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Throng Of Traz-A-Kulub

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#1 greenstuff_gav


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Posted 07 September 2014 - 08:27 PM

so, here's a wee battle report from this afternoon.

I'd gotten the army out to photo where i was with it:


(nearly got all the slayers done!)

When a regular Dark Elf player challenged it to a game!

a quick tot-up put my just over 2500pts:


Lord Lynn Rudottir
Lord: 276
Great Weapon, Shield Bearers, Fortitude (+1 T), Stone (+1 Sv), Warding x3 (4++)

Lord Borri Steelsmith
Runelord: 385
Anvil Of Doom, Master Rune Of Balance (didn't work once!), Rune Of Spellbreaking (2)


Rudi's Thrung
30 Dwarf Warriors: 300
Shields, full command

30 Long Beards: 450
Great Weapons, Full Command

Rudi's Grindal
12 Quarellers: 188
Great Weapons, Standard, musician

Got Thingaz
12 Quarellers: 188
Great Weapons, Standard, musician


50 slayers: 740
5x Giant Slayers, Musician, Standard


here's a photo of the Dark Elf deployment:


alot of firepower; 4 Repeaters, 2 units of Crossbowmen and 2 Hydra and me without any artillery!

having given the Dark Elves a hammering a few times i could see what was coming; vengeance!


a fairly tight deployment from the Dwarfs; the 2nd quarellers were in the wrong place, having no LoS over an Orc village but overall i was happy-ish!



first Dark Elf turn not much happened, a Flaming Cage (i was saving Spellbreaking for Purple sun!) cast with irresistible on the slayers, pinning them in place!



the first dwarf turn was uneventful; no magic went off due to Dark Elf dispelling, the warriors and Longbeards advanced as the elves weren't and the Quarrelers took advantage of their better range!



The elves advanced, noticeably the Sorceress on pegasus to the left, Hydra to the right.


Thankfully dispels stopped most of the Dark Elf magic, but Spellbreaking failed to destroy Purple Sun!

Repeaters peppered the Longbeards while slayers suffered shooting casualties...


The Cold Ones failed to charge the Quarrellers (whos' Stand-n-shoot-shots bounced) and the Long Beards crashed into them, Lord Rudottor directing her Shield Bearers into the attacking Dark Elf Dreadlord!



meanwhile the Warriors pulled off a massive charge into some Warriors, bypassing the Hydra!



The warriors hammered the elves apart, running them down and panicing a nearby unit of Crossbowmen!



not content, the warriors charged the freshly rallied crossbowmen and smashed them down as well!



After this, the Longbeards smashed apart the knights, the lords remaining locked untill the end of turn 6 when the Dreadlord broke, being paniced at the end of the game, the flanking hydra charged Quarellers and got smashed to pieces by their great weapons, the rampaging warriors were charged inthe read by the other Hydra, winning the combat and leaving it broken at game end while they wrecked havoc amongst the Bolt Throwers!


so despite taking a less-than-optimal list, some lucky breaks won me the game; the slayers serving as little more than a distraction, only managing to kill a unit of crossbowmen and the Anvil Of Doom did pretty much nothing all game; even against 2 level 2 mages he failed to cast when it was needed and his spellbreaking runes could be taken by a runesmith!


i managed a second game against a Vampire Counts player but decimated his army in three turns so didn't really get any pictures; slayers taking charge from 50 skeletons front on, a unit of Grave Guard with Blender-lord in the flank and bat swarms in the other flank and still won the combat!

This sums up how that game went!


thanks for reading!

#2 Thormak


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Posted 08 September 2014 - 02:56 AM

Great Battle report, love the pictures. Seems that the Dark Elves greatly underestimated Dwarf frontal charges. Good Luck trying to shoot 50 slayers off the board, that would be a feat in itself  :thumbup:

#3 Zidane_blade


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Posted 08 September 2014 - 04:44 PM

Nice looking models and great battle report.
Minor thing I noticed from the pictures. In the beginning, the Quarrellere unit behind the Anvil, moved sideways by quite a great length. They are only permitted to move, what....50 % of their normal move rate. It might be the picture, but it just seems more than an inch and a half :-)

#4 greenstuff_gav


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Posted 08 September 2014 - 05:07 PM

can you not march? i knew it was at half move but thought you could march so that'd be me cheating :(
all three of us regular WHFB players are still learning the ropes so it's good to have thing pointed out to us!


on a related note, if the front rank of a slayer regiment is all Giant Slayers (as i've done) when the opponent hits 'em, his warriors have to allocate to each Giant Slayer don't they? at that initiative step no-one can hit the slayers behind 'em til lthey're dead?


as an apology, here's end of turn one for the second game!



very bat-themed army hence the freehand banner on the graveguard (don't know who'd paint a banner like that :innocent: ) !

