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Tungsten Goes To Local League (With Pictures) - All Done

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#21 Zwerg Tungsten

Zwerg Tungsten

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Posted 06 April 2012 - 05:16 PM

Fifth and final game in this league. This time against Vampires. I have played this guy before, but never against his Vampires. He is a quite good player, but not unbeatable, except that I have never played Vampires before.

Anyway, beside the general limitations, described in the first post, the following extra limitations are put on the Vampires:
  • They are using the old book.
  • Wraiths, Varghulf, Black Coach and Terrorgheist are all 0-1.
  • Maximum unit size is 40.
  • Blood knights' maximum unit size is 6.
He showed up with the following army:

Vampire Lord (General)
Sword of swift slaying, the flayed hauberk, dispel scroll, dawnstone, master of the black arts, red fury

The balefire spike, book of Arkhan, dread knight, ghoulkin

BSB, dread knight, flag of blood keep

Blood drinker, Dragonhelm, dread knight, beguile

40 Crypt ghouls (General goes here)

40 Crypt ghouls

Corpse cart

8 Black knights (Two vampires and BSB goes here)
Barding, musician, standard bearer, royal standard of Strigos

Black coach


Not surprisingly, mine is the same as the preceding four games ;)

It has actually been a few weeks since this battle and my report is based on memory, so it might be a bit lacking.

0. Deployment

Posted Image

This time I had to show up rather unprepared. So I had to approach my deployment by relying on gut feeling. My thoughts were that the Black Knights containing the three Vampires must be the dangerous stuff. So I better shoot them with what I've got (I think they had some very good save against flaming attacks, so two of my artillery should shoot other stuff). The Ghouls should be manageable. I have overhead other battles with these Vampires and it appears that the Terrogheist is more scary looking that actual scary.

My plan would be: Shoot the Black knights and Vampires with anything not flaming; shoot Black Coach / Corpse Cart with the other Cannon; and decimate one of the Ghoul blocks before crushing it with infantry. Thus, I deployed my infantry in the middle, and a battery of Cannon and Grudge thrower on each flank, each protected by a unit of Quarrellers.

1st round

As always the dice gods failed me and my opponent goes first.

Vampires do not really do any shooting so they just rush ahead. He might have done some sort of magic but nothing noteworthy.

My turn.

I am thinking that the dead might as well come to me, so no point in moving about. I employ my shooting strategy, nick a few wounds of the Corpse Cart and the Terrorgheist. I kill a single Black knight and some ghouls disappeared.

All in all the entire round was rather uneventful. The field looked like this at the end of the first round:
Posted Image

2nd round

So far I'm pretty confident. My plan is sound, except that I didn't really manage to wound the cavalry sufficiently and more dead-dead Ghouls would be nice. But I am happy. I expect the Terrogheist to wreck havoc on my artillery on my right flank. But I have grown up. Even though it still pains me to loose troops, I have learned to accept it.

My prediction was correct. His Terrorgheist charged my Grudge thrower. The rest of his troops moved ahead.

In the close combat phase the result of his Terrorgheist crashing into my Grudge thrower had to be decided. I was not too confident; and correctly so. Not only did the flying monstrosity chew up some of my valiant crew members, those who were left got stumped. After burping up one of my helmets the geist turned around and stared hungrily on my cannon.

My turn.

Since the firs battle against the foul Skaven, known as "Zwerg Tungsten's great charge" my Hammerers have really missed the sound of battle cries whilst charging enemies far away. So the charge the "nearest" Ghoul block, they were pretty far of. But of course my super fast Hammerers make it :) Inspired by the tremendous distance covered by my general and his entourage my Quarrellers on my right flank charges the Terrorgheist in its flank. My Warriors makes a right turn to be ready to receive the Black knights who will most likely charge right through my Cannon.

Before we can get to the close combat phase the rest of my artillery has a few word to say. My (soon to be dead) Cannon on the right shoots the Black knights and removes a single one. My remaining Grudge thrower shoots at the block of Ghouls not currently engaged and removes a handful. The Cannon of the left flank fires at some Spirit Hosts that for reasons I have forgot had appeared in front of the Black coach. Nothing like a good rune filled cannon ball against Spirit hosts, half of them went away.

So close combat. My Hammerers crash into one of the Ghoul block, the one containing the general. As the Ghouls are already dead it was more or less a walk in the park. My hammerers rolled over them and the few standing after the sound of hammers on skulls crumbled; including the general. Alas, six of my valiant Hammerers succumbed to the tearing of the Ghouls. For good measure they reformed and eyed the other Ghoul block.

