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Andy Spiers' Dwarf Battleblog - Throne Of Skulls Page 10

dwarf tournament rankings spiers

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#181 Andy Spiers

Andy Spiers

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Posted 25 September 2012 - 02:46 PM

Game 4 - Jake Corteen - Lizardmen

Having known Jake for quite a few years, but never had the pleasure of playing him, this game was great. Table 1 of 46, and feeling pretty confident I have the tools to beat him. Jake had:

Slaan General (Light)
Ethereal Slaan (Death) BSB
Skink Priest (Heavens) Level 1
Scar Vet on Cold one with Shield
Scar Vet on Cold one with Halberd

19 Skink Cohorts
3 x 10 Skinks
2 x large Skink/Krox blocks
3x 3 terradons
2x5 Chameleon Skinks
2x1 Salamanders

Jake deployed en masse, and I deployed in the centre, with the gyrocopter out on my left flank, stopping the pesky Chameleon Skinks getting into the precious warmachines.

I went first, and dropped two rocks on his 19 skinks, in which Jake had put his Slaans and Skink Priest. First rock kills 10, 2nd kills 5 = no look out sir for the slaans. Cannon vs his death slaan, hits, wounds... and jake passes the 4+ ward.

The next three turns are jake moving forward trying to find a chink in the dwarf defence, and me trying to smash slaans. Over 3 turns, I shot the slaans 10 times, and neither of them took a wound.

Both Scar Vets got into my crossbows, with one of the (eventually) kill the xbow unit down to a man, and the other breaking from the xbows after 4 rounds of combat, being caught and destroyed, causing a unit of chameleons and a unit of terradons to panic off the board edge. These were the only points I would end up getting from the lizardman army.

Essentially, I couldnt get hold of Jakes army, and whilst my warmachines were hitting, the 4+ ward God made sure that the Slaan's stayed alive. I feel that had I have got at least one of the slaans during the game, it would have ended up being a draw/small win to me, which I would have been a lot more happy about, but hohum, you take the good with the bad - can't always have the luck!

Game finished as a 15-5 to jake.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the terradons managed to get into the warmachines, and I lost the cannon 1 of the grudgethrowers to them, and the scar vet that survived managed to kill the organ gun.

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#182 RedZeke


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Posted 25 September 2012 - 02:52 PM

Did you lose this game? Your last paragraph seems to imply as much, but all I can see that you lost was a unit of crossbows in exchange for chameleons, teradons and a scar vet. Seems like you might come out ahead or just about even in that trade. But I'm just doing the fuzzy math in my head.

#183 Andy Spiers

Andy Spiers

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Posted 25 September 2012 - 03:13 PM

Game 5 - Simon Adams - Ogre Kingdoms

I got to know Simon a lot better when I played his mate on the Friday night of Pompey Pillage. He was running the typical netlist for Ogre Kingdoms, with only one suprise.

Slaughtermaster with Fencers Blades and Glittering Scales
BSB with Crown of Command

6 Bulls
9 Ironguts with Full Command

2x1 Sabretusks
2x4 Mournfang with Std&Mus (1 had dragonhide banner)

2 Ironblasters.

I set up in the left hand corner, utilising a crossed wall to keep the gyro from being cannoned for cheap points. I got first turn, and failed to kill one of his cannons with all three of my multiwound warmachines.

He moved forward, didnt get any magic off, and misfired one of his cannons.

I carried on shooting him, reducing a unit of mournfang down to 1 model, and killing another from the other unit, and killing the nearest Ironblaster.

He moved forward once again, just being a little too far for him to charge me. Magic, and he got regen off, as a bubble (I hate that spell...). Cannon failed to wound the gyro.

I reformed the left xbow unit that was being threated by the mournfang. This was a mistake in retrospect (see later). Shot the last mournfang, and killed a few ironguts, but lost the S5 grudgethrower to a misfire (even with the master engineers reroll).

Simon then charged the 3 mournfang (who I had failed to kill one of them with shooting by misfiring the organ gun. I should have left them wide, shot the mournfang, and stood and shot one the charge, giving me more chance to reduce the unit down) into the ranked xbows, and I master rune of challenge the gutstar into the hammerers. The bulls also went in, and both got 10+ on their charge range, giving them +d3 impact hits per file, rather than 1 per file. He then Irresistabled the Regeneration spell. Grrrr. The ironblaster moved up, but didnt fire. Combat, and the guts/bull kill 20 of the 26 hammerers, but stubborn on a 10 (and a reroll!) kept them around. The mournfang smash into the xbows, and kill 12 (leaving me with steadfast) and I kill one back, breaking his chance of removing my steadfast when I get to less than 10 dwarves.

