clan rat...) which is where I wanted them to be. 


Moving my Hammerers out of the building was the first move of the game, and it was yet another mistake. I was fearing too much Dreaded Thirteenth and I failed to realise that the real threat was in these hellpits. 


Charging the Longbeards in the flank of the slaves was really silly. First it was standing on a false assumption (that I could overrun off the board), second it was a gamble with a very low probability of success. But being able to make a flank charge and get rid of Strength in Numbers got the better of me so I did it anyway. In the end I didn't really pay for it, but these longbeards would have been better used standing their ground besides the Ironbreaker until a true opportunity came. 


My last mistake was of course to bring that Dwarf Lord into the rangers... I frankly don't understand why I did this instead of just joining the longbeards in the building, won't do it again...



Here is what I liked or performed well during the game.


The Dwarf Lord: the only thing that scored real points. I've put it in a position where he would have to intervene to save the hammerers, the logical consequence of this is that his unit was chaffed, so I was forced to charge him out. He did his job: killed that abom, but sadly overran a single inch too short and I had to make him flee through the building to safety when he was flank charged by the slaves so he was almost out of the game after this. I somehow managed to give up his points.

I will try him again with a similar build, probably a rune of preservation instead of iron. 


2 Gyro: Against a Stormbanner and movement 1, they were out of the game for the first turns. I only shoot their tear drop 1 time but it was effective. I had more success using them as armored eagles to buy me a turn against the slaves and the stormvermin.

I think that at least 2 of these should be in all my lists.


Ironbreakers: These guys are rock incarnate. They remain viable even if their format isn't too big. I'll try giving them stubborn next time by replacing Grungni by Groth One Eye on my BSB (which will also be handy for my dwarf lord).


Longbeards: Great core. I took them over GW warriors because of their runic allowance, but I think I would prefer a big block of warriors (60 maybe, filling up all core. Would be good against a lot of thing and really bad against other...)


Hammerers: Regen ruined their damage output for that game. They are obliviously very strong, but 24 isn't a format for them. I think 30 to 40 would be more effective. I prefer the Ironbreakers I think, you don't have to spend as much to make the unit effective. Sadly, they do not have the 75pts of runic banner allowance that the hammerers have. 



I found that very instructive to do the report and that breakdown. I will probably do another as I learn to play this army.

Might give a go to the same list again and see if I can pull out a better result. 

Anyway thank you both for your feedback. 

#5 Zidane_blade


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Posted 02 October 2014 - 03:21 PM

My BRB is not available, but...can you garrison a building with the Vanguard move?

#6 Khazagrim Ironheart

Khazagrim Ironheart

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Posted 02 October 2014 - 10:31 PM

Well, I think the wording is that you can't March a unit in a building so we both agree than that was legit. I'm wondering though if I could join a character in a unit already garrisoned in a building.


Another mistake i've made that i've not covered in my recap: my hammerers (now 3 strong) standing their ground to the warlord charging them...Should have fled through the building and kept these points instead of giving them away just to buy me a turn for my ironbreakers.

#7 Zidane_blade


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Posted 03 October 2014 - 05:47 AM

Still, without the book, I think if you can't March them in, then you can't vanguard them in. But no matter, since you guys figured it out :-)

The next one seems, perhaps, kinda silly. But the character is a unit in itself, for as long as he walks alone. And since only a single unit can garrison a building, he cannot enter. Not even to, join the other unit, in the process.
But again, the BRB is out of reach.

#8 Swordthain


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Posted 03 October 2014 - 02:57 PM

A unit executing a Vanguard move cannot march (BRB, 79), so the unit is not considered to be marching when making a Vanguard move; therefore, it may use the Vanguard move to garrison a building provided doing so does not violate any of the other restrictions on Vanguard moves (e.g. moving to within 12 inches of any enemy units). "Note that characters can join a garrison unit by moving into base contact with the building." (BRB, 126--emphasis mine).


EDIT: Another point of which to be aware is that a unit may perform a swift reform before entering a building, since a swift reform allows a unit to conduct a normal move (not a march) after the unit reforms.  :thumbup:

Edited by Swordthain, 03 October 2014 - 03:00 PM.

#9 Zidane_blade


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Posted 04 October 2014 - 07:17 AM

Stand Corrected regarding characters joining a garrison unit.
But a unit performing a vanguard is actually not allowed to garrison a building, since that happens in the movement phase. But a vanguard is not happening in the movement phase.

Sorry to the author, for filling the thread with a rules debate.

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