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New To Dwarves 2500 All Comers With Limited Models


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#1 TheArmoredRock


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Posted 07 August 2014 - 05:45 PM

Greetings again my fellow Grumblers. I'm back after my first 2 games ever with dwarves. I faced an Orc army with 3 hordes of Orcs designed to beat me and a Beastman list with a Ton of bodies. I held out pretty well, fighting to a draw in both games. After talking to a long time dwarf player and seeing myself what I think I need I have adjusted my list some and would appreciate some feedback. Again from my last post I own limited models and I am trying to keep this army cheap $-wise as I am currently building a 40k army as well. Anyway, here is my new list.

Lord on shield bearers, gromril, GW, 2x rune Iron, Rune of stone, 3x rune Warding (286)

Thane, BSB, shield, gromril, Mast rune grungi (153)
Mast Engineer, Rune of Stone (75)
Runesmith, Rune of stone, 2x rune spell breaking (113)

20 Longbeards, GW, FC, Rune of Stoicism (345)
2x10 Thunderers, shields, muso. (280)

27 Hammerers, Stand/Muso, Mast Rune of Val. (490)
12 Miners, champ, Steam Drill (155)
2x Gyro (160)
Cannon, rune forge, rune burning (150)
Cannon, rune forge (145)

Organ Gun, rune of accuracy (145)

Lord and Runesmith in Hammerers as before. Thane with the Longbeards and keep the 2 units close to each other to support each other.
Thunderers out front as gun line/chaff
Miners either was backfield hunters or up front as chaff if needed
Gyros on the flanks to either hunt chaff or block charges.

What I saw in my first 2 games;

-Longbeards, even with GW are tough to deal with in Melee and the AP from rune smith in them was overkill.
-A second rune smith was overkill with Mast Rune of Val.
-Vanguard on 1 Gyro was not really worth it.
-WM ran well and were combo'd well
-larger unit of Thunderers limited my target selection.
-didn't have much chaff
-no way to deal with threats/objectives far across the field.

So I decided to split my Thunderers up to allow more target selection and to use them as chaff units. I also decided on a group of miners to try to grab points from their war machines, or to pop on the board close to an objective to hold since most of my tourneys are very scenario-centric.

Anyway, thanks in advance for feedback.

#2 Murphey


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Posted 07 August 2014 - 08:47 PM

The musicians in the Thunderers are the first point to jump out at me. The only benefits they would get is a LD 10 regroup if they break and the small possibility of tie breaker. With the Lord providing a 10Ld bubble, it seems like you could put those points to better use.

Don't discount the usefulness of vanguard on a Gyro. That 12" move can really help the Gyro jump past your opponent's line and drop bombs with a flying march. Other than that, the list looks very solid.

#3 TaxiForBiggins


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Posted 07 August 2014 - 09:02 PM

Musicians allow ranged units to, in the event of having no better targets, maneuver into a favorable position to block a charge and deliver a stand and shoot. For example, all deployed facing forward, some fast can gets around the side out of the Thunderers arc with a clear charge line on your war machines. A swift reform and 1.5 inch move sideways could block the charge to the WM and ensure a sns reaction if charged

Also as you say, the rally, since they aren't stubborn and the unit is small. Its relevant if the lord advances and the Thunderers hang back

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