The Left hand xbow then charged the flank of the bulls, and things were looking good (ish). Warmachines failed to kill the remaining ironblaster, but left it on one wound, but I lose a grudgethrower to a misfire (even with the Master Engineer's reroll). The gutstar and bulls then kill the remaining 6 hammerers and 3 xbow, but the lord kills the firebelly in a challenge for 4, bsb puts two wounds on the bulls, and the xbow kill 3 ogres. I win the combat!, but both units pass their break test; the bulls on a double 1 (grrrr once again) and the star with stubborn 9 (General's 8 + Standard of discipline and crown of command). The mournfang go mental and kill 8 crossbows, causing them to break and flee off the board. They reform to face the unguarded warmachines.

Mournfang charge the cannon. Magic, and he gets +1s off on the bulls, and I scroll the regen spell. Combat, and the mournfang rip through the cannon and over run into the Master Engineer. The lord beats up the gutstar champion for 3, bsb wounds the bulls for 2, and I lose 3 xbows before killing another ogre for 3 wounds. The bulls break this time, and bounce to be within 2" of the gyrocopter, who is facing them and the board edge.... :D The gutstar hold on stubborn 9, and the positioning of the units stop the xbows pursuing into the gutstar. This lost me the game IMHO.

The organ gun moves out of the way, to allow the mournfang to charge the rear of the lord and bsb (and tempt Simon to do that rather than go for the cheap points in the warmachine). Xbows reform to charge the flank of the gutstar. No shooting. Combat, and the Master Engineer dies after failing to wound a mournfang. The lord and BSB win combat by 1, and the Gutstar pass the stubborn test once again.

Mournfang charge the rear of the lord and BSB. Simon rolls a double 1 for magic, and fails to get off a spell. Combat, and the gut star and mournfang fail to wound the lord or bsb, and I win combat by one, hitting and wounding with almost (4 attacks from Lord, 3 from Bsb, but 2 from Shieldbearers get saved on double 6!). Once again, passed stubborn test, and mournfang pass too.

Xbows go into the flank of the gutstar, hoping that I might be able to break them this turn, as its my last. I win the combat, and the mournfang run off the board, but the gutstar holds. Its down to 4 guts, and the slaughter master and BSB at this point.

Simons final turn, the ironblaster 1 shots the gyrocopter, and he finally managed to kill the BSB who was down to 1 wound for about 4 rounds of combat. I beat him in combat, but the crown of command saves the day again.

The game ended up a 13-7 to Simon, who got the BSB, Runesmith, 1xQuarrellers and Standard, Hammerers and Standard, the gyrocopter, cannon and both grudgethrowers. Really close game, and if it wasnt for that pesky crown of command, it would have been a big win to me.

#184 Andy Spiers

Andy Spiers

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Posted 26 September 2012 - 01:20 PM

Game 6 - Rob Hallam - Skaven

Now I have always thought the dwarf/skaven match up is a 50/50 game, it all depends on whose toys work first. And after the nightmare last game vs skaven I had had at Winter Incursion last december, after playing in and around the top tables all weekend, I thought that something similar was going to happen here.

Rob was using:

Warlord on Warlitter
Grey Seer (13th, Skorch, Warplightning, Crack's Call)
BSB without Storm banner
Engineer Level 1 with Doomrocket (Warp Lightning)
Engineer level 1 with condenser (Warp Lightning)
Enginer with Brass Orb

40 Storm Vermin
40 Clanrats
50 Slaves
50 Slaves
3xRat Darts

2x9 Gutter Runners

Warplightning Cannon
Plagueclaw Catapult
Hellpit Abomination

1. I got to go first, and I moved the gyro behind a wall to hide from the Warplightning cannon. My cannon killed his warplightning cannon, and the flaming grudgethrower put 3 wounds on the Abom. S5 GT missed the Plagueclaw catapult.

1. Rob moved everything forwards, but rolled a triple 1 for the abom, and it went 3" towards his left hand short board edge. He then irresistabled 13th on my hammerers, killing 12 of them. Although Rob rolled low for the spell, i still hate it. However, he rolled his miscast, and rolled Dimensional Cascade. He swiftly picked the dice up again, and said that the Greyseer has an Earthing Rod, rerolled, and ended up losing 2 levels, which were 13th and Skorch. The plague claw catapult then killed a few Quarrellers, after rolling abysmally for wounds, and me rolling high for the ward saves.

