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~ ANGOKAL-A-VALDAHAZ ~ Forum Projects Rules

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Posted 22 May 2004 - 09:25 AM

Well met fellow Craftsdwarfs!

Bugmans Brewery
is proud to present for you, our members, a new type of board here at the biggest and best Warhammer Dwarf forum on the net!

Angokal-a-Valdahaz has been forged to host the various forum projects WE have crafted, are crafting, and will continue to craft in the future.

You will notice that most members cannot actually post new topics here, though you can reply as normal. This is for a reason, this board is intended principally for projects by and for the forum as a whole, rather than individual efforts. (We already have other areas for personal projects such as The Forge and The fields out back.)

If you have an idea for a forum community project you think is suited to this board, please send a PM to either myself or the Angokal Moderator, Danipenn.

As always, all the usual Bugmans Brewery
Rules and Regulations apply here.

The Brewery Staff have come together to discuss a new project. In order to harness the amount of tactical wisdom of the forum.

Gorakazak is a combination of the Khazalid words Gorak meaning cunning, and Kazak meaning war or battle. Essentially, the project involves a series of threads over the coming months, covering all elements of Games Workshop's Warhammer Dwarfs army list.

Starting with the Dwarf Lords section of the book, each part shall be covered in turn. A thread shall be created and pinned in place for the development of each Tactica, remaining in place for a few weeks before closing. A new thread (covering the next section) shall take its place. All work shall be recorded and stored for review. Upon the completion of the project, all submitted material will be edited and filtered, resulting in a vast tactical resource for the entire Warhammer Dwarfs community.

Of course, for such a project to be successful, it will need to be focussed. As such, a few rules will apply, namely:[list]Seriousness out of the way for a moment, we look forward to seeing your insights & efforts. To quote an unnamed source:

The blades of enemies may steal your old age;
Thieves may steal your gold;
Slander may steal your reputation;
But skill, once learned, you keep forever.

Get cracking Dwarfs and WE'll craft a guide worthy of the Ancestors...


As WE progress through this project there will likely be thoughts that occur regarding closed sections, perhaps inspired by current sections. For example, a discussion on the merits of Hammerers whilst WE're doing the ~ DWARF SPECIALS ~ section may lead you to some new thoughts on ~ DWARF LORDS ~ ... a section which is now closed.

AFTERTHOUGHTS is a "second chance" for moments such as these. When posting an afterthought please type the section title your afterthought refers to at the start of your post; i.e.


Whilst discussing Hammerers recently, this tactic about using them with a Lord occurred to ME ... blah, blah, blah ...



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