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The Maul 2013 - Doubles List 2X1500 Dwarfs+He.

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Posted 11 July 2013 - 09:13 AM

This is an exceedingly fluffy tournament with a list-grading element for a decent chunk of the points.




I'm taking High Elves and jim1284 is taking Dwarfs.


Jim, we need to talk hobby-wrecking combos disguised as fluff fluff fluff.


I'd really like to take a beasts Archmage, for some fun Transformation of Kadon.  He's also pretty good at buffing dwarfs, particularly if you take a few characters.


Power and dispel dice are shared  as a single army.


My initial thoughs for the HE are


Archmage, beasts, L4, 4+ ward, Hex scroll (!)

Sea Helm BSB, Shield of the Merwyrm, Reaver Bow, Dragonbane gem, Ironcurse Icon

33 Sea Guard, FC

10 Dragon Princes (BoEF, shrieking blade (!))

Tiranoc Chariot (elves on a giant crab)

Tiranoc Chariot (elves on a giant crab)

Great Eagle (little dragon)

Great Eagle (little dragon)


What would you recommend to synergise with this, whilst taking some unusual choices?



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