2. My next turn, and I carry on shooting up some rats, or trying to. The flaming grudgethrower fails to wound the abom, the cannon fails to hit the doomwheel, and the St 5 GT fails to hit the plague claw catapult. Things were not going good, although Crossbows put another wound on the Abom, taking it down to 2 wounds.

2. Rob then moves everything up, the abom and doomwheel heading towards my lines, but not close enough to threaten yet. He rolls low on the magic, and I stop everything that he casts. He doom rockets the hammerers, killing 6, and wounding the cannon.

3. My next turn, and the gyrocopter moved into range to threaten the slaves and Greyseer's unit (and also something else, which you will see in a moment). The right hand side crossbows reform to take the charge of the abom if I fail to kill it. The cannon smashed the Doomwheel in one shot, the flaming GT killing the Abom and the S5 GT wounding the catapult twice.

3. Rob's turn, and he shuffles forwards, not really wanting to get into range with anything, as he has just lost the abom and doomwheel. He pops out the Brass Orb Engineer, and throws it at my lord, but misses completely.

4. I continue to fire at Rob's army, not causing much damage, killing a few stormvermin, and a few gutter runners.

4. Rob's turn, and I used the Master Rune of Challenge on his Grey's block. It was 15" away, meaning he needed to roll a 10 to get in. However, if he failed to roll a 10, then I would definitely be charging the grey seer next turn with the remains of the hammerers, including the lord, bsb and runesmith. If he fled, the gyrocopter would be able to chase him down, and possibly put him off the board. Rob decided after about 10 minutes of not knowing what to do to charge, as that way he could still magic me if he failed. He rolled a 10, and in goes the clanrats with the Grey seer. He positions his warlords unit to charge the flank of my hammerers next turn, and the slaves on the other side to the do the same. His gutter runners both move to a position to shoot the gyrocopter. Rob rolls high on the magic, but cant get anything off, as his grey seer is in combat, along with the two level 1 engineers. Shooting, and he kills the gyrocopter with the gutter runners. Combat, and although I smash the grey seers unit, he is steadfast, and sticks around.

5. The crossbows on the right flank charge the clanrats, but the crossbows on the left stay put so they can shoot the Warlords Unit. Between the Organ Gun, two grudgethrowers and 1 unit of crossbows I kill the entire unit in one turn, allowing a cheeky cannon shot on the warlord through the combat, but rob passes his ward save (pesky ward saves *Shakes fist threateningly at them*). Combat goes my way, beating rob down, killing his grey seer (who used Skalm to recover wounds taken in the last combat), to needing a double 1 to stick around. Out pops the double one, forcing me to reform the crossbows that are in the flank to give the flank to the clanrats, otherwise the slaves would run in and have a field day in the flank of my quarrellers (yes you can do this, as long as you are not reducing the number of models in combat).

5. Rob then put the warlord into the slaves, as to keep Look Out Sir!, and manoeuvres his gutter runners around the right hand side quarrellers to get to the precious juicy warmachines. He kills the cannon with the gutter runners. Combat, and the clanrats and killed down to a rat, and the hammerers reform to charge the slaves.

6. Hammerers and xbow charge the slaves, and the left hand xbows charge the slave block that is fronting up to them (which had the brass orb engineer hiding by their sides). Shooting hurts the gutters a bit more, but nothing that could kill them all. Combat, and the left hand xbows break and kill all the slaves (LD5 with no reroll isnt fun). The resulting explosion kills a few quarrellers, but also kills the engineer. The hammerers and xbows smash some slaves, and the Lord's both go into a challenge, but neither of us wound each other. Slaves stick around due to steadfast LD 10 (Ld7 from Warlord plus 3 ranks).

6. Rob's last turn, and he shoots the master engineer, and kills him due to poison. Combat, and the slaves are still steadfast, and my lord fails to kill his.

End of the game, and Rob had got the Master Engineer, Gyro, and cannon, whereas I got everything of his other than the Warlord, 2 x Gutter Runners and a slave block. I managed to win by 1533vps, giving me a 3rd 20-0 of the weekend.

#185 Andy Spiers

Andy Spiers

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Posted 26 September 2012 - 01:26 PM

I had a really great weekend, very laid back and chilled. I finished in 8th place, which I thought was good seen as though I got beat in two games. I would like to have come high (due to some impossible things occur in the games - if I would have managed to kill the 2 slaans, I would have been 4th...). This position *might* be enough to get the dwarves into the UK Masters for the first time in history - and yes I will use dwarves if I get there. Unfortunately, I have made a promise to put the dwarves way for a little bit if I get to the masters, but dont think that this will be the end of me using my favourite little bearded ones.

