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Slayer Themed Army For Semi-Competive Games

slayer ungrim daemon longbeard dragon

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Posted 10 July 2014 - 06:11 PM

I wanted to put together a fun Slayer themed 3000pt army to take on all comers. I managed to fit in two extra characters more than I normally would so it shoud be monster in combat.



Ungrim Ironfist - The Slayer king

Daemon slayer with parrying, 2x cleaving



BsB, shield, with grungni and strollaz

Runesmith, shield, stone, spellbreaking, Fiery Ring of Thori

Runesmith, shield, 2x spellbreaking

Thane, GW, stone

Dragon Slayer, flight, might, speed



31 Longbeards, shields, FC, stoicism

20 Thunderers, shields, FC



43 slayers, sanctuary, strollaz, slowness.

including giant slayer with swiftness

               giant slayer with parrying

               giant slayer with dismay

Grudgethrower, forging, accuracy

Cannon, forging



5 Rangers


So, I hope to castle up the two WM and the thunderers on one flank while the other two units push forward in a kind of refused flank deployment.

Ungrim and the daemon slayer are leading the big slayer unit in horde formation. The daemon slayer has got parrying to help keep him alive and both he and Ungrim are good against high armour/toughness enemies and characters especially on the charge. That´s why I gave them slowness. Plus they both have initiative 5 which is great for Dwarfs. The giant slayer with parrying will accept challenges I don´t like the look of. He should be slightly harder to kill. The giant slayer with swiftness is nice to just get a few attacks out before my opponent and the guy with dismay will force fear tests.

In support, the Longbeards will vanguard next to them led by the Thane, BsB and the Runesmith with the Ring. The BsB will shelter both units with Grungni. The ring should give a nasty little surprise to my opponent. For me, it´s the only heirloom worth taking.

The Runesmith with the 2x spellbreaking stays with the Thunderers.

The Dragon Slayer is a bit of a wildcard. I could deloy him alone getting a 4+ look out sir from being next to the units, or actually in the slayer unit. Or I could leave him as WM bodyguard if I am facing eagles and the like. If he is by himself, he makes a good redirecter and can take out fanatics and skaven weapon teams with the rune of flight as well as finish off war machines, chariots and such. I always seem to roll just below what I need to kill a multi wound model.

The Rangers, of course, are for vanguard blocking, chaff, redirecting and general annoyance.


The main problems I see are that longbeards tend to die as easily as dwarf warriors but are more expensive so would I be better off with just a bigger unit of warriors. Their old grumblers rule is not going make any difference to the slayers.

Also. thunderers or quarellers. I must admit to be a thunderer man myself. But would the increased range of the crossbow be more advantagous considering both the slayers and longbeards will be meeting the enemy possibly in his half of the table.

Are giving the giant slayer rune weapons worth it or should I just upgrade more slayers to giant slayers?

Also can I stack the MR from santuary and 2++ ward against magic missiles from grungni?

And lastly, I didn´t include a gyro because I wanted a thane to beef up the longbeards as I find they don´t really kill a lot in hand to hand and his three GW attacks could swing a combat for me.




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