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1500 Points; To Van Or Not To Van

vanguard 1500 points tournament

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#1 Gyro Fleet Commander

Gyro Fleet Commander

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Posted 22 May 2014 - 08:18 AM



I have a tournament coming up in the next few months but am only likely to have a few games between now and then. I have two options in my head, all vanguard or two blocks with WM. We will be playing 5 out of 10 scenarios (6 main ones plus 4 special one near the end of the book) randomly selected.

Looking for some thoughts on the below


List 1

ME (general)

Thane BSB

28 LB’s FC shields

21 Hammerers FC




Flame Cannon


List 2 – vanguard

Thane (general)

Thane BSB (Grungni)

28 LB’s FC shields (strollaz)

25 Hammerers FC (strollaz/Courage)

25 Rangers Mus SB OR 20 ID’s FC (Stoicism) and Strollaz on the BSB


Not runed out the characters yet so both have points spare, but wanted to hear people’s thoughts on both. I’m leaning towards Irondrakes in the van list but it means wasting points on strollaz which I don’t need to for the rangers and without the rangers I could be blocked by scouts.

#2 Gimlisonofgloin


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Posted 23 May 2014 - 08:15 PM

These are some very interesting lists.  I like the idea of both of them a lot though i do have a few possible ideas.  what if for the second list you took a block or two of 5 rangers in order to block the scouts and then also filled in the gap with some irondrakes.  that way you don't have to have the whole block of rangers, which is an expensive block for just a scout buffer, and the likelihood of you actually shooting that much with them, beyond the first round, is very low as it sounds like you're looking for a swift to combat list with the vanguards.  I like the idea though that will for sure force some chaos in a few of your enemies who were planning on more magic and shooting. the first list is an awesome power list though you are going to have a tough time making sure those WM stay alive as they will be a huge target and when they're gone you're left with just your slow blocks of dwarfs.  I would certainly buff up the WMs in this list with some runes as the more damage they can do the better before you are forced into combat.  I personally love putting a rune of accuracy on the organ gun and attaching the ME to it as it gives you the reroll on an artillery die and a 2+ to hit before modifiers so even at long range you are looking at 3+ hits and s5 AP damage. so in most cases you have a 3+, 2+ on potentially 20 shots.  if you get at all lucky you can be looking at wiping out whole units in a turn or two. or at least making them run for their lives. then maybe a RoForging and flame on the cannon and oForging on the flame cannon which you will really want if you decide to do the super powered shots it has.  That Gyro is going to come in super handy too with diverting their forces and decimating t3 enemies. anyways I look forward to hear how it goes for you these are some interesting lists. good luck

#3 TaxiForBiggins


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Posted 26 May 2014 - 04:18 AM

list 2 is likely to be a ton of fun in the right circumstances, but any mobile army can outmaneuver you. I feel like it's a 20-0/0-20 list. The first is more balanced and more likely to do consistently well, even if it is a but traditional (read: boring). That's not a criticism, I'm guilty too :)

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