Thoughts from the Weekend.

Master Rune of Dismay is pants. I will never take it again, unless the Standard of Discipline is banned. Too many armies have ld 9/10 with a reroll for it to be good. I imagine it was great in 7th ed, where the BSB didnt give rerolls to everything LD test based.

Positioning with the Gyro is vital, and trying to keep it safe until the end few turns can be vital. Also, need to watch out for poison skirmishers with multishot...(skinks and gutter runners).

Stonehorns are a pain in the arse to kill with warmachines. Best bet it to wound/hurt them on the way in, take the charge from them, and then hit them with great weapons.

Crown of Command needs to be banned from certain armies.

Thinking about who I am challenging and the potential repercussions of a decline (vs Simon Adams - I could have got the slaughter master who had the crown if I didnt issue a challenge).

Hristo (snake on this forum) is easy to wind up, and he now thinks I am the luckiest gamer in the world.

#186 Snake1311


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Posted 26 September 2012 - 03:58 PM

Hristo (snake on this forum) is easy to wind up, and he now thinks I am the luckiest gamer in the world.

You bloody well are! From the mouths of a number of your opponents! :)
Not wound up though, I did well myself - 5 wins, 1 draw.
You only beat me to it because I didn't give your other 5 opponents an amazing motivational speech like I did to Jake - it was clearly effective! Will come prepared next time.

We are collectively shooting ourselves in the foot, dwarf average placing was 30th out of 90 - there is gonna be a witchhunt and a bunch of hard comp incoming I reckon. Need to make a schedule for attending tourneys, more than 1 dwarf in the top 20% and people go mental.

Agree on the crown (if Ogres want to be stubborn, they can take maneaters!), and also agree on rune of dismay - I've used it in friendlies when I was picking the hobby up, and its absolutely worthless, even if Std of discipline was banned.

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#187 Andy Spiers

Andy Spiers

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Posted 02 October 2012 - 11:08 AM

Got back from the Throne of Skulls September 2012. Great event - was worried about facing 5 teclis's, but tbh most people were very constrained in what they took, either taking a fluffy themed army (which could still be horrendous), or some filth. But 2000pts limited on what filth there can be, so all together a great weekend - really relaxed, and great opponents. Only down side was the ticket price, but it also includes 3 meals (which were fantastic), entry to the pub quiz, and some superb certificates for best in race.

I took:

Andy Spiers - Throne of Skulls - Dwarves of Karak Zanta (the Kristmashold)

1 Runelord @ 293.0 Pts
General; Gromril Armour; Shield
Runic Talisman [120.0]
Master Rune of Spite
Rune of Spellbreaking
Spelleater Rune
Runic Armour [30.0]
Rune of Resistance
Rune of Stone

1 Thane @ 165.0 Pts
Gromril Armour; Battle Standard
Runic Armour [65.0]
Master Rune of Gromril
Rune of Preservation
Rune of Resistance
Runic Talisman [5.0]
Rune of the Furnace
Runic Weapon [5.0]
Rune of Fire

20 Quarrellers @ 275.0 Pts
Great Weapon; Crossbow; Light Armour; Standard; Musician

20 Quarrellers @ 275.0 Pts
Great Weapon; Crossbow; Light Armour; Standard; Musician

28 Hammerers @ 404.0 Pts
Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Standard; Musician
Runic Banner [50.0]
Master Rune of Grugni

1 Cannon @ 135.0 Pts
Engineering Runes [45.0]
Rune of Forging
Rune of Reloading

1 Grudge Thrower @ 175.0 Pts
Engineering Runes [75.0]
Rune of Accuracy
Rune of Penetrating (x2)
1 Engineer @ [20.0] Pts
Brace of Pistols;

1 Grudge Thrower @ 155.0 Pts
Engineering Runes [55.0]
Rune of Accuracy
Rune of Burning
Rune of Penetrating
1 Engineer @ [20.0] Pts
Brace of Pistols;

1 Organ Gun @ 120.0 Pts

Total Army Cost: 1997.0

Reports will follow as seperate posts.