The slayers impacted with a 50-strong Skeleton regiment, the longbeards into a 30-strong.

the graveguard (with blenderlord) and 3 batswarms flank charged them and the undead still lost the combat!

the Vargheist and Ghost Swarm charged the longbeards in the flanks and again the undead lost the combat!

the big-bat (terrorgheist?) was being stalked by the regiment of warriors when the undead general died and the player gave up citing Deathblow (i'm only taking one attack per slayer) as OP :lol:

#5 Montegue


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Posted 08 September 2014 - 08:16 PM

He put his big threat into a unit of insane dwarfs who's sole purpose is to die killing something nasty? Heh. 

#6 greenstuff_gav


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Posted 08 September 2014 - 08:28 PM

in fairness i had expected 'em to die but some horrific rolls from the undead player saved 'em!

i'm just worried about the big unit of skeletons having to split their attacks amongst the 5 Giant Slayers; it kept 'em safe!

#7 Montegue


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Posted 08 September 2014 - 10:23 PM

I kind of like the slayer bus notion. I mean, anything that dies hits back, so it's a ton of attacks going out no matter what. 


#8 Stymie Jackson

Stymie Jackson

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Posted 16 September 2014 - 05:29 PM

Love seeing slayers in action. That's pretty funny seeing someone call them OP. Thanks for the report!

#9 greenstuff_gav


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Posted 16 September 2014 - 07:23 PM

new picture!



just started basing; need to grab some varnish to keep the flock in place!


played the standard Dark Elf army;



had the usual Anvil not doing much ( it did take 2 rounds of 4 Bolt Throwers hammering it though!) and the Longbeards grind down the Cold One Knights



i'm really impressed by sword'n'board warriors; they seem to chew though anything Core with ease!



Quarrellers outshoot many things and with GReat Weapons they hammer alot of things; one regiment killed a pair of Hydra!



i'm liking the Slayer Bus; they manage to win combats even when people charge them in flanks / rear!

apparently i've got another 12 coming so may run 2 units of 30; alot of them don't see combat or death so hopefully they'll be a bit more maneuverable

won by almost 1000 points but got caught up and didn't take any cohesive pictures i'm afraid!

#10 kelvenmore


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Posted 17 September 2014 - 03:12 PM

Great battle report, thanks for posting! Love the fact that you used mostly core. That is telling of how good dwarf core is.

Yes you played it correctly, the advantage with giant slayers or characters is you have to allocate hits.

Slayers are awesome but their biggest weakness is their speed and once opponents know how good they are they'll be avoided.

Edited by kelvenmore, 17 September 2014 - 03:58 PM.

#11 greenstuff_gav


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Posted 05 October 2014 - 03:46 PM

so, managed to photo another battle report from todays game :)


thought i'd run something different this time...



Runelord: 318

General, Anvil Of Doom, rune Of Shielding, Shield


Runelord: 321

Anvil Of Doom, rune Of Shielding, Great Weapon


30x Quarrellers: 440

Great Weapons, Standard, Musician


30x Quarrellers: 440

Great Weapons, Standard, Musician


Cannon: 120


Cannon: 120


Organ Gun: 120


Organ Gun: 120


i didn't say it was a particularly good list!

slightly over allowance on Lords but my opponent was fine with that :)



usual affair; Lord on cold one, Assassin, lvl2 Mage (fire storm and fireball), 2 spearmen blocks, 2 crossbowmen blocks, cold ones and a hydra!



i'd gone fairly central, while the Dark Elves hunkered down in a corner, rendering half my army in the wrong place!



having first turn, i shuffled forward; the right hand quarrellers getting up onto the hill.

