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Rules. Often Over Looked Or Forgotten.


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#1 Stonebreaker


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Posted 30 March 2014 - 07:23 PM

Sometimes I will see a rule talked about here on Bugmans (usually deep in a thread and not the original point the thread) that I have either forgotten about or it didn't sink into the brain the first time I read it.

Most recently on the proper placement of multiple characters and a units command mini's in the second rank of a unit. It wasn't a game changing piece of info but I was very happy to glean this little gem all the same.

What do you, my fellow generals, think are some of those rules that are "often over looked or forgotten".




#2 Kallstrom


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Posted 30 March 2014 - 09:21 PM

I forget to make my foes roll for Terror when I charge them with an Terror-causing monstrosity. Otherwise there are things I forget like the lore attribute to the Lore of Death (getting a chance to gain power dices), to not roll my charge distance before I declare another charge with another unit, that enemies get no charge bonuses for charging  a building, how my Horrors work in close combat and that gyrocopters cannot march and shoot (had a friend of mine doing so once with the old rule book and once with the new one, and we both forgot on both times that the Gyros cannot march and shoot. Time to take the Slayer Oath?).

Some things that my group tend to forget.
- That when a wizard rolls a 1 or a 2 is always a fail when rolling just one die to cast a spell. 
- That said wizard loses concentration.
- That you are still steadfast in a forest.

Some things that people in general tend to forget:
- that the minor Loci for Slaanesh makes them immune to Dwellers, Pit of Shades etc.
- that fast cav still needs to count ALL of their movement, not just be within their M+march distance at the end of their movement. They still count turning, moving around and whatnot for every model in the unit.

#3 Granitbeard


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Posted 30 March 2014 - 11:52 PM

All warmachine are put on the table at the same time. I see people who say "no they are their own unit" even when you point out that in the deployment section it states they all go down at once.


Characters in duels still take up a foot print in the unit. Granted I am not 100% clear on how this works and every one things differently, as to who can attack who or who has to attack who, and how supporting attacks behind models in a duel work out. But I still see people move a character to the side of both units and fill in their gap with R&F models and try to attack with them as though their character isn't there.


Making opponents roll for fear and terror. In friendly games I will remind people a lot more then in tournaments, but I will still kind of say "so what causes fear/terror" and then hope that people remember to make me roll. Some times I do say "o well they cause fear right?" and see what they do, but I am not going to play some ones list for them, so...


Lore attributes get over looked a lot too.

#4 Ehstevey


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Posted 31 March 2014 - 01:05 AM

Generally speaking people forget how to play through the charge phase properly. This includes: declaring charges one by one and resolving charge reactions one by one, how to close the door when charging and more specifically that there is no such thing as 'sliding to maximize models in combat'.


I've done several threads on other forums showing the step-by-step way to proceed in charging/movement/shooting/magic phase and you'll be surprised at how many respond with 'I didn't know it worked like that'. The worst offenders are the GW recruitment stores in general because of how much they simplify the rules to introduce people to the system. It's not a bad way to get people into the game, but they never correct people later on or do follow-ups.


I'd like to do a grand summary of the phase-by-phase steps for universal use in tournaments, but haven't had the time to compile and then do an in-depth fact check to make sure there weren't any inconsistencies. The worst part is definitely the magic phase because so far there are actually several points at which a spell is 'cast', which includes casting all spells and casting individual spells and the ramifications on Net of Amyntok.

#5 stuntyogre


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Posted 31 March 2014 - 01:55 PM

Direction of Flee and Pursue is something I've corrected people on quite a bit, it takes a lot to convince some that it isn't just straight back.

Overrun is 2D6, and not affected by Swiftstride, I've taken to bookmarking that page for when I play chariot and cav heavy armies.

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