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Runelord/runesmith Becoming A Slayer?

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#1 Father Rustskull

Father Rustskull

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Posted 08 March 2013 - 11:29 PM

Hey guys, obviously any dwarf can become a slayer ( even a king in the case of Karak Kadrin), but my question is related to  dwarfs that know secrets of great importance such as runesmiths. In the current position of dwarfs in the Old world, runesmiths are very valuable and a good runesmith almost impossible to find apart from the great Karaks. Getting to the point, runesmiths obviously know things that make the dwarfs what they are (especially when the dwarfs do not use magic in any direct way other than through weapons, armor, relics, etc... MAIN QUESTION: would a Runelord become slayer be able to apply his previous skills such as Mallaki Makkison didn't stop practicing engineering when he took the slayers oath? I have never seen or heard of a runesmith/slayer so I assume that it is not allowed because of some ancient blah blah blah ancient dwarf tradition, but I don't see why they wouldn't be able to craft a weapon even more powerful because of the lax nature of slayer culture ( if a proper forge would allow a slayer access). 


What say ye venerable Whitebeards?

#2 The Viking Stig

The Viking Stig

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Posted 09 March 2013 - 02:31 AM

I would have thought that a dwarf who took the slayer oath would still continue to practise his previous craft, it probably wouldn't be his primary focus though. For instance, l'm sure a brewer who took the oath would continue to brew ale, but wouldn't hold a paid position as brewmaster to a hold- a slayer would be too unreliable to be in charge of an important area of the hold's business as his primary duty would be the fulfillment of his oath as soon as an opportunity arose. However, when operating as part of a slayer unit I'm sure each of them would naturally tend to assume the duties in which he was most comoetant and experienced. I can well imagine a former Runelord who'd taken the slayer oath designing and using a new rune for killing monsters, however, it would be a personal thing to him, and l doubt it would pass into general useage unless it was too good not to do so- after all, he would seek fame only through achieving his oath in a suitably heroic way, and becoming famous as the inventer of a rune (which may once have been a burning ambition of his) would now seem shallow and unimportant, and he would probably not take the trouble to bring it to a wider audience. Slayers after all are often described as private and withdrawn to other dwarves.

#3 kera foehunter

kera foehunter

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Posted 09 March 2013 - 10:28 PM

yes ,   like the 5 generation of slayer king they have duell oaths.one to the people the king rules  and his personal slayer oath.

malakai makaisson  is a  great engneer  so there has to be slayer rune smith to forge the great slayer weponds

because they would not trust a mere runesmith  for these important weapond of death


 But now come the fact .. there are no stats to show this


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