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What Got You Into Gaming?

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#1 Roba-Fett


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Posted 28 April 2011 - 04:57 PM

I made a thought provoking video to ask everyone what got them into the gaming they now play. It could be RPG, consoles, tabletop minis, cards or anything.

I cast my mind back and realised that while Bloodbowl was my first game that got me into warhammer, my love of gaming came from much earlier sources. This video explains.

I now invite you to tell me on there or here if you don't have a YouTube account (or both) what got YOU into gaming? Let's see how many common sources we share, regardless of country we live in.

#2 Stymie Jackson

Stymie Jackson

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Posted 28 April 2011 - 05:14 PM

The ladies.

PS: Get an avatar picture before a Mod gives you some grief...gotta have faces to everyone!

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#3 Roba-Fett


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Posted 28 April 2011 - 05:40 PM

The ladies.

PS: Get an avatar picture before a Mod gives you some grief...gotta have faces to everyone!

Erm, that's my face above in the picture of the video :P

But oh well. I'll see what I can do.

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#4 WI Dwarf

WI Dwarf

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Posted 28 April 2011 - 06:03 PM

does hunting people count? because that is "the greatest game"......anyways I have a lot of siblings so we did a lot of things together either having an adventure outside with wood sticks as swords or just playing video games like Zelda and Final Fantasy for the NES I have developed a great love for gaming. I play board games actively; settlers, axis and allies and what not. I also contribute books like the Hobbit, LOTR, Dune saga(old and new ones), and anything C.S. Lewis to my love of gaming and how these master pieces have shaped gaming.

#5 Kallstrom


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Posted 28 April 2011 - 07:13 PM

Hmm what got me into gaming? To be honest I haven't "got into it" yet since I don't know how to play yet.. :) I do however like to converte, paint, plan etc.

First of all back when I was really young, maybe 11-12 or younger, I recived a box of Fighting Uruk Hai's for my birthday. (A long with other things aswell ofc) Together with some paint, some glue and a will to succeed I started to build my Uruk Hai's and then I went on with the painting process. I did not however know about the biggest learner mistake.. that my models did not look anything like the ones portrayed on the box! I went mad, and angry as I was I quit the hobby really quick. I don't even have those models left now, I must have destroyed them somehow. (Destroying, which by kid standards means 'throwing it in the bin')

Later on some friends (from different groups of friends of mine, an odd convenience indeed) convinced me to start with warhammer. I was sold one the idea of raging war upon others with awesomesauce looking armies so I bought some models and the creative aspect of warhammer really drew me in. And here I am. :) They however quit really soon afterwards so now I'm all alone and have no one to play with. And that sucks.

I can't grasp on how I could afford the models when I was younger, since GW products are for kids but with adult pricetags.

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#6 Gregor Runesmith

Gregor Runesmith

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Posted 29 April 2011 - 12:55 AM

I always loved to play board games as a kid. But the very first Fighting Fantasy book lead to D&D and to my local games club, which lead to figure gaming and RPGs of many varieties.

#7 Kroggi Thunder-Blaze

Kroggi Thunder-Blaze

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Posted 29 April 2011 - 01:18 AM

A combination of a deep love of fantasy novels, a distracted imagination, and strangley, my mum. She bought me my first white dwarf and my first box set.

p.s i must suggest a couple of fantasy novels: Magician by Ramond. E. Feist, and the dark elf series by Robert. A. Salvatore. These are some of the best novels i have ever read and even my sister, who finds my hobby silly enjoys them.

#8 DLW


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Posted 29 April 2011 - 01:30 AM

I remember going to my best friends house for the first time and he and his father had a glass cabinet with WH Fantasy models in it. These bad boyz were old too!

I think his dad was in it from the beginning. He had a paper cut out of a roc lobba!!!!! Some of the old single pose night gobbos. A lot of the old dwarves asleep on thheir axe or drinking beer. He had the Vermin Lord before it went OOP.

I always thought they were coolest looking little dudes. My buddy told me you actually play a game with an army of them and I was like, "Let's play now!!!!"

Plus growing up I watched Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and was fascinated by the little miniature town as the show went off. Also always liked LEGOS. Loved putting them together. I only bought the fantasy kind too!!

After playing a skirmish or too I was hooked. His dad was nice enough to give me the complete boxed set for 6th ed!! The one with Orcs and Empire. Been playing and collecting ever since!

#9 iron panda

iron panda

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Posted 29 April 2011 - 03:16 AM

For me, it all started that one fateful day so long ago. There was a comic book store that I used to frequent and was just starting to carry GW miniatures. Out of curiousity, I bought the Space Marine starter paint set and began painting. It was a horrible experience. The paint was slapped on too thick and had paint and glue all stuck over my hands. I think I might have glued my palm to my forehead once. In any case, there was also a group of Fantasy gamers that begin to game at the store at the time. When I saw their fully painted minis, I was smitten. They invited me in and encouraged me to get into the hobby. It was a great experience. Made some new friends at the time and even improved my painting over time. Man, those were great times.