#188 Andy Spiers

Andy Spiers

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Posted 02 October 2012 - 11:44 AM

Game 1 - Andy Thompson - Empire -Battle for the Pass

Andy was using a nice balanced Empire list, which had the following:

General of the Empire (in Swordsmen)
Level 3 Life Wizard (in Swordsmen) (rolls Dwellers Below, Flesh to Stone and Earthblood).
BSB (in Halbardiers)
Warrior Priest (in Halbardiers)
Master Engineer

40 Halbardiers
45 Swordsmen

4 Demigryphs
Great Cannon

Steam Tank
Helblaster Volley Gun

Andy set up (from my left to right), like so

Great Cannon (on Hill), halbardiers, swordsmen, helblaster with Master Engineer, Steam Tank, Demigryphs.
I set up, with xbow, hammerers, xbow, and (from left to right), Cannon, S5 GT, S4 Flaming GT, Organ Gun.

AT1: Andy got to go first, and moved everything up apart from the cannon. Demigryphs move to within a 15" of xbow. Magic, and he rolls a double 6. 2 dice earthblood on the Swordsmen (I let this go due to have a flaming grudgethrower), then 4 dice Flesh to stone, leaving 6 dice for Dwellers below. He Irresistabley casts Flesh to Stone, and rolls Dimensional Cascade, killing only 4 swordsmen due to position in the unit, and dropping the Wizard into the abyss. :D :D :D Shooting, and his cannon fails to wound my cannon.

AS1: My turn 1, and I go straight into my shooting phase. Organ gun vs squishy demigryphs... :D Fun times, thinks I. Until I roll a misfire, (roll a 5 on the misfire table). Xbows shoot the same, and kill a demigryph. Thats a bit better. Cannon caused 1 wound on his cannon, and the grudgethrowers kill the helblaster and put 2 wounds on the steam tank. Panic from the Helblaster causes his General's unit to flee, running 8 inches away.

AT2; The 3 remaining demigryph's charge the crossbows, taking 2 wounds from stand and shoot. everything else moves up, steam tank misfires, stranding it on 1 steam point, allowing it to still fire. Master engineer starts legging to out of range of everything, as he has no use left in the game. Cannon misses, but the Steam tank's cannon causes 2 wounds on my cannon. Combat, and the crossbows take 5 wounds, putting none back (bloody 1+ armour saves). I break, even through a Steadfast 9 with a reroll, and break and run off the board. The demigryphs pursue, but get stopped by the board edge due to the Scenario special rules. They are now stuck between the board edge and 1" of my organ gun. The unit getting destroyed caused the hammerers to panic (through a 9 reroll), who pivot away from the demigryphs and move 6" towards the opposite board edge. Everything that they run through (2 x GT and the other xbow) pass their panics - thank Grungi!

AS:2 Hammerers rally, and turn to face the demigryphs. Crossbows reform to take charge from Halbardiers. Shooting, and the organ misfires again, rolling a 3 on the table this time, meaning it can't fire next turn. Cannon kills his cannon, S5 stonethrower kill 20 out of 21 hit Halbardiers, S4 flaming puts another 3 wounds on the steam tank.

AT3: Demigryphs reform to face the hammerers/organ, swordsmen rally, and the halbardiers fail charge the xbows, who stand and shoot to kill another 5 of them (5 kills from 12 shots!). Steam tank misfires once again, this time taking 3 more wounds on itself, but leaving it enough points to fire the cannon again. Shooting, and the steam cannon kills 3 hammers after rolling really short on the artillery dice.

AS3: Hammerers declare charge (6" away) on the Demigryphs. And fail the charge. I rolled a double 1. Xbows shoot the halbardiers, and kill another 4, leaving only 6 in the units, plus the two characters. Cannon fails to wounds the Steam Tank, as do the S4 flaming GT. S5 GT lands on the swordsmen, killing everything that was under the template for 21 (leaving 21 in the unit, character included).

AT4: Demigryphs charge the organ gun. Steam tank tries to charge the hammerers in the flank, but misfires, taking another wound and removing all his steam points. Halbardier unit charges the xbow, who dont get to stand and shoot this time. Swordsmen move up to charge range on the hammerers. Demigryphs fail to kill the organ gun, leaving it on 1 wound. Halberdiers and characters kill 5 xbows, but are all but removed in return, leaving only the standard bearer left, who dies due to the last stand rule.

AS4: Hammerers charge the front of the demigryphs. Cannon fails to take last wounds from the Steam Tank by rolling a 1 for how many wounds it takes, and the S4 GT missed, so the S5 had to finish the job. Xbows shoot the swordsmen, but fail to roll enough to kill any. Demigryphs are removed by the hammerers, and the organ gun survived the combat after both gryphs failed to wound it once.

