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What you can and can't post in this forum (Upd 05/Mar/06)

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Posted 23 December 2003 - 10:13 AM

Good Day,

Just so that you know what you can and can't post on this forum (in conjunction with the rules and regs)

You may not post anywhere:
  • Anything to do with LOTR.
  • Rules that are deemed as IP by GW. So no "new Bret knights have ws4 bs2 etc etc". Answering a question by quoting a rule or lines from a page are allowed as long as its in conjuction with the question and not huge paragraphs of a page.
  • Anything to do with 40K.
  • Anything to do with Armies of Arcana (AoA).
Just to help you out a bit more, here is a blow by blow account of the forums and there uses.
  • Notices and Questions Pretty obviously really. Any problems or questions about the forum or website, ask here.
  • Dwarf Tavern - This is for Dwarf related material only. Includes fluff, tactics, problems, questions etc. Army lists to be put in barracks only. Other Dwarf related material can be placed in the appropiate forum areas.
  • Rumours - Any GW related rumours apart from 40K.
  • Warhammer Section Anything to do with warhammer apart from:
    1. Army lists which are not Dwarfs
    2. Tactics for playing with another Army. E.g., I need tactics for my Chaos
  • Barracks - Dwarf non-army builder lists only
  • Battlegrounds - Battle reports where you where playing Dwarfs
  • Dwarf Stronghold - Dwarf strongholds only!
  • Dammaz Kron - Dwarfs related Only
  • Play Testing - Dwarf related only. Campaigns of any race allowed
  • GT Any questions about GT allowed. Only Dwarf army lists though.
  • Sagas - Dwarf related preffered, but if you fancy writing, then just go ahead
  • COL Dwarf related only! :roll:
  • Bloodbowl/Mordhiem/Man O' War - Any related posting allowed
  • Painting/Modellings and Clubs - Any Related
You can't say fairer then that.

Remember, my word and my moderators words are final. They can close a thread for any reason which they do not have to state why if they so wish. Do not contact them asking why, contact ME.

Please, read the rules and regs and the above and think before posting. We have a lot of new posters who yes, ask the same questions over and over again, so remember, please be polite, you never know, next time you play a battle, it could be againest them.


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