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#10 Skull Krusher

Skull Krusher


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Posted 29 April 2011 - 05:46 AM

Sorry if this rambles so grab a pint. :guinesssmilie:

I was eight years old and it was a dark and stormy night in the middle of the holiday season and the rain was beating upon the tin roof of the utility trailer like a rabid bunch of drummers all beating upon the roof to their own rhythm. The four of us were huddled around a gas heater that had been placed under a small rickety table. Upon the table was a Risk board game. We hoped no one rang the bell or honked their horn wanting to buy a tree, none of us wanted to go out into that rainstorm. Sure enough someone wanted to buy a tree we rolled dice to see who was going to be unlucky enough to get soaked. This was my first real experience at gaming or wargaming with more than just one opponent on the other side of a chess or checker board. I was a member of the school chess club in grade school and highschool.

Flash forward twenty years later to a sultry hot day in the middle of summer in Southern California. The ship I was stationed on had pulled into port and a fellow shipmate urged me to go with him to a friend’s house that he knew. I went along and when we entered this house I was struck by the fact that there was a huge 12 foot by 6 foot table in the center of the living room that was lined with shelves full of various books, small buildings, trees, and figures. But upon the table was a massive war-game. There was a Napoleonic game being played. Rules system was called “Fire and Steel”. Game scale was 15mm and 1 figure = 20 figures. 72 figures equaled a battalion and 2 to 3 battalions = a regiment. There was 3,200 plus figures on that terrain table. The figures were painted to great detail. One player by the name of Harry handed me a standard bearer and a magnifying glass. He had painted the battle honors on the flag and they were readable if you could read French. I was hooked. Within weeks I had purchased enough Bavarian to field the entire army circa 1800 – 1812 and other armies followed in their drum beat. I can now field Bavaria, Saxony, all the Confederation of the Rhine states, Austria, Prussia, and at least two Corp of French. Nearly 10,000 15mm figures painted to exacting standards and based in company ranks. Other games soon followed like ACW “Johnny Reb”, Yaquinto Panzer, Armor, 88, D&D, as I became fast friends with these 20 war-gamers.

Fast forward another twenty years and when I watched not a historical war-game but a fantasy war-game of Mordheim and I became hooked. Soon I had a nasty little Witch hunter war band, then a Dwarf war band; then a army of Ork 40K army of 8,000 pts, then a Dark Angel Army of 5,000 pts, then an Orc and Goblin WHF army of 10,000 pts, then a Dwarf Army of 5,000 pts, and finally a WoC army of 4,000 pts. Then lately more miniatures joined my huge naval fleets of Napoleonic’s, ACW, WWI, WWII, now Spartan games Sailing ships, and followed by Spartan Games Dystopian naval units.

And during all this war-gaming I still found time to continued American Civil War and WWI reenacting. 53 years of war-gaming and still going strong and it all started because 4 young cub-scouts were stuck in a cold miserable trailer playing a Risk game

Now I need a pint or two as I get back to building by brewery for my terrain board. :guinesssmilie:

#11 Squergi


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Posted 29 April 2011 - 06:17 AM

I don't have a gateway. My story is more of a "copy everything my best friend did", so ironically I guess I would have to ask what his "gateway" was. He started Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - I started strategy gaming, he started Warhammer, I started Warhammer, he started WoW, I started WoW, etc :D

Actually I started playing Pokemon on my own, when I was living in the States, however it was so freaking popular I just had to get on it!

So my gateway is copying other people :prankster2:


#12 Skuffi


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Posted 29 April 2011 - 07:45 AM

When I was about 7 a friend of mine who would have been around 15ish bought a box Ogres and showed me and then showed me a white dwarf magazine and I was instantly hooked. All the pictures of models, the Battle reports, everything just blow my young mind. Although I didn't start collecting models until about 2 years ago.

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#13 Shelfunit


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Posted 29 April 2011 - 08:16 AM

Into GW - Heroquest - one of the greatest boardgames ever made. Into fantasy in general, I'm not sure I remember that clearly (nearly 25 years now...) I know I definately read the hobbit and LotR some time in the mid/late-eighties, and this was followed up with the Fighting Fantasy and Lonewolf adventure game books. As I said, Heroquest was the GW gateway game, from that I sent off for the free painting guide, that mentioned a magazine called White Dwarf, and from that Advanced Heroquest, WHFB and WHFRP and SpaceMarine followed. I am now getting back into Epic, but this is a fantasy forum, so those adventures will be related elsewhere :)

#14 drbargle


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Posted 29 April 2011 - 10:32 AM

Fighting Fantasy ---> Lone Wolf ---> D&D ---> Finding Friendly(?) Local Game Shops

#15 novemberrain


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Posted 29 April 2011 - 11:05 AM

My big brother kinda messed about with the models when I was much younger. Fast forward until I am at uni and have a little spare cash, I am bored, it is late, kinda still drunk and on the internet.