Having 2 Anvils didn't help in the Magic Phase; i got one +1 Armour Save off



shooting went terribly; first one cannon overshot with an 8 (i put 'em 4" from their target)


then the second cannon misfires!


and the one organ gun in range rolls 20 shots...


and hits with 4.. and doesn't wound! on 3s!


Laughing, the Dark Elves moved into position.. blocking the Bolt Throwers from anyone but the 2+ warding Anvils...


while quarrellers pick off Elf Spearmen the cannons proved their worth...

#12 greenstuff_gav


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Posted 05 October 2014 - 03:49 PM





Shooting back, the Repeater Bolt Throwers knock two wounds off've the Organ gun...



As the Dark Elves advance.. one cannon explodes!



Undaunted, the Cold Ones crash into the Organ gun, spearmen attack the Quarrellers and the elves shoot the other Organ gun dead!



While the Dreadlord kills the Organ Gun on his own, the Quarrellers destroy the Spearmen, chasing them down!



the quarrellers smash into the second unit of spearmen and break them in combat.. panicking the nearby crossbowmen and pursuing into the Sorceress!



While the Hydra breathed on them, they remained undaunted and charged both bolt throwers, smashing them aside!


meanwhile the other quarrellers and both Anvils casting destroyed the Cold Ones, leaving the general stood looking confused!


the Cannon fired at the Hydra, landing a cannon ball on its head!

then it rolled a 1 to wound *crys*


The Dreadlord charged the closest Anvil and both inflicted 2 wounds on each other, the Runelord passing his breaktest (which i don't think he should have taken!)


While the cannon finally hits, killing the Hydra, the quarellers and Crossbowmen exchanging fire, the rampaging unit of quarrellers turned to face the nearest crossbowmen.

Both the Runelord and the Dreadlord all failed to hit or wound and the game ended i resounding win for the Dawi!



i think in future i'll stick to Bolt Throwers and use the points to splat Forging and Accuracy on the Organ guns!

As usual, Dwarven Core proved their ability to smash any other core to pieces!


thanks for reading :)

#13 cptfluffy


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Posted 08 October 2014 - 02:53 AM

Nice bat reps, and thank you for taking the time too write them!


On your most recent post, the AOD did not need to take a Break test. the AOD provides Unbreakable so this wouldn't have been an issue. Thankfully it didn't matter in this situation.

#14 Andy Spiers

Andy Spiers

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Posted 17 October 2014 - 07:11 AM

Aim 10" from the back of what you are aiming at with the cannons for the most optimum shot.

#15 greenstuff_gav


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Posted 19 October 2014 - 03:07 PM

well my regular undead player wanted a 1500pt game with his Empire, non-competative list:

Lord on Horse

Wizard of Life (lvl2)


10x Inner Circle Knights

10x Riflemen

20x Spearmen, 10x riflemen detatchment

20x Spearmen, 10x riflemen detatchment

2x Cannon


and i wanted to use miners and Bugmans Rangers so i ended up with:



Josef Bugman (General)

Daemonslayer: Master Rune Of Flight, Rune of Cleaving

Runesmith: Shield, Spellbreakingx2

20x Longbeards, Great Weapons, Full Command

12x Quarrelers, Great Weapons, Standard, Musician

12x Miners, Blasting Charges, Full Command

19x Bugmans Rangers: Shields, Full Command


Deployment saw the empire making a large bunker and the three dwarf units facing off against them.

Bugmans' Scouts appeared on a flank ready to smash into the Knights!



both players' first turns were uneventful; shots either missed or cannon misfired.


Turn two saw Bugman charging into the knights



while the Miners appeared behind the flank detachment


their hastily-thrown mining charges killing a single spearman!


The Empire general stepped forward at Bugmans' bellowed challenge and slew the dwarf in one!


a runefang not needing to wound and ignoring armour saves!


the miners charged the riflemen and shattered the unit, panicing the spearmen who ran off the board!



While the Rangers ground down the knights, Thor stomped forward and threw his hammer, killing a spearman!


The Quarrelers fired on the rifleman unit, continuing to grind down the unit :)


The Spearmen charged the approaching Longbeards and the cannon misfired!


