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2600Pts For First Tournie With New Book

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#1 Stuntymike


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Posted 04 July 2014 - 12:28 PM

Hey fellow stunties, so I'm off to my first tournament with the Dwarfs for about a year and a half. It's 2600pts with some interesting comp changes. Most significantly it reduces cost of anvil to 85pts - still not going bother with it though. Info is here should anyone be interested http://warhammer.org...p?f=13&t=123159


Anyway here's what I'm taking.



Runesmith        Shield, 2 x Rune of Spellbreaking and Rune of Stone                   

Runesmith        Shield, 1 x Rune of Spellbreaking and Rune of Stone, Fiery Ring of Thori       

Master Engineer    Great Weapon, Rune of Stone                           

Thane            BSB, Shield, Master Rune of Grungni, Rune of Slowness               


24 x Longbeards    Full command, Great Weapons, Rune of Stoicism                   

24 x Longbeards    Full command, Great Weapons, Rune of Stoicism, Rune of Sanctuary           


Cannon              Rune of Forging                                  

Gyrocopter        Steam Gun                                   

Gyrocopter        Steam Gun                                   

Gyrocopter        Steam Gun                                   

21 x Slayers       Standard and Musician                               


16 x Irondrakes        Full Command, Trollhammer Torpedo, Rune of Slowness               

Organ Gun        Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Forging                       

Organ Gun                


Not the most optimal as I'm trying to run balanced lists so I'm capping myself to three war machines. Also my hammerers need some love on the paint table so they're staying at home with the Lords. In their place come the Slayers A) because why the hell not? B) They're a good anvil and deathblow can cause Elves problems C) Monsters are encouraged by having points reductions so it seem fluffy.


Personally I like doubling down on medium units of Longbeards in core as I feel like I'm getting the best use out of my core tax for the way my lists tend to go.


Main other point is that I'm expecting a good 1/3 to 1/2 the field to be made up of Elves (without good targets) so I ditched my normal 2nd cannon for a naked Organ Gun to be assisted by ME so as to spread points and ding BOTWD should I encounter it.


Anyway wanted to share it with you all and would happily receive comments and criticisms!


My last two tournies with dwarfs I managed top 10s - not sure what to expect from this one but I'm looking forward to having some fun.



#2 Jon AIles is cool

Jon AIles is cool

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Posted 05 July 2014 - 03:28 PM

I under stand about the botwd but your gyros will cut that unit apart. When I'm vs HE I just try to kill the things that can kill my gyros and let them go to work. 2 runes up OGs is nice. I don't run a ME anymore (although they are still very good), I use the 70 points for more runes on my wm.

#3 TaxiForBiggins


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Posted 05 July 2014 - 10:41 PM

That looks super fun to play, and pretty balanced. Looks super un-fun to play against, which I like :)

RoPen on the OG would be a good no-cannon compromise. Only reason not to is the botwd, but you have gyros and drakes...

Good luck

#4 thorgrim_thunderbarrel


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Posted 06 July 2014 - 03:58 PM

Personally, while I love longbeards, for great weapons it is overpriced to me. I prefer Shieldbeards or great weapon warriors.

#5 Stymie Jackson

Stymie Jackson

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Posted 06 July 2014 - 10:30 PM

That comp pack restricts BOTWD to BSBs and dragon princes only.

So yah take the OG naked and use the ME. Irondrakes wont do a damnable thing to dragon princes.

List looks fun. Good luck! Tomb kings and beastmen wont be pushovers with the comp. Gotta love restricts on the big 3 schools of magic.

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#6 Stuntymike


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Posted 07 July 2014 - 02:38 PM

Yeah actually had a practice game vs Tomb Kings with a lot of constructs and managed to eke out a big win but I was worried when he put it all on the table.


I'm happy about the dice cap on Death and Shadow especially as my suspicions have been borne out that there looks to be about 50% of the field taking elves, with an emphasis on Wood Elves.