AT5: Swordsmen swift reform to get the hell out of there, as they (and the cowardly Master Engineer) were the only things left on the board.

AS5: Just to rub salt in the wound, the S5 Gt lands on the Swordsmen, taking them down to 3 men and the General. The cannon bounced off the General's Ward save, and the S4 GT misfired, but due to Engineers reroll, it survived.

AT6: Moved remaining models out of Line of sight.

AS6: S5 GT misses its indirect on the generals head, landing on the remaining swordsmen, killing them to a man. General Panics, but not enough to get to the board edge.

The game ended up with me winning by 1500+vps, only losing one of the xbows for 300VPS.

Great Game vs Andy Thompson, such bad luck with dice rolls all over the board, but with the Dawi coming out on top.

#189 Grimmus


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Posted 02 October 2012 - 04:01 PM

damn seems liek awfull dicing on both sides! good game tho, bet u had a lot of fun!

#190 Andy Spiers

Andy Spiers

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 08:23 AM

Aye it was great fun! One of the best games in the event, although all the games were bloody good!

Game 2 - Tim the Enchanter - Warriors of Chaos - Battleline

Tim was using a strange but weirdly usable warriors lists, which had the following:

Level 2 Sorcerer (death)
Exalted Champion, Book of Secrets (death), Spell Familiar

20 Khorne Marauder Horse with flails, throwing axes, Light armour, Shields, full command
20 Khorne Marauder Horse with flails, throwing axes, Light Armour, Shields, full command
5 Marauder Horse with Flails and Musician
18 Marauders of Khorne with Flails and Full Command
18 Marauders of Khorne with Flails and Full Command
3 x 5 Warhounds
12 Nurgle Knights with full command, banner of rage,

He sent up with both large Marauder cav blocks wide, supported by dogs, the knights in the centre left, with the two blocks of marauders centre right. Both Characters in the knights.

He vanguarded, leaving both marauder cav blocks in range of xbows, and the smaller marauder cav block in range of the organ gun.

A1: I won the roll to go first, and decimated all three. Took the left block down to 12 men, the centre 5 were wiped out, and the right hand side cav block down to 8 men.

T1: He then moved everything up. Magic, and he gets miasma off on the right hand xbows.

A2; Shooting kills both marauder cav blocks down to 1 man (on my left). Organ gun kills 8 of these alone. Grudgethrowers decimate one of the marauder foot blocks.

T2: I had left an 18" charge on the xbows from the knights, thinking that the chances of him rolling an 11 on 3 dice are pretty low. He declares the charge, otherwise he would have been shot off the board. And he gets it. Knights go into the left xbows, S&S kills a knight. Everything in his army once again moves up, and the lone marauder horseman moves behind the xbows to use his throwing axe on the organ gun. He then rolls for magic, 11 dice, and a channel. He casts a 5 dice soulblight on the left hand crossbows, but irresistables, dimensional cascade, and drops himself down a hole, taking 4 knights and 6 dwarves with him. Combat, and he kills a load of crossbows, but i take him down to 4 knights and the exalted. I break and flee, and he pursues, but is stopped by the marauder horseman that has moved up to use his throwing axe.

A3: The way that the knights had over run allowed me to get a cannon shot right down his knights flank, hitting and killing all the knights, causing the exalted to panic (as he isnt frenzied anymore, as the banner is dead). The exalted panics towards my left hand short table edge. Grudgethrowers and organ gun wipe out the full health marauder block, and xbows kill a unit of dogs.

T3: Marauder Horseman charges the organ gun, exalted rallies. 6 remaining marauders move up, hoping to charge the right hand xbows the turn after, and his remaining dogs do the same. Didnt cast any magic, and the marauder horseman dies in the combat.

A4: Cannon finishes off the exalted, organ gun finishes off the marauders, and the xbow and grudgers finish all but one of the dogs.

T4: Dog rallies from panic.

A5: Cannon fires at lone dog, and the dog tried to catch it. Shame it was a cannon ball, not a tennis ball....

I ended up tabling Tim, but had a great game doing so. Really nice bloke, and a very left-field army, that could have worked if my shooting wasnt on form.

#191 Andy Spiers

Andy Spiers

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 10:51 AM

GAm3 3 - Mambwe Chintu - Bretonnians - Blood and Glory

Blood and Glory. Vs Fortidude 7 brets. Argh....