Nope I did not end up on a "I swear too much" site, but Games Workshop.

Went out and bought white dwarf the next day.

#16 silverxr7t5


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Posted 29 April 2011 - 03:55 PM

I initially got into gaming from a close friend of mine, he always had an awesome pc he had built so I asked him to build me one. This led to every Friday night (sometimes Saturday night too) with us gaming together in his grandma's basement. We'd take our pc's over, hook it all up, go get some pizza, maybe a movie, then come back and eat, watch movie and game all night long playing EA's battlefield series, Star Wars Galaxies, and a whole host of other games online together. Fast forward a few years to after we graduated high school and he was up in college and I moved to be closer to my fiance at the time. A guy I worked with was telling me about all the different games him and another buddy of his play and invited me over. So I started going over and we played Carcassonne, Dominion, Puerto Rico, Race for the Galaxy, etc...Somewhere along the lines he lent me the 6th ed rule book for Warhammer to read the rules and try a game out (this was in November '10 I think, so fairly new to Warhammer still). After reading the rules we played a small 500 pt battle with Empire (me) vs O&G. After that I was hooked on Warhammer and after some thinking decided to play dwarfs cause they fit my style of play. I was able to find a Dwarf army box on ebay soon after and with that I started my dwarf collection. Once again every Friday I am off gaming with buddies, for a good 6-8 hours or so. The coworker that introduced me to Warhammer has an 8'x6' table in his basement specifically to accommodate bigger Warhammer battles, which tend to happen since our games have reached 5k a side divided up between 2 armies (there are only 3 of us so its normally 2vs1 until we can get some rules for a free for all). Nowadays I can fill my gaming needs with both tabletop and pc adventures as they call to me.

#17 the bearded one

the bearded one

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Posted 29 April 2011 - 09:04 PM

about 7 years ago, when I was about 12 I saw the commercials on tv for LotR strategy battlegame mini's, which back then were done by a magazine, Deagostini or something, called "battlegames in middle-earth". It was a great magazine, in some ways it's better than white dwarf. Every issue came with a sprue of plastic models, or a blister with a metal mini. Inside was a part on background, a scenario or battlereport, a painting section for the mini's you got and in the back a terrainbuilding article. They made some very cool stuff in there and the paintingguides went up to a considerable level during it's run. It had about 80 or 90 issues.

My dad knew there was a games-workshop in town ( Rotterdam ), so he took me there a few times and when I got into fantasy at some point ( 4-5 years ago maybe ) I went there more often to start building a dwarf army from the battle for skull pass set. I now come by every week for a couple of games of 40K or fantasy.

#18 Tah Kazak Rik

Tah Kazak Rik

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Posted 29 April 2011 - 09:48 PM

Back in 2000, my friends were reading the Warhammer rule book and I asked what it was.

They told me all about it, and I was instantly hooked.

I knew the Dwarves would the army for me after my friend Jesse explained who and what they were.

#19 Bonecrusher



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Posted 30 April 2011 - 01:00 AM

My Entry Into Gaming

I was born in the mid 80s and the youngest in my family so instantly as soon I as could walk I was trying to join in my older sibling games. Usual games of the times would be adventure games and you'd dress up and do whatever in the garden(we had a large garden then). At the time the cartoons; 'He-man: and the master of the universe', 'ThunderCats', 'Teenage mutant HERO turtles', 'Bravestarr', 'Conan' and of course 'D&D'. I assume thishelp my evolution in wanting adventures, and aside from bravestarr my marvelling for swords. Like you Roba-Fett I was also introduced to classic films as Jason and the Argonaughts, and Clash of the Titans, Robin Hood (Errol Flynn) also a lesser known cartoon 'Flight of Dragons' based on a book by Peter Dickinson in which explains how the exisitance of dragons that can fly and breath fire might not be so far fetched.
At the age of seven my family moved home from the midlands(England) to the northwest. I was still in single digits while the eldest of my siblings had moved out and the ones left were girls and had found other things to occupy themselves. Not long after we'd moved my father checking out the local shops discovered a shop that sold toy soldiers that you built and painted and played with. Now already I had gone through lego, and airfix models, so building things weren't a problem. I tripped out the next day to investigate for myself and got shown around, asked what I was interested in; Dragons, fantasy, bows swords etc, or guys with big guns, tanks etc.
Obv I picked fantasy so got introduced to all the armies, the box set (HE vs Goblins) and got an intro game. I suppose that was my real introduction to gaming. But does the story end there.. I think not. Because gaming for me has opened up doors that lots of others don't realise are there, since playing warhammer its driven my imagination and intrege in history, so I've travelled the country to attend and in some cases take part in re-enactments, I'm making chain mail, and do leather work comissions, archery and have a small array of weaponary (still remember the first knife I wanted but was not allowed to get). I have fantasy books including about 20-30 odd of the Steve Jackson and Ian livingstone books that I've found in charity shops as well as other fantasy books. Also gives you such an huge oppertunity to meet people and make friends as this site already shows.