Several wounds were inflicted either side, but a drawn combat emerging.


while the miners wheeled to face the cannon hiding in the ruins, Thor charged into the Spearman block


Issuing a challenge, he smashes the priest into the floor without effort and the Longbeards break the spearmen!


the Empire General finally breaks the rangers, chasing them down and leaving the general right out on the flank!



While the Longbeards and Thor pursue right into the empire lines!



while Thor destroys one cannon, the miners another and the Longbeards wipe out two riflemen, the final unit fails its Panic check and also flees off the board!


leaving the General out on one flank on one wound!


when seeing the armies laid out, i was sure i'd be hammered sideways!

the opponent overshot his cannon alot, averaging an 8 on their shots, but i knew the Quarrelers could out-range the riflemen!

Bugmans' lack of a ward save hurt, especially with "you die if i hit" magic sword, thankfully the rangers were able to grind the unit down; another turn and they'd have killed the general i feel!


still, was interesting to play, hopefully my opponent will build his army up to 2000 and i may experiment with less-than optimal armies for a challenge!

#16 MeuhMeuh


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Posted 19 October 2014 - 03:14 PM

Very nice report, I love the use of thor to snipe canons ! :D

#17 Zidane_blade


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Posted 20 October 2014 - 05:53 AM

Nice report and excellent photos :-)
A quick note would be, when the Miners destroyed the riflemen (handgunners), the spearman should have fled in the direction of the build on the left, instead of towards the nearest tableedge.

#18 Lord Dain

Lord Dain

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Posted 24 October 2014 - 10:13 PM

Great report.


I have really enjoyed following this thread. Keep up the great work and a round of drinks on me  :wine:  :wine:  :wine: or three.

#19 greenstuff_gav


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Posted 24 October 2014 - 10:26 PM

thanks guys!
i had considered the spearmen would flee away from the miners' destruction of riflemen, but then they'd have fled through the last two riflemen and the cannon!
plus if they didn't rally, would they continue in the same path or would they then head to the closest table edge?


been doing some painting .. hopefully will get another game in Sunday!

#20 greenstuff_gav


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Posted 26 October 2014 - 04:58 PM

so, went to get a game against a long-standing opponent today; managed to start making a book Of Grudges so took it along.. glad i did!

he bought a 1700pt Lizardmen army to the board and i grabbed random units, avoiding my usual staples of army listing; this left a very disjointed list!


Daemonslayer: Master Rune Of Flight, Rune Of Cleaving

Josef Bugman

Runesmith: spellbreakingx2

26x Longbeards, Great Weapons, full Command

20x Quarrellers: Great Weapons, musician, Standard

12x Miners, blasting Charges, full command

19x Bugmans Rangers, Full Command



was well out-deployed, Bugman out on a flank, miners off digging holes. I've given my opponent some proper hammerings lately so really didn't focus on winning the game!


Slayer Thor moved behind a building to hide from shooting while Bugman and Longbeards advanced.



the first couple of turns were moving about, quarrelers shooting a few Saurus dead



some skirmishers moved around and shot Thor dead while Miners appeared on that flank, threatening to avenge the Daemonslayer!

the longbeards, hexed to the nines from Skink spells (reroll 6s', minus 2 Str and T)charged the other unit of skirmishers, chasing them off onto a flank


Spotting the lone quarrelers, the two saurus advanced toward the crossbowmen, but forgot to charge!



The longbeards charged the Templeguard and Oldblood while the Quarrelers charged one unit of Saurus, the miners failing to charge!



the two armies traded blows until a disatrous turn in which bugman died to the Oldblood (Josef needs a Ward!) and the Quarellers were broken and run down by the Saurus!



the saurus attempted to charge the miners and failed!

the Oldblood continued to hammer the Rangers who stood their ground



the Miners charged the Saurus and thanks to a disastrous turn all died in one round!



Finally the Skink Skirmishers who'd spent the game running away charged the Rangers in the rear and the Templeguard finished the job, wiping the Dwarfs from the board!



on the whole was a terrible, terrible game and my bad army list and terrible tactics were deserving of the hammering i took!

still, it's the first page in my Book Of Grudges so hopefully i can get a rematch with a slightly better list!

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