Mambwe was a really nice bloke from Hemmel Hempstead, with a rather small bret army.

He had

Green Knight
Level 3 (life) [Dwellers, Throne of Vines, 2d6 Magic Missile.
Level 2 (Beasts) Amber Spear, Curse of Anraheir
Level 2 (Beasts) Transformation, Wildform. Blessing Item.

45 Men-at-Arms with Halberds and Shields, full command
12 Skirmishing Bowmen

10 Knights of the Realm with Full Command

6 Grail Knights with Full command

2 x Trebuchets.

Mambwe deployed both trebs behind buildings on my left flank, so I wouldnt be able to see them. The knights with the Amber Spear wizard and the BSB were next, with the skirmishing archers with the General in (and Men-at-Arms with the other wizard behind them) went in the centre next to the knights. Grail Knights went on my right flank. Everything was in 1 rank deep, as he seemed to have an rational fear of my grudgethrowers.

I set up in a flat bow deployment, tempting him to bring the green knight into my warmachines, knowing that three magical warmachines should kill him before he gets chance to charge.

A1: I went first, and Mambwe prayed. Double grudge thrower failed to kill enough skirmishing archers for me to drop the look out sir from them, and so to pop his general. (I took the unit down to 5 archers plus the general. Grrrr....)

M1: Green Knight fails to turn up. Fudged about with his units, not really moving forward. Magic and shooting did nothing.

A2: Organ Gun is out of range, grudge throwers fail to finish off the skirmishing archers or indirect against the trebuchets. Cannon kills a KotR.

M2: Green Knight appears, and moves towards the gunline, but hides from the cannon by using the hill and my xbows. Mambwe gets it into his head that he needs to dwellers me, so moves everything forward. Magic, and he fails to casts Amber Spear, and I dispel the Awakening of the Wood. He 6 dice's dwellers on the hammerers, but doesnt IF, so I destroy scroll it. :D

A3: Crossbows reform to take charge from Green Knight. Hammerers reform to charge flank of Green Knight in case I dont kill him. Shooting fails to kill the Green Knight. Organ gun rips into the KotR, killing 6 of them.

M3: GK charges the xbows, KotR unit fails charge onto hammerers. Magic fails to happen due to a double 1 rolled, and trebs both miss due to indirect fire. GK kills 2 crossbows after rolling an extra 1 attack on the Dolorous blade, and takes a wound due to combat res.

A4: Hammerers swing into the GK, Organ gun reduces the knights down to the BSB (and kills the damsel that was in there), and cannon finishes him off. Grudgers hit one of the Trebs, and kill it, missing the other with the 2nd shot. GK pops due to combat, hammerers turn to face men at arms block that is ~12" away. Crossbows kill 3 grail knights.

M4: GK turns up, and moves to charge the organ gun next turn. Men-at-arms charge the hammerers. Grail knights charge right hand xbows, and another 2 die to stand and shoot. Beasts Damsel tries to 6 dice transformation, but I scroll it as there was no irresistable force. Grail knights die to great weapons from the Crossbows. Damsel dies in challenge with BSB, breaking the bretonnian army, and finishing the game.

Big win to me, but I have a feeling that if Mambwe wouldn't have broke, then the green knight would have caused havoc in my backfield, if I wouldnt have managed to kill him again with the three magical warmachines. Everything just didnt go right for him tbh.

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 10:53 AM

So i finished day 1 on 3 out of 3 wins at an uncomped event, having dodged teclis three times. There were some horrendous looking armies knocking about, like 50 chaos warriors in a block, 17 trolls and throgg (used by my team mate Tom Harris), Khalida and 90 archers (used by my team mate Chris Stokes), and more.

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 03:01 PM

great report! i have a tournament this sunday with a list simular to yours, i hope it works out as good for me as it does for u! waiting for the other reports!

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Posted 04 October 2012 - 07:57 PM

Game 4- Stuart West - Orcs and Goblins - Meeting Engagement

Stuart was a really nice chap, and had come down from the Orkney Islands for his annual fix of Warhammer Fantasy. He only gets to play wfb at the Throne of Skulls, as no-one else on the island gets to play. This meant he wasnt quite up on the rules as most people, so I helped him out with several things rather than taking advantage of him.

