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Dunhilda Grommsdottir, Femslayer.

slayer special character

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#1 Come2MeCaroline


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Posted 18 July 2013 - 11:04 AM

The lack of Femdwarfs available bothers me almost as much as the lack of Femorcs in the Warhammer universe. And what better Femdwarf, than a Femdwarf Slayer?


Dunhilda Grommsdottir

Slayer Lord, cost: 260points

3   7    3   4 5 3  5 5 10

Special Rules: Unbreakable, Loner.

Additional Special Rules:

Beardless Rage:
For every wound Dunhilda takes, she recieves an additional attack on her profile (up to a maximum of 10).
As a female, Dunhilda has to constantly prove her skills to those around her since there's no beard to measure her wisdom, strength or the ability to hold her liquor.


Handles like a kitchen knife:
Grants Dunhilda a 5+ Ward save against shooting attacks and a 4+ Ward Save in Close Combat. Also grants her the "Slayer Axes" special rule, consider this an upgrade.
Cookery and butchery have always been Dunhilda's main interests. A long time ago, her husband gave her a set of kitchen knives and hatchets for her *th birthday (you don't ask a lady how old she is!). Unable to let go of her old life entirely, Dunhilda covets these knives and has adopted them as weapons of choice.

Female Fury:
When Dunhilda rolls for her charge distance, use the "Swiftstride" rule. In addition, after Combat has been resolved and the unit fighting Dunhilda has only one Wound left, that unit automatically flees as if it had failed a Break Test. That unit may only rally on double 1's.
Dunhilda knows no fear, knows no remorse. Her combat prowess is unmatched and can even make an adult Hydra "I Swear too much" itself in terror. Nobody's left standing tall before this mountain of oestrogen... man nor beast.


- Ideas for fluff are there but I need to work it out a little more. Not pleased with the story in my head so far.
- Point cost is based on a Daemon Slayer (110), added effects are compared to items with similar results, adding up to a total of about 260.
- The General thought is to have a more survivable Slayer character, capable of wearing down armies on it's own, without being entirely unkillable of course. Toughness 5 and a 4+ help a lot, but do not make Dunhilda unstoppable.

Additional thoughts that were eventually not added:

- I thought it would be good to have a way of healing Dunhilda. The original thought was that she would sacrifice one turn of performing any actions as she rested up and patched up her wounds. However, if a 5 wound model that gains attacks for every wound it takes regenerates health, it would become too much. Also, it kind of defeats "Beardless Rage" purpose as she's supposed to become more and more fierce the closer she is to finally dying in combat.
- Similar note, I also thought of improving her Ward Save by 1 for every wound she took. but once more, this would make her horribly hard to kill... . Reducing her wound total to 3 could help but it would nerf "Beardless rage" at the same time, making her more of a defensive tank than anything else.

Thoughts, suggestions, fan art? All is welcome.

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#2 Migoo


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Posted 27 January 2014 - 08:09 PM

Nice but needs something, May I try to draw her? What attire are you looking at?

#3 Doregar Dragonslayer

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Posted 28 January 2014 - 05:53 AM

come on, you´re just looking for a reason to include some naked dwarf-girls in your army! ;) ;) ;)

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#4 Migoo


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Posted 28 January 2014 - 04:23 PM

come on, you´re just looking for a reason to include some naked dwarf-girls in your army! ;) ;) ;)





All joking aside I actually thought of her more as an angry cook .

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