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Tungsten Goes To Local Tournament (With Pictures)

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#1 Zwerg Tungsten

Zwerg Tungsten

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Posted 01 May 2012 - 09:23 AM

Once again clan Tungsten marches forward to settle some grudges. This time it is a local tournament with 14 participants. The tournament lasted one weekend with three games each day.

I usually play a "traditional" two blocks of infantry supported by heavy artillery. That army recently did OK in our local league. However, I thought that I would try some thing completely different. Inspired by the examples of "The Dwarf Ambush Army", "2500 Ambush List" and "The Army Of Zero Deployments"" and discussions going on in "2000 Pt Mining Theme", "2400 Comped Bugman Ambush List" and "Borrowed Idea" I designed a "one drop" anvil and ambush list.

The whole idea is a "one drop" list. I would have preferred to have a "zero drop" list but I had to have my anvil. The list revolves around hiding the anvil, dropping two ranger units once the opponent is done, and finally have two units of miners ready. It's a gamble, but extremely fun. I showed up knowing that I would surprise everybody (my self included). My goal was to not come last!

With out further ado, Zwerg Tungsten send out his little brother Berg Tungsten and his cousin the famous Runelord Alvis Tungsten to settle some grudges. They were accompanied by Josef Bugman and his famous brewers:

"Alvis Tungsten" Runelord @398 pts.
Anvil of Doom, Shield, Rune of Stone, Rune of Resistance, 2 x Rune of Spellbreaking

"Josef Bugman" @155 pts.
39 Bugman's Rangers @610 pts.
Longbeards, Great Weapons, Rangers, Shields, Full Command

"Berg Tungsten" BSB Thane @185 pts.
39 Quarrellers @610 pts.
Great weapons, Rangers, Shields, Full Command

20 Miners @270 pts.
Full Command, Steam drill

20 Miners @270 pts.
Full Command, Steam drill

I ended up facing the following armies: Skaven, Ogres, Beastmen, Tomb Kings, High Elves and Beastmen again. It has been two weeks since the tournament so the reports will be shorter that usual and perhaps a bit messy.

Game 1 vs. Skavens
Posted Image
The first battle scenario was Battleline as described in the rule book. I made my first drop, the anvil behind the house and declared that I was done. The poor Skaven guy got very confused and couldn't really figure our where to put his units.

After he was done I deployed my two rangers in the middle. This might look silly but I had a plan - bad one it turned out. My plan was to force the bell unit to charge Berg Tungsten's rangers and then flank charge it with Bugman's rangers. Good plan, except for one little detail I forgot: the bloody bell is unbreakable...

I am not going to bore you with the details. The short story is that I slowly killed of the rats around the bell while I was being flooded by the rest of the rats. After the dust settled basically only my Runelord was alive. I think I lost 18-2, or something like that.

Lessons learner: 1) Nothing like the smell of burning rat and gun powder in the morning. Bring artillery to a rat race; and 2) Deploy intelligently.

Game 2 vs. Ogres
Posted Image
This game was Battle for the pass. It was a bit unclear if my miners would be able to appear from the long edges of the board. We decided they could not. I deployed inside a ruin furthest away from my opponent. I then left it to him. After the expected confusion he deployed in a line across the whole board. This was a bit unfortunate as I was hoping to get a flank charge in. Yet, I was content to deploy right behind him. This marvellous deployment earned me a "strangest deployment in history" award :)

I got the first turn. Bugman first moved, then using the Anvil charged into the back of the Maneaters containing the General and the BSB. They almost broke them. He lost more than half of his Maneaters. This was a great chock to the poor Ogre. Not only do Dwarfs appear behind him, they also charge him!

We might actually have played this wrong. After rereading the rules it appears that scouts can't charge on the first turn, even when using the Anvil. :bad:

Anyway, my dwarfs had the initiative for most of the battle. Bugman managed to break the Maneaters, general and BSB in the second turn. Unfortunately the did not run very fast and it's a long way to the other end. Thus, they did not manage to actually run of the board. So no points for me :(

I did not use much shooting from Tungsten's rangers. Charging is so much more fun. They managed to break the Ironguts. Who unfortunately rallied later on. My miners arrived more or less on cue. They did not really do that much damage though. It was down to the facts that once the could arrive: 1) they could only arrive from one edge; 2) all the opponents were facing in their direction; and 3) they had to walk to get to the enemy so no fancy Anvil charging.

My miners did fight bravely. Unfortunately one of the units was overpowered by the unit of Leadbelchers. As the picture shows that could only have one outcome: "Run away, flee!".
Posted Image
All in all, my troops performed very well. They were a bit hampered by the impassable long edges. I did loose in the end. But that was actually down to technicalities. The general and one Maneater was still running, they just hadn't reached the edge yet. So no points there :(. I think I lost 11-9 or 12-8. It was hilarious. I don't know how many times my opponent was scratching his head and "complaining" about the un-dwarvish behaviour of my dwarfs.

