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2.8K Tourney List

list 2800 tournament 2.8k dwarf

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#1 Ferox_Drakengard


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Posted 22 March 2012 - 04:12 AM

Hi all, this is my first time posting, so forgive me if I make a mistake, I did read the rules however...

Anyway, long story short there is a tournament in my local city and it's very cheesey. The basic way the customers work there is that if it's broken, buy it. So out of 24 players, I'm guessing 1/3 are coming as Ogres. Eep! :focus:

Please have a look at my list and tell me what you think; if it can stand up against Ogres or any army. I don't expect to win all my games but I would like to win one game. I've only been playing for a few months so any advice on deployment and tactics would be great too. I have taken a few ideas from here already as well, if you recognise it, cheers! :drinks:

Lord on Shieldbearers
Armour: RoStone RoPreservation
Talisman: MRoSpite
Weapon: Great weapon MRoKragg RoSnorri (Tank and spank)
Pts: 286

Runelord with AoD
Armour: RoStone
Talisman: MRoBalance RoSpellbreaking
Pts: 295

Thane BSB
Armour: MRoGromril, RoIron (Took Iron for token protection, any other suggestions = fine)
Weapon: RoMight, RoBurning
Pts: 140

40 warriors, GW, Shield, M/S
Pts: 455

20 Quarreller rangers GW, M/S (Will this make me lose my +1 to roll because of scout?)
Pts: 295

40 Hammerers shield, M/S
Pts: 538

For my guns, I want to clarify if they seem points heavy, it's because I ALWAYS roll misfires and ALWAYS roll ones on the chart. I need the protection because my luck here is abyssmal.

Cannon, RoForging, RoReloading, Engineer
Pts: 150

Cannon, RoForging, RoBurning, Engineer
Pts: 145

Grudge Thrower, Accuracy, RoPenetration, RoBurning
Pts: 135

Organ gun
Pts: 120

Organ gun
Pts: 120

I used to carry 10 miners for warmachine hunting, but since they don't turn up until potentially turn 2 even with a steam drill, and I need to disable those OK chariot guns or enemy war machines with counter battery fire turn 1, I brought another cannon instead.

My general deployment is to castle in the corner or near a table edge with terrain on my flanks. I do the diamond formation in the centre, with an OG up front, two supporting cannons and a GT at the back. I put the orgun gun on the flank of the hammerers, that way if it explodes at least any flank charge will have to deal with stubborn, and the quarrellers support the warriors on the other end.

I have been advised to take a MRoGrungni on my hammerers, I would be happy to drop RoBurning from the GT and RoIron from the BSB, but beyond that I still need to find 30 points but I can't see what I could drop. I suppose I could drop 2 hammerers as the Lord always goes with them, maybe 1 warrior...

I have 10 miners, 5 slayers, 10 thunderers, 20+ longbeards sitting on the shelf.


#2 Griegsson


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Posted 22 March 2012 - 01:32 PM

Welcome to the Brewery!

Right. You want cheesy and ogre killing?

In order of priority:

2x OG (yup)
3 cannon (only 2?)
Runed-up GTs (only 1?)
Big hammerers (yup)
Big GW warriors (yup)
Anvil (may explode but I'd take it at 2.8k)

So you do have a solid core.

I'd work on the details.

Runes on the Lord and BSB seem suboptimal. Read the tacticas. It's hard to get a tank+spank lord to work. I would suggest going for a super tank in order to tie up deathstars and super-killy characters. Normally Shieldbearers+Stone+Steel+Resistance and then your choice of Preservation or Spite. But if you are facing ogres then there is nothing like Might+Smiting to put the hurt on all of their characters and tougness-buffed rank-and-file.

As written, scouts will lose you the +1. Many tourneys rule otherwise so it is worth checking before you write your list. Quarreller rangers are very useful in reacting to your opponents deployment. Don't get them isolated though.

#3 Ferox_Drakengard


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Posted 23 March 2012 - 04:06 AM

Normally Shieldbearers+Stone+Steel+Resistance and then your choice of Preservation or Spite.

If I take Stone, Steel and Resistance, I can't take Preservation? Rule of Three? Guess I'm taking Spite then but I can't because I can't afford it....if I have steel my armour save will still be good so not really in need of a re-roll. The Lord load out actually came from the tactica forum, but then had no idea how to load out the BSB but I'll try might and resistance on him instead.

Lord on Shieldbearers
Armour: RoStone RoPreservation MRoSteel
Talisman: MRoSpite
Weapon: Great weapon
Pts: 291

So he has 1+, immune to KB and Poison, max of St5 against him so 3+ at worst and then 4+ ward. I have to take a mundane GW which annoys me but C'est la Vie. :buba:

Thane BSB
Armour: MRoGromril RoResistance
Weapon: RoMight
Pts: 165

1+ with reroll to save and then ability to bite back against big stuff.

My model count restricts my gun line, I don't have another cannon or GT in my collection, not buying more now with the tournament looming and a bunch more Dawi to paint. :superstition:

The funny thing about the scout rule: At my store all my friends have been playing WFB for ages, so they have taken the scout rule for granted and just guessed or not read carefully that it hasn't changed. I only figured it out on this forum by chance and even then there is some debate on it, but for now I'll drop the rangers since I need that +1!

Dropped a few models here and there to fit in a Grungi 5+ since I'll be castling I should be able to cover all the guns at least from battery fire.

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