So there is my intro into gaming and a bit more.

#20 Ingbjorn


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Posted 30 April 2011 - 06:24 AM

Sorry, long post, but like any good dawi I tend to ramble after a pint or two... :P

My entry into the world of gaming occurred sometime in the late 80's. I was only about four or so and my dad had just come home with a nifty new gizmo by the name of the NES. It was pretty cool, and I played around with it for a bit, but being the age I was didn't really understand how to use it. I do recall my dad playing Super Mario Bros. till about 4 in the morning one night, and to this day he remains the only one in our family who has actually beaten the original game. (Odd that he now considers video games a waste of time, but oh well...)

Fast forward a few years, and after a long business trip he brings home a couple of NES games for myself and my older brother. He got Faxanadu. I got Final Fantasy.

Both games were absolutely amazing. I loved playing Faxanadu, even if I had no idea what the heck I was doing half the time and never could get past the part where you need a Mattock to knock down a wall. Final Fantasy was even better, except after defeating the pirates and going to the elf town, I never really could figure out what I was supposed to do next. It didn't matter. To this day, some of my fondest memories of my childhood are playing either game with my brother and trying to figure out what the heck we were supposed to do next. I've been gaming nonstop ever since, but these two games are what gave me my undying love of the fantasy genre.

(As an aside, I didn't actually figure out what I was supposed to do in Final Fantasy until about ten years later, when a friend loaned me a copy of the gamers guide for it. I am somewhat ashamed to say it took me roughly twelve years to beat the first Final Fantasy game, and at that point I think Final Fantasy 6 was already out :blush: I don't think I really touched Faxanadu after the first couple of years we had it, kind of a shame as by all accounts it was a pretty damn good game for the time)

As for GW games, we were about 13 and 14 or so when a friend of ours invited us over to his place for a barbeque and he invited us to chill out in his basement. To our surprise, the walls were covered in shelves upon shelves of these little green guys riding red trucks and bikes (Space Orks), and a large table was set up in the middle of the room. He didn't have any games going, but he told us the general idea and encouraged us to take a look at the local comic book shop.

We did, and soon found ourselves with our own armies; I had an Eldar Fire Prism Grav tank, a Shrieker jet bike, and a unit of Guardians, and he had a whole wad of Space Orks. Those early games were incredibly fun, but I found that the Eldar weren't really to my tastes, and because we didn't have a full copy of the rules we decided to splurge on a boxed set. Since he was already collecting Space Orks, we wound up with the Space Ork vs. Space Marines 40k set, with me taking the Space Marines.

The Marines were a better fit, and those battles were even better. I can still vividly recall one particular battle in which my Marines were deeply entrenched in a set of ancient ruins while his Space Ork horde rampaged over a nearby hill and came swarming down on them. At the end of the carnage, out of a host of over a hundred models he had maybe three or four still left standing, while my small band of twenty odd marines was cut down to the last man.

After that, we moved and kind of lost track of the hobby until we found a new local hobby shop. He decided to get back into the hobby and somewhat reluctantly dragged me back in as well. This time, we decided on Fantasy instead of 40k, and purchased the Lizardmen vs. Brettonnian box set. I got the lizards, and he got the Brets. Those games were fun, but we weren't too keen on the armies, so at some point he decided to collect Wood Elves. After some thinking, I chose Dwarves.

Oddly enough, we both got sidetracked by real life soon after and kind of lost track of the hobby again, but a few years ago I came across the Dwarves I had purchased and decided to make a go of it. Up until that point, I was never really a good painter, but now I realize that part of the problem was the paints we were using (when playing 40k, all we had access to were Testors Enamels. Great if you want to paint a model car, I suppose, but terrible paints for wargaming models). Anyway, I managed to paint up a whole box of dwarf warriors and a few war machines, but then got sidetracked by college. Few more years, and after finally moving out on my own I finally found I had both the time and space the hobby needed. I've been actively collecting and painting Dawi of all kinds since (Mantic, Hasselfree, Reaper, Ral Partha and Games Workshop have all made the list so far, and I've got my eye on a few more as well). Now I'm the one who's trying to get HIM back into the hobby, as my war throng now needs something to wail on on a regular basis. :drinks: :biggrin:

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