Game 3 vs. Beastmen
Posted Image
This game was Meeting Engagement with some extra rules regarding war machines and all terrain was dangerous in the first turn. I did my one drop deployment and the poor Beastmen guy got so confused that he didn't really know what to do. He basically lined his units up all facing my Anvil, which was nicely hid behind a hill.

I deployed my two ranger units in following the same idea as with the Skavens; just behind enemy lines and not challenging an unbreakable unit :)

1st turn.
He got first turn. He spend his first turn flipping unit so they would be facing my rangers. I considered only the Minotaurs as really dangerous, so I used the Rune of Wrath & Ruin on them. Tungsten's rangers shot at the Bestigors.

2nd turn.
In the second turn I call out a challenge to his small Bestigor unit. My idea was to use that one to block the other one. He refused my challenge! and charged with the large unit. The rest of his units basically moved about confused.

In close combat the Bestigors and Bugman's all had great weapons so we hit at the same time. He killed a few I killed some back. A stalemate.

In the mean time my Miners arrived. One charged the Centigors in the flank and the other one just walked forward. Tungsten's rangers joined the fray with be Bestigors. The Cetigors was broken by my miners, unfortunately they couldn't catch them. The combined might of both my ranger units killed the majority of the Bestigors and ran them down. This unit contained both the General and the BSB.

3rd turn.
He manage to rally both his Besigors and Centigors. His Minotaurs were looking hungrily at the miner unit that broke the Centigors and started turning towards it. That was basically it.

My turn and charging time again. Bugman charged the remaining Bestigors, Tungsten the Gor/Ungor, the miners followed up on a flank and the last miner unit charged the Minotaurs in the flank. This was easy :) Bugman broke the Bestigors and ran them down; Tungsten and the miners did the same to the Gor/Ungors and lo and behold my miners actually broke the Minotaurs; nothing like a good flank charge.

This is it. The game is basically over. The last three turns were used to mob up the remaining Beastmen. I the end I manage to take 2790 (out of 2500) points and he took 0 (zero)! A clear 20-0 victory to my Dwarfs :)

End of day 1.

My first game was a major loss. The second one almost a draw and the last one a total victory for my ambush army. I am quite happy. It is the first time I have ever played this type of army and only my second time using an anvil.

The avid reader might have noticed that I have not mentioned magic. This is simply because my Runelord has shut down basically all magic. Only minor things have actually made it through my defence.

Lessons learned so far:
  • Deployment is everything;
  • This army works if I can get flank and rear charges in;
  • Taking the initiative and keeping it is this army's force. Loosing the initiative kills it;
  • Charging, combat reform and overrun is so much fun;
  • This army is hilarious. Not only for me, but also my opponents and the spectators.
Day 2 will arrive shortly.

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#2 Montegue


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Posted 02 May 2012 - 02:46 AM

I don't think you can charge your scouts turn one with the anvil. Might wanna look into that.

#3 the bearded one

the bearded one

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Posted 04 May 2012 - 12:14 AM

I don't think you can charge your scouts turn one with the anvil. Might wanna look into that.

It's an ongoing issue, and no FAQ or errate to either clear things up or set a precedent for magical means of movement, so nobody really knows for sure and no opponent has a terribly strong a base for arguing against it either. There's only one real argument against it (in fact I brought that one up :) ) but I think they're delighted enough that the dwarfs aren't castling up for ones and let it slide ;)

The list looks great fun. With that first battle, looking at the picture, I was already kinda expecting a disaster. 2 hellpits and endless numbers against a CC list, yikes!

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#4 Targ Ironfist

Targ Ironfist

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Posted 03 June 2012 - 06:02 AM

Hilarious army and nice reports. Keep it up! :drinks:

On Thaggoraki: This army forfeits our classical advantage in long range power, so Hellpit Abominations will be a bit of a problem, I am afraid. Basicly Hellpits and Hydras, if properly used should destroy this army. Otherwise a lot of fun and I aplaud you!

#5 RedZeke


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Posted 03 June 2012 - 05:58 PM

What is Berg using for equipment? MR Gromril, Resistance, MR of Challenge, BSB, and Oathstone? The oathstone's the only thing I can think that would take him over 165, but rangers aren't permitted to be stonebearers.

Interesting to read about- seems that it is most successful against players who struggle to adapt! Looking forward to Day 2.

#6 Zwerg Tungsten

Zwerg Tungsten

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Posted 04 June 2012 - 08:50 PM

Well, this is embarrassing. Berg had the following equipment: Rune of Brotherhood (20), Master Rune of Challenge (25), Master Rune of Gromli (25) and Rune of Resistance (25), which actually sums to 95, so 20 points above maximum. :bad:

On the bright side, I don't think that it affected the game. For future reference, Brotherhood is required and Challenge is half the fun, so I think that Rune of Resistance is the one to go, or perhaps Gromli. Stone and Shield might do it instead. That would give him 2+ AS re-rollable.

On a side not. I promise that the second day will be written up soon.

Again, I am embarrassed.

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