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Patrol Vs Demons

ambush miners rangers anvil swordthain gyro

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#1 Dolgrim Brassbottom

Dolgrim Brassbottom

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 05:49 PM

After the solid drumming I gave the Skaven they went running to their demon overlords for help. So I wasn't surprised when I was challenged by our local demon player. This player has come a long way since the new demon book came out and was on a five game win streak. I don't like playing armies that don't flee with my ambushers since it can bog me down and leave me open, but I wasn't about to run from a fight.



Dolgrim Brassbottom

Runelord, Shield, Anvil of Doom, 1 x Rune of Shielding, 1 x Rune of Resistance, 1 x Rune of Stone, 1 x Master Rune of Balance, 1 x Rune of Spellbreaking - 448 Pts.

Josef Bugman - 155 Pts.


Thorin Brassbottom

Thane, 1 x Rune of Fire, 1 x Master Rune of Gromril, 1 x Master Rune of Challenge, 1 x Rune of Brotherhood, BSB - 165 Pts.

38 Dwarf Warriors, Ranger Upgrade, GW, S, C - 438 Pts.
39 Longbeards, Ranger Upgrade, GW, S, C, 1 x Rune of Determination - 586 Pts.

38 Miners, M, S, C, Steam Drill - 468 Pts.
38 Miners, S, C, Steam Drill - 463 Pts.
Cannon, 1 x Rune of Forging, 1 x Rune of Burning - 130 Pts.

Gyrocopter - 140 Pts.

Total: 2993


His army


Demon prince of nurgle




two blocks of 29 plague bearers


3 blocks of 4 beasts of nurgle


4 cannons


Dwarf And demon deployment
He's never seen or played my ambush list so he deployed in a more normal way. lucky for me I'm not normal. I put my longbeard and warrior rangers on the far side so he would have to move his whole army across the board to get me. My gryo would play decoy today and hopefully not get caught.
Dwarf turn 1
dwarf turn 1
I moved my warriors and long beards up and the gyro to the other side.
My cannon hit his demon princes doing 5 wounds and killing him out right. I'm off to a great start.

Demon turn 1


demon turn 1
he moves his army out to face my main forces. The gyro has pulled a cannon and a set of beast of nurgle towards him so he did his job even if he doesn't kill anything.
non of his cannons hit anything
He casts a toughness spell on one of his plague bearer blocks.

Dwarf turn 2


dwarf turn 2
I made a small mistake with my longbeards and had their charge blocked by a piece of the ruins, so they would have to reform. My warriors charge the cannon. my first block of miners show and thanks to the anvil charge the back of the beasts of nurgle.Gyro is doing its thing and distracting the other side of the board.My cannon hits his cannon and does 3 wounds.
dwarf turn 2a
My warriors kill the cannon and overrun into the beasts of nurgle. My miners and warriors crush the beasts of nurgle and turn to face the new threats coming in.
demon turn 2
demons turn 2
He is still moving his troops up to fight me and also still chasing the gyro.
All his cannons miss or don't do damage worth mentioning. he casts the same toughness spell on the plague bearers and his beasts of nurgle kill enough dwarf last round so it gives his guys the first tally bonus.
dwarf turn 3
dwarf turn 3


I charged with my warriors and come up short. I move my miners into the flank and use the anvil to charge them. longbeards are moving slowly. second group of miners do not show. My cannon hits the tally man and does 1!! flipping wound!!! I also forget to move my gyro so hes toast.


my combat with the plague bearers stays a draw and lt leaves my flank open to both the cannon and the other plague bearers (I messed up on there placement on this map. Im still new at this)


Demon turn 3


demon turn 3a
He flanks my miners with the other plague bearers. he moves the cannon around to hit my warriors and the other one kills my gyro copter. other beasts of nurgle move forward.
in combat they crush my miners doing like 15 wounds and make them run
demon turn 3

 they pursue my miners but I roll an 11 he rolls an 9 so I get away by 1 inch!!


Dwarf turn 4


dwarf turn 4
My second group of miners come on finally. the other miner group rallies. longbeards move up and my warriors charge the plague bearers.
My cannon kills a beast of nurgle
warriors and plague bearers draw in there fight thanks to his high toughness and regen. Miners have similar issues and win combat but he makes leadership.
Demon turn 4
demon turn 4
His cannon flanks my miners and everything else moves up.
with the cannons help he beats my miners but I killed the tallyman and made my save. warriors and plague bearers draw again which is fine with me.
dwarf turn 5
dwarf turn 5
I charge his plague bearers with my longbeards and small group of miners
cannon kills another beast of nurgle
with all the extra bodies I crush the plague bearers and turn to face the last group. The warriors and plague bears draw again and we decide to call it there.
Overall I did well but had a few mental lapses with the gyro and longbeards. If he would of deployed different of had his cannon hit anything it could of got ugly. Me popping his demon prince also was a stroke of luck that will most likely not happen again. I confirm that I hate nurgle and that tally man! and I don't look forward to fighting them again without the surprise factor of this list.










#2 Dolgrim Brassbottom

Dolgrim Brassbottom

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 05:53 PM

My dwarf turn 2 photos are backwards and I cant seem to fix them so sorry about that

#3 Swordthain


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Posted 21 September 2013 - 01:04 AM

Wow, great first battle! Yes, you got really lucky with killing his Daemon Prince right off the bat. I love this list. Okay if I steal it sometime? I think, on the one hand, it was a tougher fight than it could have been had your Longbeards been able to get into combat, but on the other hand, had you not killed his Daemon Prince, or had your Miners not shown up, or had your Anvil of Doom not worked when you needed it to, it could have been an even tougher fight. I love that you were able to break his winning streak, though! That's a nasty Daemons army to face. Well done!

#4 Cuthbo


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Posted 21 September 2013 - 08:31 AM

Great report! Interesting use of the Gyrocopter - might give it a try. Divide and conquer, eh?

#5 Lord Alisk

Lord Alisk

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Posted 21 September 2013 - 12:33 PM

That was a great report - I enjoyed it no end. Thanks! And I do like the list. 


You may have got a bit of luck (though one-shotting the daemon prince wasn't that lucky - killing big beasties is the cannon's job, after all), but gosh, that was a mean daemon list. Running 4 (!) Khorne cannons with no other Khorne daemons seems a bit WAAC to me, to be honest - especially as the Khorne cannons are so under-costed. So doubly well done on the victory. It is always lovely to see unconventional dwarf armies do well against the toughest opposition. 


Thanks again,



#6 Dolgrim Brassbottom

Dolgrim Brassbottom

    Dwarf Hammerer

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Posted 21 September 2013 - 10:24 PM

The cannons don't bug me its the tally man nurgle stuff lol. beasts of nurgle are no joke and if they get all hopped up on tallies it will be a long day. I'm glad everyone liked the list / battle report I think I have the picture part down but I need to work on the writing and story telling which i will start next time.Swordthain really I stole this list from you I just added ranger warriors so if you want to use it great just post it so I can see. The gyro worked great and it didn't even kill anything if i wouldn't of forgot to move it I was planning on rear charging with it. I can't wait to use the gyro copter on goblins or skaven.

#7 Swordthain


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Posted 22 September 2013 - 01:58 AM

Ha! That's hilarious! It figures, I suppose. Great minds think alike, or so they tell me. Yeah, the Gyrocopter would be great to have against Goblins or Skaven! I just have to get done painting my Miners so that I can put one of my Gyrocopters together and paint it...

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