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Army List Against Lizardmen And He

lizardmen high elves army list newbie army list wood elves

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#1 Wavrwynn


    Young 'Un

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Posted 12 May 2014 - 07:10 AM

This is my army list. The main two enemies I face are lizardmen and High elves, though I sometimes play against wood elves.
Both armies are magic heavy and both have some form of cavalry, high elves having 2 cavalry units. The lizardmen army is unbalanced with lord croak as general.
Is there any way I could improve this army with these two enemies in mind? I'm kind of new to warhammer though I heard that lots of dwarfish infantry is good.

My army list:

19 dwarf warriors with shields and command (with my lord in them)

My lord, (mro flight)

20 gw warriors with command

19 warriors with shields and command (with my rune lord in them)

Runelord (with mro balance)

10 thunderers with shields

10 thunderers with shields

Bolt thrower


Gyro copter

10 ironbreakers

10 miners with command

20 longbeards with shields and command.

I'm kind of new to the game and I've been wiped out a few times. Is there anything I could do to fix up my army list?

#2 Prince Ewyn Goldbeard

Prince Ewyn Goldbeard

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Posted 13 May 2014 - 03:50 AM

There is a lot you can do to fix up this list. At the moment your choices are a little all over the place. First thing i'd do is add a bsb, they are really important for the dwarfs. I would also turn that runelord into two runesmiths and take two runes of spellbreaking--that will give you far better magic defense than the one runelord. The bolt thrower probably wont be very useful in battle so I would drop that, and your smaller units of ironbreakers and miners wont be able to do much so I would drop these as well to get some more bodies in your other warrior units. Also, you will want rune of forging on your cannon--that will protect it against misfires. 


As a general rule you will want at least 25 shield dwarfs per regiment and 30 bodies for GW dwarfs so try to come up with the points for those.

#3 Brogar Redaxe

Brogar Redaxe

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Posted 13 May 2014 - 07:04 AM

it is an ok start list and as prince Ewyn said there are easy things to fix

Bsb is a must i like them with runic banners but that is a personal choice


Ironbreakers are a tarpit and need at least 15 bodies to be effective.

miners do not need banner or muso but agaisnt HE and Lizards they might not work to well,

sure you can target the slann bu they wont beat temple guard in a fight.


you have plenty of core choices so id merge the 2 thunderers into one 14 or 16 man unit, better to have more shots at one target

Look at an Organ gun they are great and very useful against cavalry. Grudge thrower is great against elves and skinks


Lose the lords and get 3 heroes as Ewyn suggested

also flame cannon is great against both armies but with RoForging it is slightly expensive


Good luck 


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#4 Wavr


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Posted 19 May 2014 - 06:43 AM


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