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Dwarves That Grow Up In The Empire, What Religion Would They Follow?

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#21 Skull Krusher

Skull Krusher


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Posted 13 December 2013 - 11:25 PM

All male Dawi bow to Valaya since we have placed her on a pedistal...

#22 Thorfar Salokin

Thorfar Salokin

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Posted 13 December 2013 - 11:27 PM

They're not daft!

#23 Skull Krusher

Skull Krusher


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Posted 31 December 2013 - 06:41 PM

The following may not be on topic but no matter where a Dawi is brought up I believe they would still worship or revere the Ancestor Gods.


The Dawi venerate their ancestors instead of worshipping other worldly gods. The believe that the spirits of their ancestors watch over them, guide their actions, judge their achievements and determine if they have lead worthy lives.

Most widely revered are the Ancestor Gods. Of these, Grungni, Valaya, and Grimnir are the most important. Gazul, the younger brother of the three Ancestor Gods, protects the spirits of the clan ancestors. Smednir, Thungni, and Morgrim are other Ancestor Gods, whose worship tends to me restricted to specific clans.

Religion in Dawi society is integral to and fulfils the role that transcends normal bounds dictated by clan, and, to a lesser degree, craft guild. It also plays a role in certain social functions like the exchange of marriage vows, judging those accused of breaking the law, consecrating new settlements, and conducting burial rights.

Members of the priesthood are held in high esteem, both for their wisdom and because they represent the Ancestor Gods. Many disputes between clan and holds have bee settled through the mediating efforts of priest.

Ancestor Cult requirements are as follows:

The commandments of Grungni
Thou shalt always strive to advance the clan's reputation through solid workmanship.
Thou shalt always strive to ensure that tunnels and chambers are structurally sound.
Thou shalt always render repair upon any such structure when it becomes unsafe.
Thou shalt always work a mine to extract all ore and valuable stone to enhance the well-being of the clan and race.
Thou shalt never be wasteful of the earth's mineral bounty.
Thou shalt never surrender to Grobi or their kin.
Thou shalt never to refuse an opportunity to regain control of a Dawi hold that has fallen to an enemy.
Thou shalt never miss an opportunity to slay Chaos Dawi, as their continued existence brings dishonor and shame to the race.

The commandments of Valaya
Thou shalt always provide aid to a wounded or ailing Dawi.
Thou shalt always assist a Dawi-friend in need.
Thou shalt attend to the needs of the young.
Thou shalt protect fellow Dawi from harm, especially at the hands of a Dawi enemy.
Thou shalt never allow Dawi ale to fall into the hands of enemies, unless to do so saves Dawi lives.
Thou shalt never sell or otherwise distribute spoiled ale.

The commandments of Grimnir
Thou shalt aways press home an attack whenever so ordered by a superior
Thou shalt always remain steadfast in defense whenever the enemy vigorously attacks.
Thou shalt always assist a fallen comrade-in-arms.
Thou shalt always keep possession of the battlefield no mater how the conflict resolves.
Thou shalt always slay as many Dawi enemies as possible.
For Slayers -- Thou shalt always engage in any combat where the chances of honorable death are favorable; especially against unfavorable odds. Any cowardice in the face of such combat further dishonors and shames the Slayer.

The commandments of Gazul
Thou shalt always oppose all defilers of the dead, especially necromancers.
Thou shalt never refuse to perform burial rites for any that perish.
Thou shalt never enter or disturb a place of burial that has been blessed.

The commandments of Smednir
Thou shalt never knowlingly produce an object that is less than the best you could make; to do so dishonors Smednir, your craft, and yourself.
Thou shalt never make a weapon or armor for any non-Dawi who has not first proved their friendship and loyal to the Dawi race.
Thou shalt work only with tools that you yourself have made and keep them well maintained.

The commandments of Thungni
Thou shalt never reveal the secrets of magic runecraft to any one other than a fell Runesmith or one�s own carefully chosen apprentice.
Thou shalt never allow a rune-weapon to fall into the hands of any Dawi enemy; even if it must be lost or destroyed.
Thou shalt always investigate any rumor of lost rune-weapons and recover them if possible.
Thou shalt never allow any non-Dawi who somehow acquired some knowledge of rune magic to pass on their knowledge. This especially applies to Umgi who style themselves as "rune-masters."
Thou shalt never allow one's reputation to be sullied by poor craftsmanship.

The commandments of Morgrim
Thou shalt ensure that any who steal or dishonorable sell engineer secrets must be brought to Dawi justice in accordance to Dawi law.
Thou shalt ensure that craftsmanship me kept to the highest level. Shoddy work is unforgivable and dishonorable.
Thou shalt ensure that uncontrolled or dangerous innovations must not be undertaken, particularly not to the detriment of craftsmanship.
Thou shalt ensure that all knowledge is sacred and must be preserved, even at the cost of novel ideas.
Thou shalt ensure that all construction phases of an engineer's craft must be accompanied by the recital of the appropriate Guild litanies and incantations.

The commandments of the Ancestors Cults
Thou shalt always honor one's clan ancestors on every Day of Remembrance.
Thou shalt never perform nor permit an act that brings dishonor to the memory of a clan ancestor.
Thou shalt always seek the blessing of an ancestor before any undertaking.

#24 Oridur


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Posted 01 January 2014 - 06:31 PM

wow . . .

#25 Alebelly_Cragfist


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Posted 31 January 2014 - 03:43 PM

Late to the party, but...


Dwarfs don't pray in a manner familiar with Umgi. An exclamation, such as "Grungni's forked beard!" counts in their mind as both remembering and honouring their ancestors, rather than using their name in vain, much like exclamations involving Jesus would be frowned upon by Christians today.


As posted above, Dwarfs are very self reliant and praying for miracles wouldn't happen. The closest to such prayers would be something like "Grimnir guide my axe!" Priests are there a as stated above in a formal, sociopolitical capacity for the Dwarf empire and ensuring the Ancestors' teachings are remembered. :)

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