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Need Help Dwarf Hold Fluff

fluff background

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#1 Svaldrik Iornthunder

Svaldrik Iornthunder

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Posted 08 November 2011 - 12:33 AM

Hey I am a dwarf player who has started redoing my army. I have some ideas for background for my own dwarf hold but could use some help determining if some of them are plausible. I want my hold based around engineering and I know that most engineers that invent new war machines or other things are often cast out because their ideas are not yet proven. So I was wondering a if group of engineers who's ideas are somewhat controversial banded together with some other craftsmen to create their own hold if the other dwarfs would intentionally break connections with those dwarfs and there new hold all together. My second question is if all of the engineers who create new war machines and more newfangled devices are expelled from the guild and exiled. My third and final question is if it is possible for a group of dwarfs trying to create their own hold could possibly discover an old forgotten hold that is connected to the underway.

Thank you for reading my post. Your input is very helpful.

#2 Tah Kazak Rik

Tah Kazak Rik

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Posted 08 November 2011 - 01:05 AM

Yes it is entirely possible that a bunch of Wanaz Endrinkuli could band together and form their own Dwarf Hold. its your fluff, and it is totally within the realm of Warhammer possibility.

And yeah I would imagine that engineers who created a bunch of new war machines despite traditions and restrictions, then yes they would likely be kicked out.

To answer your third question, yes that is also possible.

#3 Anvilborn


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Posted 08 November 2011 - 03:55 AM

expulsion from the guild isnt just for creating a new piece of equipment, its more because said new creation has failed in some way, usually spectacularly...also depends on things like politics in the guild or hold as well...normally new creations are extensively tested before the guild will accept it, decades of testing at times...


in the latest Thanquol novel the issue of new designs by an engineer are part of the story...goes into the politics of it a little...and its not too bad a read as parts of the story are told from the Dwarf point of view...

#4 Bonecrusher



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Posted 08 November 2011 - 09:25 AM

Like Anvil born said you only really get expelled from the guild of engineers if your new inventions fails with terrible consiquences, even then its not guarenteed. Look at the engineering guild master Burlok Dammison, his arm was blow off in one of his own experiments and he created an alchol powered steam arm.
Zhufbar is a hold that is based around engineering if my recolection is correct, it even has huge hammerers driven by water wheels to pound the metals.
So it is plausable that you can have a hold of engineers. As most holds are created after following ores, perhaps your engineers had new techneques of mining that rendered picks mostly redundant, but due to being untested dwarfs of your hold didn't accept it, so your hold has been created by them to prove how well it works. What it comes down to really is your fluff and your imagination.

#5 SpyCD (a.k.a. Abecedar)

SpyCD (a.k.a. Abecedar)

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Posted 08 November 2011 - 09:35 AM

Twist it to how you feel you need it for your fluff / story, Don't try to tailor it to whats all ready out there. It may not conform to what others think or believe but thats all right. just look at the books every time they up the rules or whatever they are doing, they change things to suit what they need or want to push with only some small regard to previous incarnations of the game. basically not everything goes but a lot of things will work or fit in well. Just don't go all "Culture Club" just for shock value, that can back fire big time .

#6 Alebelly_Cragfist


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Posted 08 November 2011 - 09:48 AM

There are all sorts of paths you could take and any number of reasons why a Dwarf would leave the relative security of his hold. It doesn't have to be expulsion, unless you want it to be :)

Rumours of a new rich seam.
Rumours of an old rich seam.
Rumours of a Clan heirloom artifact, thought lost
Old Clan grudges yet to me resolved
Searching for lost master runes

It doesn't necessarily need to be an entire Hold either. It could simply be the case of retaking an old mine lost to Grobi, a bit of enterprising expansionism etc.

I quite like the idea of an engineering clan having a dispute with a rival clan about the origins of a now oft created engineering item. What if there was a collaboration between two Dwarfs centuries before who went on to form two seperate clans. One clan now claims the sole credit for the creation, and the royalties that come with it. The other clan, petitions the King for a fair resolution (and a century or twos worth of compenstation from the rival clan), but without proof...? So, after much digging in the patents library, one of the clan members discovers where the original plans were drawn up, which would have the name of the inventor on them. The only issue is, the location is under a few thousand tonnes of rock and in Skaven country! So, in good A-Team fashion, the engineer guild starts work on some excavation contraptions to finally put the grudge to rest!

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