Not sure I feel about this but we'll just have to see. I've got a practice game vs Welfs tonight so will likely have a better (bleaker) idea then.

#7 Stuntymike


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Posted 13 July 2014 - 06:09 PM

Had a cracking weekend at the tournament and finished unbeaten (3w + 2d) to clinch 4th out of 28. Well chuffed - though missed 3rd by a very small margin.


Pleasingly the other dwarf player, who was running a completely different list (with an anvil - 85pts under the comp), finished 5th.


Will perhaps post a summary in the coming days if people are interested.


#8 TaxiForBiggins


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Posted 13 July 2014 - 08:55 PM

Heck yeah! Great job!

#9 guardian angel

guardian angel

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Posted 14 July 2014 - 02:56 PM

Congrats on the 4th place, great showing and good to see that dwarfs can compete. My mate went to this tournament and was running vampires. I'm in the process of building-up and learning dwarfs, so I'd be very interested if you could please give a quick breakdown of how you thought each unit performed.

#10 Stuntymike


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Posted 15 July 2014 - 09:06 AM

Congrats on the 4th place, great showing and good to see that dwarfs can compete. My mate went to this tournament and was running vampires. I'm in the process of building-up and learning dwarfs, so I'd be very interested if you could please give a quick breakdown of how you thought each unit performed.


Oh is that Michael Ross? I was next to him for a couple of games but we just missed each other though he went down 11-9 to Ben the other Dwarf player as his last Irondrake passed a 6++ to save the unit.

#11 Stuntymike


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Posted 15 July 2014 - 09:57 AM

So I thought I write up a brief review of my games and how the list performed.


Game 1 I was up against Scotland's ETC Team coach, Chris White, with his Greenskins.


He had roughly.


Savage Orc Warboss

Black Orc BSB

Lvl Savage Orc Shaman

Lvl NIght Goblin Shaman

Wolf rider hero

Horde of Savages

Horde of Night Goblin Archers


8 Trolls

3 Wolf Chariots

2 Doom Divers

Stone Thrower

2 Manglers


This was a really fun game which I ended up taking out 20-0. Highlights were on Turn One me shooting off a mangler which resulted in his Night Goblins failing a re-rollable 9 panic test and fleeing off the board.


He Foot of Gorked 16 of the Slayers leaving five remaining to excel. The Aracnarock got into the Drakes but took 3 wounds on the way in (my cannon rolled 1s for number of wounds all game) they held and the flanking five slayers took it down. They then proceeded to take two wolf chariots to the face for no losses before smashing them to bits. Loved it.


Elsewhere one of Gyros went war machine hunting and another chaffed up the Orc horde who decided to take the charge and resulting overrun on, leaving me with a tasty flank charge with LBs on Turn 4 whilst their brothers waited for the right moment and charged them in the front Turn 5 and I got the unit.


As I said fun game and a great start to the tournament. I felt he could have made my life more difficult however, especially if he's targeted the Gyros with the doom divers rather than the Drakes.


Game 2 I was up against the Warriors of Joe Pirson in Blood and Glory on Table 1


He had plenty of threats on the board and his list looked like:


Scyla (general - for the Ld apparently)

Disc Lord


BSB Daemonic Mount

Double Shaggoth

2 units of trolls 6 and 5 strong

2 x six knights

2 x Nurgle chariots


No magic!


This was also fun and I broke him for 500pt bonus after finally cannoning off Scyla turn 4. I also got Throgg, both trolls (fiery ring ftw),shaggoths and a chariot. The Slayers died a noble death to chariots and knights and I also lost drakes and I think my BSB as well as other bits and pieces. I didn't do much wrong but I could have probably dealt with his knights a bit better as they ended up taking quite a lot off.


After all was said and done it ended up a 13-7 to me which I was relatively happy about. On reflection I could maybe have got a bit more out of it but the cannon and organs guns weren't their usual deadly selves which left me slightly vulnerable.


