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Biggest "fluff Ups" You've Read

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#1 Alebelly_Cragfist


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Posted 07 January 2013 - 02:35 PM

Hey all,


Having read some more of 'The Great Betrayal' over the last couple of nights, there's some glorious make-believe in there. Why it irks me so much, I have no idea, maybe I'm channeling my "inner dwarf"?


So, I got to thinking, of all the fluff you've read (no need to mention names), what's the most glaringly obvious faux pas? I'd like to keep a record for myself and I haven't read everything there is by a long stretch. If you'd be so kind as to take the time, it would be valuable for many of us fluff-freaks to have a reference of "yeah, it never happened that way" source.



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#2 Craze_b0i


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Posted 07 January 2013 - 03:14 PM

Here's a few:




p7. (see final sentence) & p8. In the earliest version of the 'Blackfire Pass' narrative the orcs were coming to invade Sigmar's realm. In the 7th ed Empire book (and subsequently 8th ed) this text was rewritten as orcs marching to invade the dwarf empire. Geographically this revised version of events makes no sense. Blackfire does not lead directly onto any dwarf hold and half the dwarf realm is south of it anyway.


p8. Founding of the Empire. Text notes occasional goblin/beastman raids but completely misses Sigmar's war with Nagash.


p9-10. Destruction of Solland. The 'Battle of Solland's Crown' is supposed to take place in or near Solland. The writer here places the Empire army on the north side of the river Aver (in Stirland), this means the orcs are actually marching north away from Solland. The correct battle-location is actually marked on the map p22. But in the text the writer appears to have muddled the battle up with the earlier siege of Averheim. For a 'correct' version of events see the current Orcs and Goblins book 'Waaagh Gorbad'.


p.10 Vampire Count Wars. Text claims Vlad usurped the rule of Sylvannia from Otto von Drak. All other existing sources state Vlad inherited his title by marrying his daughter Isabella.


p.17. Timeline. c2511 and c2518. Since these are both within 10 years of the 'present day' use of circa is somewhat unfitting.


p22. Map. Drakwald Forest labelled wrongly. Should be in Middenland, see p26.


p26 The Dark Forests. The Forest goblins and Araknaroks are listed under The Great Forest. While there may well be goblins and araknaroks living in there the main hub of their activity (including Black Pit) is actually The Drakwald Forest. *See Orcs and Goblins book map p13. and text p15.


Vampire Counts:


p.16-18 'Blood in the Border Princes'. Refers to a mass invasion of the Empire that sounds eerily similar to Storm of Chaos. Other 8th edition sources (The Main Rulebook, Orcs and Goblins, Empire) all make clear that Storm of Chaos hasn't actually happened, at least not yet.


p.16-18 'Blood in the Border Princes' narrative vs 'Nagashizzar' box-text. Here we have two different conflicting accounts, one says that Nagash is floating about in some spirit realm and it needs a special ritual to resurrect him, the other says Nagash is already resurrected and is sitting on his big chair in Nagashizzar giving orders. Note also the VC timeline includes 'Night of the Restless Dead' 1681 where Nagash successfully resurrects himself.*


If we go with 'Blood in the Border Princes' there is still no rationale as to why Nagash can't auto-resurrect in his black coffin like he did the first time he got killed. Also no rationale is ever given to the reader on why Manfred would actually want to resurrect Nagash? Beyond the generic fact both of them are 'undead'.


*The same latter issue appears in the main warhammer rulebook with the same timeline entry 1681 vs contradictory statements in the vampire section. See also the Arkhan page in Tombkings.

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#3 Craze_b0i


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Posted 07 January 2013 - 06:17 PM

I might add Daemons of Chaos, the entire section about fighting dwarfs when they first overrun the world. It completely ignores all the stuff about Grimnir taking the fight to chaos and keeping the lands clear, then later going alone to the gate. Instead the dwarfs just get overrun and the few survivors simply hide inside Karaz-a-Karak (which technically hadn't been built yet) until it's all over.

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