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And So A Grudge Starts..

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#1 Pellegrim


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Posted 14 April 2014 - 01:20 PM

(my fellow dwarfs, here you'll find events that will lead to a series of epic confrontations between the great dwarf clan of Drakebeards from Karak Kadrin and the rag Ogre tribe of Treehammers)

To draw the attention and win the praise of Ungrim Ironfist, a stout thane from Clan Drakebeard marches off with a scouting party of rangers, leaving his fond Karak Kadrin behind him. The journey heads east, through the Blasted Wastes and the Howling wastes, to the mountains of Mourn. This thane, by the name of Pellegrim Copperfist, seeks to redeem a legendry treasure located in the southern part of these Ogre infested mountains. Pellegrim must prove to Ungrim that he is worthy to follow in the slayer kings bloodline, and that he is the true leader of the proud Drakebeard clan. Tracing and retrieving the riches from a mountain of gold will help win the favor of the slayer king.

Set out with 16 of his most cunning rangers at his side, Pellegrim trusts to avoid unwanted combat and get rid of any nuisances along the way. He made sure that his team brought their largest axes along with their dwarf-crafted crossbows. Nothing beats a fury of solid gashes with large axes after the enemy has been “treated” to a couple of dozen gromnil-forged arrowheads. Pellegrim shone with the prospect of all the grudges he would be able to settle during this expedition. But he knew his numbers were few and that is was a scouting mission, so he eschew any foolhardiness. The stakes are big, after all.

After slipping through the Dark Lands and settling a few small grudges, Pellegrim arrived in the area just north of the forest named“Gnoblar Forest”. And this is exactly when he saw something he could not ignore, or shave my beard.

Skirmishing through the rim of the woods as silent a dwarf can be, a loud bashing sound could be heard from a distance. Pellegrim knew the lands were Ogre-infested and that these sounds were way to heavy for the tiny Gnoblar's. Unaware of the number of creatures approaching, the Drakebeards took up in the thickets at the edge of the forest. After several minutes the banging sound was complemented with the raw and harsh language of the Ogre’s. Pellegrim had no prior experience with Ogres, but read about them in the ancient dwarf books at his uncle Porogrim’s place. As dwarfs are strange to the concept of fear, the Drakebeards kept quiet and waited for Pellegrims command. On the sound of a snap of the fingers, the rangers would have unleashed a spray of quarrels from their already drawn and set crossbows. Pellegrim waited and observed; he saw six Ogre’s, marching in two groups of three. Both groups looked geared up for a great battle and carried huge banners, which seemed to be greenish and showed crude pictures of tree’s and hammers. The front group counted a particularly brute and nasty looking Ogre; Pellegrim seemed to remember from the old books that this brute was a so-called bruiser, champion of the Ogres. And Pellegrim knew strait away he was not going the let them pass without calling them to account for their foulness. This was a great opportunity to learn about the combat against Ogres. Pellegrim did not signal his scouts to attack, but ordered them to split into two groups of eight and ordered the veteran group join him and lead forward. Pellegrim lifted his axe and tapped his shield three times, which made a terrible sound. The Ogres slowly came to a halt and turned around. It took a while before they actually saw the Drakebeards. Pellegrim actually had to tap his shield again, to his anger. He was now not only an angry thane, but also an insulted one. The stage was set for bloodshed – the opportunity for a nonviolent encounter was long gone. It in fact, there was never a chance that Pellegrim was going to let this end without battle.

(this first encounter will take place in the first week of may 2014 and will lead to a series of epic confrontations between the great dwarf clan of Drakebeards and the rag Ogre tribe of Treehammers – we are currently working on our unit’s and the battlefield - we will add army list and photo-report of the first encounter)

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#2 Grumpy Runelord

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Posted 14 April 2014 - 08:36 PM

I will follow this :-)

#3 Pellegrim


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Posted 19 April 2014 - 10:05 PM

My thane, Pellegrim Copperfist (BSB, shield, RoIron, RoMight, 138), will join 7 Rangers (SB, 108) and accompany 8 Quarellers (GW, veteran, 122). Not 100% legal but yeah, when we go 500+ we'll fix this. They will face three Ironguts (GW, gutlord, musician, 149) and a Bruiser (BSB, extra HW, knoblar, 138) joining 2 Ogres (crusher, ironfists, 74) I'll expect their attacks to be many, and hope to knock soms wounds off with me crossbows. They do make great targets..

