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Only Pain From The Helves

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Rune of Might

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Posted 02 March 2014 - 04:57 PM

Rune of Might, on 25 Feb 2014 - 04:20 AM, said:snapback.png

Total: 2399

Core: 600

20 Quarrellers - Great Weapons - Standard & Musician - 300

20 Quarrellers - Great Weapons - Standard & Musician - 300


Special: 864

23 Hammerers - Full Command - 352

23 Hammerers - Full Command - 352

Gyrofish - 80

Gyrofish - 80


Rare: 505

Organ Gun - Forging, Accuracy - 170

Organ Gun - MRoDisguise, Forging, - 170

Flame Cannon - Forging, Burning - 170


Heros: 430

Runesmith (General) - 2x Spellbreaker, MRoGromril, Great Weapon - 141

Runesmith - 2x Spellbreaker, Furnace, Stone, Impact, shield - 128

Thane/BSB - MRoGrungni, Great Weapon - 156


I would include each Runesmith into a unit of Hammerers, I would have the BSB in a unit of Quarrellers. I would use the Gyrocopters as Support on the flank, march block and occasionally charge redirect. With the increase in range on the Organ Guns and them putting the flame cannon back to how it was I would think that this would be a good list. I know the RoBurning is pointless on the FC but I just needed to spend the points.

His Helves list wasn't as magic oriented as I was planning on playing but it was a good game. In the setup I was out numbered in units and so I mainly stuck to the corner and used the table edge as my flank guard. I Set my war machines and Quarrellers 3 inches back from the max and my two units of hammerers on either side of my Quarrellers.He had 4 units of Reavers, 2 units of silverhelms, 1 unit of Dragon Princes,15 Phoenix Guards, 30 Whitelions (banner of the world dragon), a Great Eagle, 3 Bolt Throwers, 6 Sisters, an Ice Phoenix, Level 2 Wizard, and a BSB. Both characters in the  white lions. He also set up behind the max but not with everything...hehehe


After Setup: All 4 units of Reavers moved to the Flanks with vanguard.


Turn 1:

I go first, only moving my gyrocopters, one behind a hill that was set up in the center/left side of the table, the other to the right side of my warmachines but still behind my hammerers.

Shooting: I unloaded on 2 units of reavers with my Organ Guns, both destroyed, Quarreller #1 killed 3 silverhelms, Quarreller #2 Was out of range and did not fire because everyone else that was in range were now dead.The Flame cannon also was out of range because everything that would have been were not dead.


Helves turn 1: Everything (except the bolt throwers) moves forward in a rush to get at me, many things moving past my GC that was behind the hill.

Magic: he rolled a 5/2 and cast regeneration on the white lions until his next magic phase. I took no chances and Destroyed the spell. he was not pleased.

Shooting: Bolt Thrower #1 fires at my right unit of quarrellers with my bsb in it but because of grungni only 2 die. Bolt Thrower #2 Fires at my right side hammerers but because of grungni none die. Bolt Thrower #3 Missed entirely. Reavers #1 Shoots at the same hammerer unit from the flank and kill 1.


Turn 2:

My right Quarreller unit was out of range of pretty much everything because he was trying for my flank. I marched them forward for a better vantage point to shoot his Bolt Throwers. I moved the right hammerers in the same way.GC behind the hill moved to redirect any charge from the whitelions and moved over the ice phoenix using the dive bomb but ofcorse doing no wounds to the T6 phoenix, the other GC moved to blast one of the remaining Reavers.

shooting: Flame cannon destroyed a unit of Reavers, the GC only killed 2 but still caused panic, OG#1 unloads on the phoenix with 20 shots (6 hits) 2 wounds, all saved. the second OG Destroys the Great Eagle. Quarrellers 20 shots at the phoenix and resulting in 3 unsaved wounds.


Helves 2: Phoenix charges Quarrellers and was too close to stand and shoot. Whitelions remain where they are. Sisters move into the tower. Silverhelms charge OG, Dragon Princes Charge OG, Reavers rally

Magic: 1/2 spell to reduce M,WS,BS,It was destroyed.

Shooting: Bolt Thrower#1 and #2 destroy GC in front of the white lions. Bolt Thrower #3 Shot at the Quarrellers and killed 2.

Combat: Phoenix kills 2 in combat and thunderstomps 4 more. I deal 1 wound to the phoenix I am stubborn because I have more ranks and pass my leadership test. OG#1 holds against silverhelms (the horses doing the only wounds) The dragon princes mow through the OG.


Turn 3:

Hammerers charge the white Lions, Hammerers charge the tower, Gyrocopter moves to fire at the Dragon princes

Shooting: Quarrellers shoot Bolt Thrower #1and only do 1 wound, Flame cannon fires, misfires, forging misfires... then blows up. Gyrocopter fires at the Dragon princes doing 0 wounds.

Combat: Hammerers destroy the sisters and move into the building. Phoenix attacks first and kills 3 more I attack back and do 0 and then he stomps and kills 6 more, I flee off the board. he restrains persuit and combat reforms. Silverhelms destroy the organ gun. the characters only do 1 wound to my rune smith, the white lions do 7 wounds to the hammerers. The Runesmith attacks back and kills the level 2 mage, the hammerers attack the white lions and kill 14. He loses combat but remains stubborn and passes his leadership.


Helves 3: The Phoenix Charges my hammerer's rear flank, The Phoenix Guard Charges my Quarrellers with my BSB with a roll of 11 on 2d6 to charge.(grumble grumble grumble...) They stand and shoot killing 3. Silverhelms move to advance on tower, Dragon Princes flank the Quarrellers

Shooting: Bolt thrower #1 does 2 wounds to the GC, Bolt thrower#2 destroys the gc, Bolt Thrower #3 does nothing. between the whitelions, BSB, and the Ice Phoenix they did 16 wounds to the hammerers leaving only my rune smith to attack back. I did 1 wound on the BSB, and fled from battle to be run down by the phoenix. between the dragon princes and phoenix guard they killed my bsb and 10 quarrellers. I lost, fled and they ran them down


Turn 4:... or not...


I only had 1 unit of hammerers and a rune smith on the board hiding in a tower. I called it. It was probably the worst beating in warhammer that I recieved in a long time. Lesson learned: Don't leave your cannon at home. The Gyrocopters were great, rolling to hit with the Organ Guns stunk.


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Posted 02 March 2014 - 06:02 PM

Do not worry revenge will come soon. My dwarfs also have a great anger towards high elves. They are with you in your quest for vengeance.

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