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Warning - Do Not Order Minis From Totalwargamer

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#1 DennisArt


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Posted 14 April 2014 - 08:51 AM

Hi Long Beards,
Impressed with the low prices on Games Workshop products found on: Totalwargamer a friend and I decided to make a larger order. It wasn't something that needed to be delivered within the next couple of days (for instance preparing for a Warhammer tournament) - yet we had never ever expected the below:
1.  We made the order on 2nd of March.
2. Since the website provided no track-n-trace number, or information about delivery date, on the the 10th of March I decided to write and ask them about the expected date.
On the same day they wrote that they expected a restock that: "It has been outstanding for quite a while now so it should not be too much longer. If you agree to wait a little while longer you need take no further action".
3. We reminded ourselves of the low prices and decided to keep waiting and on the 12th of March asked them to: "please hurry up".
4. On the 18th there still had been no sign of the order or word from Total Wargamer so I wrote them again asking about the order.
On the 21th they replied: "I'm very sorry but the delivery we have been waiting for has still not arrived. Again, if you are willing to wait, you need take no further action."
I wrote to them: that a 20 day delivery is a long time in terms of webshops anno 2014. But we would still be waiting.
5. On the 24th I wrote again which items they had difficulties delivering (thinking that perhaps they could at least send some of the items). There was no reply.
6. On the 2nd of April I wrote again to get my reply. I also confronted them with the fact that they still kept selling the products, we had ordered, on their website and that: "I smell fraud or a company going bankrupt - which one is it?". 
They replied briefly after apologising for the lack of response:
"our ticketing system orders messages by original message open date - with a backlog it can be hard to identify which messages have the oldest reply."
They also ensured that the order would ship next week (meaning the 7th - 11th of April).
7. On the 11th of April I asked again: if the package had been dispatched? Now they wrote the following back:
"When I sent the previous email I was under the impression that we would get a restock in that would allow us to fulfil the order last week. This restock did not come in - the items will not now be available until the end of April. If you agree a little while longer you need take no further action."
Well we have heard that line before. END OF April. Basically meaning a TWO month delivery time and thats only if they actually keep their promise - which we see no sign of happening!
Still they have not yet removed the ordered items, which they obviously cannot deliver, from their website and they keep sending email newsletters with: "30% off" buying GW products.
Throughout the process the only updates we have received is because we have kept writing them. Also there has been no talk of compensation for wasting our time or keeping our money.
Now we have had enough with this fraud company and have asked for our money returned. It should be interesting to see how long that will actually take. Bank transfers can be quite tricky these days with all the cables and wires that need to be connected to make a computer work! ;0(

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#2 gerry51


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Posted 14 April 2014 - 08:58 AM

WHEN you get your money back try here........... http://elementgames.co.uk/

#3 DennisArt


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Posted 14 April 2014 - 09:05 AM

Thanks I will try that. If I get my money back! ;0(


Maybe I shoudl have checked Totalwargamer on Trustpilot before ordering. Their reviews are bad bad bad.

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#4 Notts


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Posted 14 April 2014 - 09:14 AM

I had the same issue with them, having previously ordered stuff no problem.


They refunded my money quite promptly once I asked them.




I actually had problems with wayland on my last order. I think GW are playing silly buggers with the supply, not letting people order enough, delaying it etc.

However, still sending out The emails and still advertising the stuff is still bad.

#5 The Jarman

The Jarman

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Posted 14 April 2014 - 12:15 PM

Ever order that I've placed with them has been the same.  Back in October I ordered 2 boxes of Savage Orks and had to chase in January with the order finally turning up in early Feb. 


To be honest I'm not sure this is entirely their fault.  GW only allow resellers to order £500 worth of stock at a time now, so for a company that is obviously getting a lot of orders based on their prices, it's going to be very hard to keep up.  I firmly believe that GW is missing a trick here.  They could sell a lot more wholesale to people like Total Wargamer, but just see it as lost revenue. 


I've had exactly the same experience from Wayland to be fair.

#6 Thorrin


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Posted 14 April 2014 - 12:31 PM

If they don't give you your money back go to a website called hello peter, you can complain about the company. Afterwards hello peter will phone total wargamer and address them about your problem. Soon total wargamer will reply to you and give you your money back straight away. I ordered groceries from a store worth $150 for them to deliver to me and they messed it up, I complained about them on hello peter and they gave me all my groceries the next day for free.

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