He had

Black Orc General
Savage Orc Shaman Level 4 - Foot of Gork, Fists of Gork, Eadbutt, Brain Bursta
Goblin BSB with Poison Banner
Goblin Shaman Level 1 - Signature spell

40 Big un's with additional hand weapons, full command
60 Night Goblin Archers with full command
3 Snotling Bases
5 spider riders
5 Orc Boar Boys
2 x Orc Boar Chariot
3 x Spear Chukkas
2 x 2 Trollz

I lost the roll to chose sides, and therefore the roll to set up first. This actually gave me a massive advantage, as Stuart had to deploy across the battlefield, whereas I could focus on one part of it, due to there being a massive tower in the centre of the board. Running from my left flank to right, he set up:
Boar boys, Giant, Wolf Chariot, Snotlings, Night goblins archers (centre by buildings), Big Uns, Trollz. Spear chuckas went behind this line. Stuart rolled a 1 for a unit of trollz and his Spider Riders.
I set up with the hammerers facing the boar boys and giant ~15", with a unit of quarrellers to their right. Warmachines went behind,.Runelord and a unit of Quarrellers failed to turn up.

S1: I didnt manage to steal the initiative, and stuart charged the giant and boar boys into the hammerers. Boar boys reached me, but the giant failed. Night goblins moved into the building, everything else moved up and around the building. Magic, and he 6 diced foot of gork, but didnt roll a double 6. I used my destroy scroll on it, and removed the spell. Spear Chukkas all miss. :D Combat, and the boar boys were killed to an orc. I love hatred on hammerers.

A1: The late quarrellers and Runelord turn up, the runelord jumping into the hammerers, and the quarrellers coming up on the right flank of the other quarrellers. Cannon shoots and kills the orc chariot, organ gun takes down the giant (who, according to stuart, had died in turn 1 of each of his games!). Grudgethrowers kill 10 goblins out of the building, and the crossbows kill 4, just shy of enough to cause panic, and try and force them out of the building.

S2: Everything moves up, but his shamans are both out of range for their spells. He poisons 2 more quarrellers, as they are the only things within 18" of the building.

A2: Hammerers flank charge the snotlings. Flaming GT misses the trollz. Cannon kills the other chariot, and the S5 GT hits a Spear Chukka and kills it. Organ Gun kills 10 goblins. Snotling pop from the hammerers, who reform to face the trollz.

S3: Trollz near the hammerers fail their stupidity test, Night goblins come out of the building, and the Big Un's round the building to look threatening. Magic, and Stuart double ones it, and no magic gets through. Shooting, and Spear Chukkas put a wound on the organ gun, and the poison archers kills some of the centre xbows (who are down to about 12 models).

A3: Hammerers charge the gobbo archers, who are too close to stand and shoot. Centre xbow reform and shuffle backwards to make the Big Un's charge harder. Right hand xbow flank charge the trollz on the right hand side of the battlefield. Shooting, and the warmachines wreck havoc on the big un's, taking them down to 10 models, but they pass their panic test due to Standard of Discipline. Flaming Grudgethrower finishes off the last trollz. Hammerers smash the gobbos, who reform to put more gobbo's in base to base contact for more poison attacks after passing their steadfast break test. Troll passes a double 1 break test, and turns to face the flanking crossbows.

S4: Spiders arrive, and run as far onto the board as possible. Big Un's charge the xbows, stand and shoot, and kill 6 Big Un's from 12 shots! They pass their panic test, and make it into combat. Magic, and I dispel scroll Fists of Gork. Spear chukkas put another wound on the organ gun. Hammerers smash the gobbo's, who break, and are caught and destroyed. Big Un unit goes through the back of the xbows, killing them all to a dwarf. They over run, but now face the warmachines. Troll is killed by the xbow, who reform facing the Orc General, Shaman and 2 remaining Big Un's.

A4: Hammerers reform and face the only remaining units on the board. Warmachines try their best to kill the characters, but to no luck. Lord down to 1 wound, Shaman lord down to 2, and one remaining Big Un. Organ Gun misfires.

Stuart shakes my hand here, as their is no way he is going to win the game.

Great game vs a race that I dont often get to play against (although that is now 2 games in 2 tournaments on the trot!). Although Stuarts army doesnt have half of the filth that you can get away with in the Orc and Goblin book, he took the list for fun, and fun is what we both had during the game. Stuart almost got my best opponent vote.

Game 5 to come soon (watching the new episode of Red Dwarf - it might be tomorrow before I get the chance to write it up).

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Posted 09 October 2012 - 07:40 AM

Thanks Blackthorn! Great to meet you there at the Throne of Skulls - especially using very similar lists!

Just need to put up the last report - where 1/2" cost me a shiny trophy!

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