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1000Pt Escalation Vs. Wood Elves

1000 pts dwarfs wood elves warhammer fantasy

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Posted 07 June 2014 - 06:12 AM

Okay lads, here we go.  First game is them poncy Wood Elves.  At this point in time, please don't tell me what I need to include or change out.  Models have been build and it's about 12 hours to game.  Just logic-check me and make some tweekage comments as you see fit.


Master Engineer (Army General)


Thane BSB with Shield, Master Rune of Grungni


10x Thunderers Quarrelers


10x Thunderers Quarrelers


14x Ironbeards with Full Command (BSB goes here)


Organ Gun (Master Engineer goes here)


Organ Gun


This leaves ~65 points for tweeking.  Options include some leadership/shields/2H weapons for the Quarrelers, Replacing Thunderers with Quarrelers and taking Great Weapons and/or shields, Engineering runes (Accuracy for unaccompanied gun, Burning??) for the war machines, or some runes for the Ironbreakers BSB.


How I plan on playing this:


Ironbreakers will walk forward.  One unit of Quarrelers will hold and provide shooting, while the second unit moves with the Ironbreakers.  Next turn, the unit that moved stands to shoot, while the unit that remained back last turn marches to catch up to the walking Ironbreakers.  Organ guns will concentrate on flankers/fliers, or best unit I can see.  Defensively, I am hoping to dispel what I can, ward save those stupid Arcane Bodkins, and make it to the fight with enough troops to make it hurt.


At a thousand points there are not many options.  Unfortunately as well, I was unable to get ahold of one of those delicious gyrobombers as another player decided to ravage the shelf before I got there (it was fair, but I'm still recording a grudge on this, even if it is against a clansman).  I will need to get stuck in, and cannot allow him to have his way with me in regards to some of the things he has in his list (the frenzied, devastating charge Fast Cav will be the main target of my organ guns and missile troops if he plays them).



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