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2500 Tourney List


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#1 skierguy92


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Posted 05 August 2014 - 06:30 PM

Hello all, Im competing in a tournament for my towns comicon, any advice would be welcome. Here is my list.


Lord-sheildbearers-Rune of Iron(2x)-Rune of Cleaving-Rune of Might-Rune of Dismay-Sheild 288


Grim Burloksson 165


20 Longbeards-Full Command-Shields 290


20 Longbeards-Full Command-Shields 290


15 Quarrellers-Champion-Musician-Sheilds 215


15 Thunderers-Champion-Musician-Sheilds 215


Bolt Thrower-Rune of penetrating-Rune of accuracy 120


Cannon-Rune of forging 145


Grudge Thrower-Rune of Accuracy-Rune of Penetrating 145  


15 Miners-Full Command 180


11 slayers-Musician-Standard Bearer 152


Gyrobomber 125


Organ Gun-Rune of Accuracy-Rune of Forging 170




#2 Roedskaegg


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Posted 05 August 2014 - 07:39 PM

-You have no vanguarding units, wich will leave your miners alone. Maybe consider adding stuff to be able to push up and have better synergy with miners?

-You have alot of cav, monsters or flyers where you play? Otherwise I'm no fan of the bolt thrower.

-I guess you are going to use Grimm with the Organ gun and not to increase range of thunderers? In that case I vote no to thunderers, Quarrellers are almost always better. 

-With runic weapon I belive it counts as magic = you get no parry save. Shield is a waste. Give lord a greatweapon and rune of stone instead, or if you can afford it, wardsaves!

-Try adding a unit with great weapons, or you get very dependent on WM to do dmg for you.

-We have great LD but still, a BSB is great to have, especially with Master rune of Grugni or the Master rune of Groth one Eye.

-Magic defense is nice and there are alot of nice extra (like AP and MR) for bringing a Runesmith, but if you are gonna skip it, build a pushier list


My thoughts :)

#3 Volsh


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Posted 05 August 2014 - 08:02 PM

As far as a shield, it's cheaper than a rune of stone and does as much.  If he wants a runic weapon, it makes sense to use a shield to get to 1+AS.  

#4 skierguy92


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Posted 05 August 2014 - 08:21 PM

My plan would be to form a bubble around grim, with the long beards as a defence for anything that got close. Also I do have a lot of cavalry players here so thats why I brought the bt. I dislike bsb's personally because they give away points. Thank you very much.

#5 Bimli


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Posted 05 August 2014 - 08:38 PM

120 points on a single shot bolt thrower. I think you should drop that for maybe another gyro with vanguard heck you can give 2 gyros vanguard. That will be more than enough to redirect those cav units. Also OG do a good number on cav unit so maybe even try to plop in another OG. ID switch tghe thunderers for quarrlers but this is not a big thing. other than that it looks good to me

#6 TaxiForBiggins


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Posted 06 August 2014 - 04:00 AM

While I generally agree about the BT, let's examine it a bit closer, assuming RoPen + , vs unruned Cannon (let's assume we only care about hitting 1 model or at least the front rank of a unit)


Same cost, same range


Cannons hit like 50% or something without forging (10-inch lead). Has chance of blowing up.

BT with accuracy hits 50% at long range and 66% at(assuming no cover/skirmish).


Cannon is S10, multi-wound(d6) and can pierce ranks

BT is S7, multi-wound(d3), no AS and can pierce ranks


So to summarise, with the BT you hit as much or more often, have no chance of blowing up, but are likely to do less damage (although still significant). Against primarily T5 and lower models, the BT is often going to be the superior choice. Against T6, it's still pretty good, and against T7 it starts to lose efficacy. I would seriously consider running this BT over an unruned cannon. If the points allowed, I would never run it over a cannon with forging. In larger games, I would probably run this over a third cannon, as having 2 cannons allows the BT to deal with lower-T threats, and getting forging on the third cannon starts becoming costly without resorting to double flaming shenanigans.


An extra RoPen helps secure that critical to-wound roll, too. Another option for increasing effectiveness at shooting fliers is Flakkson's rune of seeking.


TLDR; Possibly better than an un-runed cannon. Take instead of a 3rd cannon in larger lists.

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