Game 3 I was on Table 2 up against Scotland's ETC High Elf player, Pash, who's already won two tournaments in Scotland this year.


He had:


Prince on Star Dragon

Mounted BSB

2 Level 2s on Light

Frost Phoenix

21 Archers

12ish Dragon Princes

12ish Silver Helms

2 units 5 reavers

3 RBTs


This was a fun, frustrating and at times ludicrous game.


To my dismay he rolled first turn and before I knew it everything was in my face, but I don't recall him killing much. My turn One the cannon shot the prince off the back of the Dragon but rolled a 1 (again!) on number of wounds to the dragon, however I managed to get it down to two wounds with everything else. My gyros started blocking up cav.


His turn 2 and the phoenix went into one unit of LBs, whilst his dragon went through my runed up organ gun into their flank. The LBs eventually died, with the phoenix left on two wounds and having failed to do any more damage to the dragon. Worth pointing out after the first round of combat he reformed his phoenix flank side on into my LBs to prevent the other LBs' supporting charge, annoyingly.


After the LBs died it left both Dragon and Phoenix out of combat so I decided to focus fire on the dragon and with the option of Slayers or Longbeards I opted for the former to charge into the Phoenix. This is when the luck really turned against me.  The cannon, drakes, and organ gun didn't manage to add any more wounds to the dragon and the slayers failed to damage the phoenix - even with hatred and wounding on a 4+! I thought the game had gone as the dragon and silver helms then charged the slayers also and went through them into the other LBs.


I was a bit fed up with this turn of events, but with the phoenix now out of combat my Drake Champion decided to get serious and Trollhammered it out of the sky. The LBs then proceeded to get the "I Swear too much" kicked out of them and on his turn failed their stubborn test after the BSB went down. However, they then proceeded to out run both the Dragon and Silver Helms! This was joyous as they soon reformed and along with the master engineer charged the remaining two silver helms who fled only to be run down by the engineer - talk about natural sprinters.


However, the big moment happened like this:


Through the smoke and carnage below him Drake Captain, Morgrim Strombeard, heard the dragon's terrifying roar and watched as it raised itself up into the sky. Calmly he slotted another torpedo into his weapon, said a prayer to Valaya, and fired. The dragon's ascent ended abruptly as the torpedo hammered through it's scaly hide and exploded within its massive ribcage and the great beast crashed to the ground with a last plaintive roar. Around him his men cheered but Morgrim merely set down his weapon and lit his pipe, content in the knowledge that one more grudge had been settled.


This was fantastic and couldn't help but cheer as the watching spectators laughed. The game ended 10-10 with both of us dreaming of what could have been. I'm sure with a bit more average luck in my early turns then I would have had the game but had my LBs not had their running boots on then the game would have been his.


I was very happy after day one. 2 wins and draw was my best performance at a tournament on day one and I was looking forward to day two.








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#12 guardian angel

guardian angel

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Posted 15 July 2014 - 11:05 AM


Congrats on the 4th place, great showing and good to see that dwarfs can compete. My mate went to this tournament and was running vampires. I'm in the process of building-up and learning dwarfs, so I'd be very interested if you could please give a quick breakdown of how you thought each unit performed.


Oh is that Michael Ross? I was next to him for a couple of games but we just missed each other though he went down 11-9 to Ben the other Dwarf player as his last Irondrake passed a 6++ to save the unit.



Yeah, that's him:) He did alright by all accounts. Sounds like you had some fun games.

#13 Stuntymike


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Posted 15 July 2014 - 03:04 PM

So I rocked up on Day 2 still grinning about my Trollhammer taking out near 1000pts at the end of Game 3 but unfortunately there was ill news on the horizon as I met a fellow Dawi  Ben Porter (Folkvar Elfcrusher) on Table 3 in Dawn Attack.


His list was entirely different from mine and he'd opted to take up the offer of the anvil at 85pts.


