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Dwarfs Versus Beastmen (1000 Points: Standard Battle)

beastmen dwarfs warhammer tips battle 1000 points

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#1 Pepilecube


    Young 'Un

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Posted 02 August 2014 - 08:19 PM

Hey Guys,

having a battle with a rather competitive friend of mine tomorrow who collects Beastmen, im just now constructing my army. Just looking for some tips from players whom have battled them or simply abit of knowledge for a beard'ling. I've played alot against Orcs and Skaven, if they are similar to them in anyway. 



#2 cptfluffy


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Posted 02 August 2014 - 08:40 PM

They will have no real ranged. And at 1000 points, I would assume some magic but not nearly as much as they can produce w/ herdstone and multiple casters. So, probably someone to throw buffs out or possible a Amber Spear at your WMs if they care. Otherwise, just note they can do some dmg when it comes to CC. If they play correctly, they'll almost always have rerolls to hit with a decent str. But they wont have an AS, so shooting does good against them, but they will probably engage you as early as T2 if they go for a decent charge. Might not be a bad opportunity for IBs for the survivability and still have 4s to wound. Maybe run a single cannon encase they have chariots. But I would lean more toward OGs/GT for my WM of choice in this match up. Better for killing the T4 Rank-and-file while still having the ability to do decent dmg too single target.



No ranged

Some magic

Decent in CC with rerolls but no AS.

#3 Gimlisonofgloin


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Posted 03 August 2014 - 02:58 AM

Agreed, he will most likely bank pretty heavily on the combat phase at just a 1000 points so i would personally attempt to counter it with some ranged of your own. an organ gun with accuracy and/or an ME will be huge against his generally T4 no armor army. the cannon would probably be a good idea if you can find the points as he will most likely bring a chariot or two for some core.  fortunately for you he can't chariot spam you that hard at this point value but with the chariots only being 80 pts be warned he could really get you with those impact hits.  personally I would take,

ME naked

23 DW w/GW musi and standard (possibly even in a 6x4 if he had a wide front

22 IB with standard

cannon w Forging

OG w/ accuracy

and 5 rangers 

998 pts


the rangers could be used to distract or throw off the fastest enemy or the one you want out of the fight longest while the guns try to kill all they can. 2 good turns of shooting on the OG and you can seriously change the course of the game if you target his most expensive and killy units like the minotaurs. and then with any luck you can still shoot it at unengaged things after that.

I could for sure see the value of a gyro or two here but personally i think i would go for the rangers and the special being the iron breakers and cannon.


Good luck with the game tho and let us know what you end up playing and how it goes! 


#4 Pepilecube


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Posted 03 August 2014 - 10:12 PM

Well i managed to win, well i say win, a slaughter sadly would be more of a correct statement. Mostly due to the great lack of strength Beastmen have; i mean damn looking over the book they are very expensive and have such little variety in their game. Im happy to be proved wrong by a dedicated Beastmen player but from simple looks they aint great. 


My Army:


Joseph Bugman: 165p

Thane: Rune of Striking (+1 WS) and Rune of Stone (+1 AS): 80p


14 Bugman's rangers: No command: 238p


10 thunderers: No command: 120p

14 Hammers: Full Command: 240p: Plus Banner of Valaya: 65p( The see you in hell magic banner) 305p

1 Gyrocopter: Steam Gun: 80p

Total: 988


A quick summary of the match would be:


I place my men back letting the beastmen come to me, getting a tower in starting area aided my thunderers and decided to post my men around their. Excluding the rangers whom covered the far side of the board, in the scout deployment turn. I did this so i would have early game dominance spliting his forces into two choke points, this was also aided by terrain placement and the fact his side had one range unit (12inch Shortbow) giving my beardies full shooting potential.


The rangers destroyed his two chariots; one early game the other late. They also mopped up a unit of 10 by getting them to flee. 

My Gyrocopter whom won MVP killed 9 in the first turn and another 7 in a later turn, that steam gun was like something out of ww1. 

Thunderers dealt out minor causalities and killed his level 3 shaman in the final turn. They also caused 4 wounds on his giant, then killed it a turn later.

Hammerers and Thane stood back waiting for a fight which never arrived; sadly. they were met with a unit of 20 which had become 5 and a unit of bowmen whom had 3 left. they charged the bowmen killing them in a slaughter. 


Magic on his part was mostly movement spells which some were dispelled and others passed little of the game was influenced by his spell casting. 


The result was i lost one Gyrocopter: 80 points 

.He lost his 1000 point army. 

The dwarfs will cheer a merry song about that battle but sadly it felt more like a shallow win. Its a shame i really like the Beastmen models, any thoughts on the army list or just tips for next time? 





#5 Gimlisonofgloin


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Posted 03 August 2014 - 10:37 PM

i wouldn't feel too bad for him as at higher point values beast man can really show their colors. I have found that especially at lower levels 1000, 1500 pts the dwarfs are exceptionally awesome while as the points get higher, the armies with more monsters and higher variety tend to bring back the balance.

#6 Gimlisonofgloin


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Posted 03 August 2014 - 10:38 PM

Nice work on the slaughter tho! Im very surprised the thunderers did that well thats awesome!

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