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2000 Pt Battle Against Lizard Men

lizardmen help

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#1 Gimlisonofgloin


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Posted 22 May 2014 - 02:33 AM

So I have a few friends that play lizardmen pretty often and i am looking for some help putting together a list against them.  Problems I have experienced in the past are that my war machines are too easily killed by those damned skirmished skinks and their poisoned weapons. Also the salamanders with their skirmish and flame template attacks tend to wreck havoc with my blocks or if i chance to bring a horde.  I had one battle where I had a horde of 40 LB, the beasts got on my flank after a lengthy march and in one turn with three salamanders there were 59 hits 36 wounds and only 14 saves.  So essentially I am looking for help with a list that any of you have found works relatively well against lizard men. 

#2 Stubborn and Stunty

Stubborn and Stunty

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Posted 23 May 2014 - 09:03 PM

Well here's a few things to start out with:


Our Copters works amazingly well against Skinks. Low toughness targets that's either skirmishing around or standing in hordes are exceptional targets for the flying terror that the Copters present. Entrenchment from Master Engineers can also help a lot in giving your machine a couple extra turns to shoot in.


Against things like Salamanders i like my Organ Gun and shooting infantry.


Against dinomen i usually go as heavy anti-magic as i can as those Slann really have a habit of magic-ing me into the ground. I prefer 2-3 runesmiths and Valaya. Same thing i do when i play Storm of Magic.


Their Saurus's are tough and strong but i personally find that our LB's, IB's and Hammerers can out-fight them if the Slann don't steroid them into ridiculousness.

#3 Brogar Redaxe

Brogar Redaxe

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Posted 28 May 2014 - 01:45 AM

The above points which are very true

a friend of mine plays lizards and he hates my gyros and Organ gun


a few other things i would suggest are a cannon to combat any giant dinosaurs

it can also deal with salamanders quick and then aim at the slann


Valaya is probably the best banner to take as they are very good at magic

Ironbreakers hold up well against saurus in a fight

rangers can also be use ful to get in the way of other scouts or fast skirmishers

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