My Quarrellers heroically fought the Terrogheist but did not manage to kill it. However, seven perished, which of course not was sufficient to break them :)

This eventful round left the battle field looking like this (at this point my excitement got me carried away and some sort of confusion might have affected my picture taking.):
Posted Image

3rd round

My opponent is severely shaken after loosing his general. He is also cursing repeatedly and complaining about his very bad idea of putting his general in front of my Hammerers. I tried to be supportive and tell him that it was a very good idea, but it was not well received ;)

Anyway, the round was very eventful and unfortunately a bit of a blur but I'll do my best to recollect.

His round started with crumbling due to lack of general. It killed off the Terrorgheist. After that he got annoyed. On the left flank, his Black coach, now being ethereal, flying, hatred, well basically the lot, charged and removed my Cannon.

On the right flank, his Black knights charged into my Cannon, which was unsurprisingly flattened and his cavalry continued into my Warriors, who were also charged in their flank by the last of the Ghouls. They were apparently not in the mood for my Hammerers.

Even though my Warriors fought with all the bravery in the world they were simply over powered. Both the Black knights and Ghouls took out enough to break my Warriors. On the bright side (I think) both unit pursued off the table.

In my turn the Hammerers, robbed of a target had to turn around and face the Corpse cart. Some uneventful shooting happened.

After the loss of my Warriors the battle scene is in a sorry state, which can be seen here:
Posted Image

4th round

His Black knights and Ghouls returned to the battle field. He charged my Hammerers with the Black coach. I took out his Corpse cart with a nicely aimed shoot from my remaining Grudge thrower. My Quarrellers settle down for beer. There is really nothing left on the table that they can either shoot at or wound. Nothing here to see, move along.

5th round

Now his black knights can charge my Hammerers, which they do. Luckily, there is no room for his Ghouls. So they just hang around as target practise for my Grudge Thrower.

My BSB and General are the only ones who can touch the Black coach, so I leave that to the BSB. Besides that this is more or less a slaughter house. More that half of my Hammerers are taken out. I do not manage to get rid of the blasted Black coach and only a few Black knights fall.

Anyway, end of the 5th round leaves the battlefield like this:
Posted Image

6th round

The battle revolves around my Hammerers. His Black knights manage to kill all of them, but my BSB and general refuses to leave the battle. All in all, this would be a perfect time to roll insane courage on my break test; which I do :) I thought that Vampires were immune to psychology but man was he annoyed :)

So after the dust settles this is what was left:
Posted Image

Lessons learned

Yet another fast a furious battle. I know I lost, but only by 43 points! If I had found these point it would have been a draw. However, I obviously claim the moral victory. I think I played OK. I think my moral victory was down to chance.

This was the final battle in the league. I'll return shortly with a summary.

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#22 Targ Ironfist

Targ Ironfist

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Posted 06 April 2012 - 08:20 PM


your hammerers are stubborn, so why bother about insane courage? :dirol:

Otherwise you made quite many mistakes. I will be looking forward to your conclusions. :focus:

#23 Zwerg Tungsten

Zwerg Tungsten

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Posted 07 April 2012 - 09:17 AM


your hammerers are stubborn, so why bother about insane courage? :dirol:

Yes, I knew there was something hazy. I moved my insane courage roll to round six where it belongs. I glad somebody are awake :)

Otherwise you made quite many mistakes. I will be looking forward to your conclusions. :focus:

Could you supply a list? I think I made a few but I'll be really happy to know those I have overlooked.

I'll do a conclusion shortly.

#24 Targ Ironfist

Targ Ironfist

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Posted 07 April 2012 - 10:57 AM

Zwerg Tungsten: I am lagging with my report from my GT, so will go and finish that. Then I will come back here and add anything you might have forgotten.

One thing: Targeting priority and your target alocation - what was wrong there? (There was a lot not properly done and I am looking forward to your own dissection of it.)

#25 Wendersnaven


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Posted 07 April 2012 - 08:01 PM

Well fought! and by only 48 points. Those BKs are dangerous all right. My only loss is to Vamps and it was due to them all doing a maniac charge and tons of wounds. (Granted, I forgot steadfast /doh.)

#26 Zwerg Tungsten

Zwerg Tungsten

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 09:57 AM

Summary and lessons learned

I came 8 out of 12, which is actually a bit disappointing. I was hoping for somewhere in the upper half. But I guess I could just play better.