His list:


Lord on Shieldbearers Snorri, Preservaion, Might, 3 x Warding

Runelord on Anvil, scroll, Armour of Borek Beetlebrow

BSB with Grungni

Fighty Thane

2nd Runesmith (I think)


2 x 20 Quarrellers with Shields

25(ish) Ironbreakers with Stoicism

20 Irondrakes - Champ with pistols and dbl slowness I think

Grudgethrower with Accuracy and maybe forging


Anyway unfortunately it wasn't much of a game. I think we would both happily have made a battle of it and gone at it, however random deployment put us in opposite corners so that wasn't possible. As it was I cannoned off the grudgethower and anvil (he failed two 3++ wards) and he got my gyros which I been a bit too aggressive with going after quarrelers. By the end he had one unit of quarrellers down to three dwarfs which I couldn't quite finish off and my cannon was left on one wound and it ended 11-9 to me giving us plenty of chill out time before the last game.


After such a fun and promising Day one it was a little bit frustrating that we were both given a bit of a non-game that neither of us was getting more than 12-8 out of, but as it was I trundled on unbeaten.


Game 5 I was back on Table 2 playing Scotland's ETC Captain James Esland with his Empire.


He was running:


Karl Franz on horse


Level 4 Death

Level 2 Light

2 x Level 1 Light

15 odd Knights with Lances

12 odd Knights with Great Weapons

25 Demigryphs

2 x Steam Tanks


I didn't think that this looked particularly good for me especially after cannon fire on turn 1 failed to dent a steam tank, however his turn 1 cannons did nothing as well. This was a theme for the game as the cannons all underperformed, though he eventually got both my Organ Guns and the Trollhammer helped my cannon take off a steam tank.


With both sides shooting unconvincingly, neither of us were prepared to push at the other until he started moving on Turn 4. He did, however, make the mistake of leaving me an 8" charge on the other steam tank with LBs which I gladly took and eventually ground it out. James only got one 4 dice IF Purple Sun off which took off some slayers and a gyro and he subsequently lost it to a power drain allowing me to eat Doom and Darkness which I wanted nowhere near my stubborn units.


His Demigryphs got into the LBs that had killed the Steam Tank on his last turn, but I had prepared for that by conga-ing two wide with my Runesmith in the 2nd rank and I made my stubborn test. Only other real highlight was I'd given him a 17" charge with his cav into the Drakes which he proceeded to double 6, however his face fell once I revealed slowness and rolled a 5. He pleaded with me in comic despair just to let his cav charge like they were meant to do, but this dwarf wasn't for budging.


I ended up getting all the Light mages through miscasts and shooting as well as the steam tanks whilst he got all my warmachines and gyros.


When all was said and done it was very careful, tactical game with neither of us eager to make any mistakes and ended 10-10 which left him finishing two pts ahead of me in 3rd but I'd never had any real opportunity to take those points off him.


Overall I was delighted with 4th (my best finish yet) and finishing unbeaten after playing five great but tough opponents, though a slightly kinder draw day 2 may have made for more exciting games with more chance of big wins, but on the plus side I avoided Wood Elves all weekend.


I loved my list, it was lot of fun to play, the only real underperformer was the cannon which rolled pretty poorly all weekend. The Slayers were fun and generally a pain for people who are staring down the barrel at two stubborn and one unbreakable unit and they drew a lot of fire that I was happy wasn't going to more valuable targets. It also encouraged opponents to charge the Drakes which I was also content with, knowing I could rely on my Rune of Slowness.


Moving forward the list will have to change as the 2600pt list was unique to this event in Scotland where it bounces around from 2000pts, 2250pts, 2400pts and 2500pts between almost every event which keep things interesting. I suspect the Scottish Open will be next for me, which was 2500pts last year with the ability to take 300pts of allies (Rare excluded) as per the rulebook or monsters from the Monstrous Arcanum and Storm of Magic, so I'm looking forward to that comp pack dropping so I can start list writing.


Anyway I'm out, thanks for reading.




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