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Where To Buy Small Dice With Numbers Rather Than Dots?

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#1 Rambunctious


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Posted 26 August 2010 - 03:08 AM

Okay so my mind has officially been exploded. :wacko:

Maybe I am just crazy but I am finding it impossible to find small dice which have numbers printed on them rather than dots (or "pips"). Since my brother has moved up to where I am living I might actually be able to play a game with my Dawi! However, especially since 8th Edition, I am going to want to be throwing handfuls of dice.

I don't really want to be looking through a sea of dots if I can avoid it and I would really like to stick to the smallest possible dice (i.e. 8mm sort of size) primarily for convenience (I remember when I used to play 40K as a child half the time our dice avalanche would end up smashing into models and kind of defeating the purpose).

I can buy hundreds of 8mm D6 but only in dots ... If anybody has any idea where I could get numbered versions then I would be eternally grateful.

#2 Ok Okri

Ok Okri

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Posted 26 August 2010 - 09:14 AM

I prefer numerals just for the asthetics, but haven't come across any small, or cheap, dice like this. Chessex do some very nice ones, but they are all larger than 8mm (16mm I think). I bought a mixed bag of cheap numeric dice not too long ago, but again these were larger than 8mm. I'll look out the link (based in uk) if you are interested.

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