Here is the ranking:
  • High Elves
  • Daemons of Chaos
  • Vampires
  • Lizardmen
  • Warriors of Chaos
  • Warriors of Chaos
  • Empire
  • Dwarfs (Me :yes: )
  • Skaven
  • Dwarfs
  • High Elves
  • Dark Elves
I'll try to summarise my lessons learned in each of these games and sum up my experiences with this army. In short, bring Hammerers and sufficient artillery. For more details, read on.

Victory against Skaven (number 9)

Skavens are always about 10 000 figures on the board. There are enough targets for my artillery and risks for my infantry of being overwhelmed. My deployment here was, more or less in a castle. My strategy was to pound him with artillery, whilst hanging back with my infantry.

My initial strategy was to kill the Hellpit and the Doomwheel with my cannons and once the Hellpit was dead focus my grudge throwers on his infantry. My infantry would sweep up whatever was left when he reached my line.

Even though the Skaven had a Storm banner (hindering shooting) my artillery plan was a success. My infantry plan was sound, yet almost killed me do to Plague monks. I ended up with a solid victory but did do a few silly moves (such as loosing my lord in last round).

In summary, Skavens are a nice target for dwarfs:
  • Storm banner could quite likely be a nuisance;
  • Skaven magic is dangerous but containable;
  • Avoid plague monks (with plague banner) at all cost!
  • Bring sufficient artillery;
  • Don't get cocky.
Victory against Dark elves (number 12)

This Dark elf brought many smallish units. In general Dark elves should not be a problem. They might have tons of attacks with tons of re-rolls, but at the end of the day they are just soft lightly armoured bodies against solid dwarven steel.

I did an almost castle again. I should shoot at dangerous close combat unit and just ignore the rest. This battle was a clear win for my dwarfs. Yet, some things could be improved:
  • Artillery priorities are paramount. Ignore things you can't kill and focus!
  • Do not get intimidated by the wast amount of dice being rolled, and re-rolled. Most of the time they can't hurt you;
  • Shut down important magic;
  • Charging and combat reform makes dwarfs a mobile force.
Defeated by Warriors of Chaos (number 5)

Warriors of Chaos, I personally think that these are the most dangerous enemies that a Dwarf can meet. They have cheap, GW armed naked dudes; and many of them.

This time I actually did quite a lot of calculation up front. My strategy was quite clear. Marauders needs to be killed by artillery. I lined up to cover most of my army under the Master Rune of Grungi for the ward saves against shooting and magic missiles. The rest remains the same: hang back and shoot.

After the dust did settle, I was more or less destroyed and there was (almost) nothing I could do about it:
  • Naked dudes wheeling great weapons under the mark of Khorne are just lethal. They are unbreakable for artillery and on 25" bases;
  • Artillery priorities are paramount!
  • Successful magic is still a killer.
Defeated by High elves (number 1)

High elves should be manageable. This list did however turn out to be a one trick pony (or rather chicken), something I should have anticipated. In general he only had two really dangerous units: the prince on star chicken and the white chickens. So I should just stick to basics and shoot those while waiting for the rest. I manage to shoot the white chickens but not the price. Thus, I lost:
  • Artillery priorities and precision is number one;
  • Our low movement combined with hordes makes for difficult manoeuvring.
Defeated by Vampires (number 3)

This is my first encounter with Vampires and the last one using the old book. To be honest I had no idea of what to expect. I was really unprepared.

This time I divided my artillery and put my infantry in the middles. I was assuming that the Black knights were the dangerous part (they also had three vampires). So I would shoot them with anything non-flaming.

I lost this game by a whisker, 43 points! Yet, perhaps I could have improved:
  • Artillery priorities again;
  • Hammerers are rock solid;
  • Warriors die in hordes.

In summary my Dwarfs performed pretty well. I did a few tactical errors, but I'm happy. I think I should have managed to defeat the Vampires and I stood a good chance against the Elves. However, the Warriors of Chaos, I can't see how to defeat them.

Anyway, I have learned the following things:
  • Always bring Hammerers and many of them;
  • My 2 x grudge thrower and 2 x cannon is very good set up for artillery;
    • Artillery priorities are the most important exercise;
  • Runelord and Master rune of balance shuts down most magic;
    • One Spellbreaker would be nice;
  • Warriors die like flies.
    • I am wondering if Quarrellers is a better substitute?
  • Charging and combat reform makes for fast Dwarfs.

#27 Targ Ironfist

Targ Ironfist

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Posted 06 May 2012 - 03:06 PM

Points you made are solid. When I have more time, I will bring some of my observations to the table. Hopefully soon.

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