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Karak Minar - Dammaz Kron

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#1 Hirgrim


    Young 'Un

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Posted 27 July 2013 - 01:20 PM

First post on this forum, and first entry in my book of Grudges:


IC 2523

The Mountains south of Karak Minar

1500-point match against the Skaven army led by Warlord No-name-given. As a grudging ally i had a Wood Elf host led by the Spellsinger Yutuir.


Pursuing a Wood Elf army to settle a previous grudge, my army, led by the Runesmith Sven, encountered a Skaven clan and was immediately attacked. It is my shame to confess that we were forced to fight alongside the wretched Elves. The Rat-men killed all my Dwarfs on that day, fortunately along with many Elves. Though their Skavenslaves were obliterated by the unreliable magic of their Warlock Engineer, the same Engineer also burned over a dozen Hammerers to death early in the game. I am pleased to say that he was sucked into a vortex, a sign of what happens when you play with magic.


A big unit of Clanrats also did their harm, but the largest perpetrator is Sven, the Hell Pit Abomination who dared to steal my general's name. The beast did such harm as to outflank my Warrior unit, allowing the Clanrats to break them and run them down, slaughtering its way through my last Hammerers and slaying his honorable namesake, and worst of all by, despite wounds from hammers, axes, a cannonball, even arrows from the Elves, surviving the battle.


The Hell Pit Abomination known as Sven shall be slain and burned, never to crawl again.

#2 Alur Dawi Zharr

Alur Dawi Zharr

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Posted 09 February 2014 - 08:54 AM

Indeed, that abomination must pay for the lives of the dawi slain by its foul class. May all your grudges be settled and have a great time here at the Brewery, Tromm.

#3 Hirgrim


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Posted 16 February 2014 - 08:06 PM

On this day, we Dawi of Karak Minar secured a great victory over the brutish Ogres from the East. As they attempted to attack the farm and brewhouse of our kinsmen, they were halted and killed. It will be long before they dare set their abominable feet on our realm again. However, as the battle drew to a close, their wretched Ironblaster, spiteful and about to flee, fired upon the brewhouse. It smashed a big hole, spilled precious ale and, worst of all, killed four of the Rangers who had bravely been defending the house. Though we were victorious, the Ironblaster escaped with its life.


May it shatter in a thousand pieces on the day we meet again.

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