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#4 Bimli


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Posted 24 April 2014 - 03:02 PM

nice start lets see what happens next!

#5 Pellegrim


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Posted 24 November 2014 - 09:19 PM

It has been a while Dawi! May turned to November (yeah), but we are setting up a good place to play, and got around to it.. :)

Pellegrims rangers encounter a band of foul Treehammer Ogres...the battle was set in a narrow part of a mountain slope,

My list (381)
Thane, RoMight, MRoGromnill, shield
9 Quarrelers, gw, SB
8 Rangers, SB

His list
Bruiser, GW
2 Ogres
3 Ironguts with GW, SB, Champion

Battle of the pass
Two forests, two hills, natural wall, giant rock
We deployed the terrain, we moved the hills aside, I placed a forest so that it would not block my shots and placed a wall so that my rangers could vanguard behind it. He placed a forest and the Giant rock so he could use it for cover.

I placed my quarrelers with thane in the middle, on the deployment line, with a good view on the battle field, and my rangers to the right side, so that I could vanguard to the natural wall. He placed his Iron Guts in front of my rangers, but 6 inches back in his deployment zone. His ogres with bruiser set up behind a forest. Finally the rangers moved up half way the battlefield, behind a wall.

Turn one: reconnaissance
He did not move his Ironguts (?) and moved his Ogres in the forest, turned out to be a normal forest.
The Drakebeard rangers opened up on the Ironguts, doing one wound. The quarrelers shot but failed to hit the Ogres (hit on 6).

Turn two: hide and shoot
The Ogres marched up behind the rock, and the Ironguts took their place in the forest. These ogres preferred to stay out of the sun / shower of arrows, and did so well. The quarrelers moved up to have a better view of the field and to support the rangers. The Drakebeards did not land any arrows this turn. This made the Ogres confident enough to move out of cover .

Turn three: hide and shoot x 2
The Ironguts marched on the Ranger, and the Ogres moved out from behind the rock.
The rangers landed three arrows in the Ironguts, killing one model and leaving a wound on another, they succeeded their panic test. The quarrelers failed to wound the Ogres again!

Turn four: steel on steel!
The Ironguts charged the rangers, who stood and shot with the axes, wounding none. The Ironguts took out four rangers, and the rangers wounded three times, leaving the champion with three wounds. The standard bearer managed to hold the Rangers in place.
The ogres charged the quarrelers and failed, taking a wound from stand-and-shoot.
The rangers took two wounds of the Ironguts champion, leaving one wound. The champion took out three rangers, and could not touch the standard bearer.
The quarrelers seized the opportunity and charged the ogres, losing only two models, and retaliating with four wounds, sending them fleeing (forgot to challenge the Bruiser), couldn’t overrun.

Turn five: victory is close
The last Irongut did three wounds on the last ranger, but since all attack were always-strike-last, the ranger struck out and felled the Irongut with one last blow, arghhh.
The Ogres actually rallied.
The quarrelers charged, but failed (poor choice, should have shot)…..

Turn six: doom for the dwarves
The Ogre and Bruiser had an easy charge on the quarrelers, who shot but hit nothing. The Bruiser took two wounds from the thane, but the quarrelers took four wound, and failed their leadership test..fled.. and got overrun by the Bruiser and ogre…

Pellegrim Copperfist woke up, from the sound of crows nearby. His body half-broken, his loyal warriors dead next to him. It was the anger that made him stand up, for his wounds were grave. He reached for the flask at his hip. which was still there, and he emptied to content in his mouth: a pint of Bugmans special ale, a gift he received at departure. His limbs warmed up, his blood started flowing again, and his wounds seemed to hurt less. The face of that ugly foul ogre was set in his memory like in stone. He picked up his axe and set for Karak Kadrin. Revenge.

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#6 Hero of Rome

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Posted 25 November 2014 - 08:52 PM

Good start to the campaign I look foreword to seeing more

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