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Dwarf Plane Rules

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 11:42 AM



I am developing rules for a dwarf plane and am looking for opinion on below...

Dwarf Biplane



Armour Save













Is considered a war machine for shooting, spells and magic attacks, Flying Monster in other.



Attacks options are strafe or bomb.

Strafe attach - has a range of 12” and does 2-10 automatic strength 4 hits. These are armour piercing and can be shot on the move. Misfires result in a D6 on the table below.




Destroyed – Gun misfires sets fire to the surrounds followed by a small explosion destroying the gun. This is then followed by a large explosion turning the plane instantly into “flaming wreck”(See below).


Malfunction - Gun jams, no shots are fired. Gun cannot be un-jammed before the next round of shooting. Out of action for an additional round of shooting.


Gun jam – Gun jams, no shots are fired. Gun can be un-jammed before the next round of shooting.


Biplane carries a single bomb. To drop the bomb the plane must fly over the target on a march move during the movement phase. Target is marked.  A scatter dice determines the accuracy the artillery dice determines the distance off target. Using the small template any piece under the centre suffers either a strength 9 hit (or depending on the misfire strength 5 hit see below), any piece under the small template suffer strength 4 hit.




Destroyed - Bomb fails to detach from the plane before it explodes. Plane instantly becomes a flaming wreck(see Below).


Malfunction – Bomb detaches but due to a fault in the fuse an explosion occurs just below the plane. Resulting explosion kills one of the crew (1 wound) and the plane is out of control for 1 turn. Plane flies at full move for the next turn in the same direction it is pointing. If the plane leaves the board then it may return from the point it left in the next turn.


Fuse failure – bomb falls to earth but fails to explode. Only piece directly under the point of impact suffers a strength 5 hit. “Lookout Sir” may be applied.


Flaming Wreck - If the plane becomes a “Flaming wreck” due to misfire or by sustaining 3 wounds the wreckage will fall to earth in a flaming wreck. Roll the scatter dice and 2D6 to find the point the impact. Using the small template any piece (allied or enemy) under the centre of the template takes a strength 9 hit other pieces under the template suffer strength 4 hit.

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