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2400Pts Pure Gunline Vs All Comers


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#1 Thorniusmaximus


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Posted 18 August 2014 - 01:05 PM

Hi all


I am putting a list forward I wanted to try an all gunline list as much as possible trying to have everything shooting as much as possible. Never really tried it before but would love some feedback on weaknesses or if I am just crazy.




Runesmith SH R Stone R Spellbreaking R Might 118pts


Thane BSB SH R stoicism 128pts


Master Engineer 70pts


Master Engineer 70pts




20 x Quarrellers GW STB Vet 300pts


20 x Quarrellers GW STB Vet 300pts




Cannon R forging 145pts


Cannon R Forging R burning 150pts


Grudgethrower r penetrating 120pts


Grudethrower R penetrating R forging


23 x ironbreakers STB Vet 2 x R Slowness




Organ Gun R accuracy 145pts


Organ Gun R accuracy R burning 150pts


Flame Cannon R Forging 165pts


Total 2398pts


I don't think I have broken any rune rules but I may be wrong otherwise it is a simple plan sit back and shoot push the ironbreakers forward and hopefully stop a couple of charges and let the organ guns and canons do a lot of the work - I am not sure if I should swap out the grudgethrowers for Gyros but wanted to theme it towards a fluff style army from an old hold that didn't go for that new fangled flying gizmos Any feedback is more than welcome

#2 cwalker690


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Posted 18 August 2014 - 02:18 PM

I would do exactly what you said - swap the Grudethrowers for copters.  They still fit the theme - they shoot


They have the advantage of being able to divert stuff away from your Organ Guns.


If you're planning on fighting with the Ironbreakers with low character support (no Lord) I would recommend the Rune of Stoicism on the Ironbreakers and then give your Thane BSB some equipment to keep him alive as long as possible - Master Rune of Gromril would be good.

#3 Grumpy Runelord

Grumpy Runelord

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Posted 19 August 2014 - 08:11 PM

Flame Cannon and Cannon has both RoForging (not allowed).
I would also go for Accuracy on GT and not forging.

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