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The History Of Silver Crag

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Posted 16 July 2009 - 01:11 PM

Hi all what do you think of my army fluff? I have included special rules for the army and the King as well at the bottom. The army list itself is not yet finished but I have included it for the sake of completeness.




The Silver Crag is a minor hold situated in the Black Mountains one day’s march west of the Blackfire Pass. The spot was previously manling run and the mine thought to be unproductive. Forty winters ago a skilled but down on his luck Dwarf prospector known as Guttri Forkbeard re-established the mining operation attempting to discover any additional silver, which may have been missed on the first occasion. Guttri toiled away and eventually managed to find a new silver seam the mine soon became viable and so trade could commence. It was during that time a human outpost re-emerged nearby and the two groups formed a trade partnership. In time the reputation and resources of Silver Crag increased and with sheer hard work Silver Crag became the finest operated silver mine in the area.


In the strongholds short history there has been one major battle. A goblin tribe on route to ransack the Moot was successfully destroyed. The help of the mercenary band The Black Watch was instrumental and Guttri Forkbeard himself was significantly involved in the defence. Guttri rigged powerful mining explosives on the crest of the corridor leading in to Silver Crag, which brought down tons of rock on top of the goblins that were packed too tightly to escape the rocky passage; the action effectively ended the battle and Guttri became a reluctant hero.


One month after the battle Guttri and his mining team were excavating the rocky debris to reopen the pass for trade and supplies when by pure chance unearthed a veritable wall of gromril! It was one of the largest hunks found beyond the World Edge Mountains and it is commonly thought that the gromril must have been dislodged due to the earlier explosion that collapsed the pass and defeated the goblin horde.

Great wealth poured into the hold treasury as word got out that there was gromril obtainable. This new prosperity meant the hold could be reinforced, expanded and improved. Dwarfs were readily attracted to the area by the potential of get their hands on some of the riches. In total the earth had released three ton of the valuable metal. Many very well made items were made and then sent off to surrounding Dwarf holds. The finest weapons and armour pieces were left for the local nobility but the greatest and most ornate item a sceptre of pure Gromril inlaid with silver and toped with a brilliant cut fire ruby was sent to Karaz A Karak for the High King.


As the Silver Crag population continued to grow the Dwarf miners, silversmiths, merchants and warriors decided that there should be a ruler for Silver Crag. It was agreed upon at the Longbeards Counsel meeting that there should be one overall ruler as it was the proper way. The mine founder and champion of the goblin raid was the decided the best choice to be King. Guttri was hesitant but never the less he was fittingly crowned Guttri Forkbeard the Frugal first King of Silver Crag.


The Gromril is all but gone and with the Silver Crag Pass now fully cleared it is back to business as usual. Blackfire Pass now benefits from regular patrols of Dwarf warriors from Silver Crag. The hold itself has become a regular halfway house for those hardy souls crossing over the Black Mountains. The mine continues to trade [warhammertag106]RAW[/warhammertag106] silver; silver bars, and elaborate silver items. All the while turning a tidy profit under the watchful eye of its shrewd ruler.


The hold population structure is made up of up to 1200 Dwarfs* divided into the following roles:

King, Supreme ruler of Silver Crag, Chief Prospector of Silver Crag and Prime Member of the Counsel
Thane, Kings Own Banner Bearer and Commander of the Guard
Runesmith, Head of Rune Guild and preserving all runic items
97 Longbeards The Kings’ Counsel
200 Warriors The Hold Guard, keepers of public order
300 Miners Employed by the mine
100 Slayers Arrive seasonally to clear land of Trolls and other monsters
45 Engineers Reinforcing mine works, building defenses and war machine crew
30 Smiths Blacksmiths, silversmiths and apprentices
25 Merchants Shopkeepers’ and traders

*There are females and children in the hold and they make up the remaining population.


The Steward runs the settlement of men at Silver Crag he controls all trade and town matters and is answerable only to the Dwarf King. The town contains approximately 170 people divided into the following groups:

1 Steward Commander of guard
1 priest A Sigmarite priest,
40 Town Watch Keepers of public order
100 Miners Employed by the mine
10 Merchants Shopkeepers’ and traders


King Guttri fondly remembers his mining background and for that reason the throng must include a unit of miners when ever the throng marches to war.

[i]+1 Unit of Miners must be taken in any throng of Silver Crag.[/i]

King Guttri is wise and efficient in trade and life. In his opinion gold spent on lavish runic items could be better spent on infrastructure to turn greater profit from the mine and ensure his holds prosperity.

[i]King Guttri runic items are limited to 50 points.[/i]

[size="3"]The Throng[/size]


Lord: King Guttri Forkbeard (145), Sheildbearers (25)
Armour: R Stone (5)
Hammer: R Cleaving (20)
War horn: [warhammertag93]MR[/warhammertag93] Challenge (25) 220

Thane: Thori Snorrison (65), BSB (25)
Armour: [warhammertag93]MR[/warhammertag93] Gromril (25), MR Spite (45) 160

Runesmith: Rok Runestone (70)
Armour: R Stone (5)
Tome: R Spell breaking (25) 100

Dragon Slayer: Mad Dog 50



23 Warriors [warhammertag64]HW[/warhammertag64] + SH + FC (25) 232

18 Longbeards [warhammertag64]HW[/warhammertag64] + SH + FC (25), R Courage (30) 271

10 Quarrellers 110



20 Miners [warhammertag52]GW[/warhammertag52] + FC 245

19 Slayers [warhammertag96]MUS[/warhammertag96] (6) + STAND (12) x1 G Slayer (15) 242

1 Cannon + R Forging (35) 125

1 Cannon + R Burn (5) 95

Total 707


1 Organ Gun 120


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Posted 17 July 2009 - 02:27 PM

very good, dwarf fluff never fails to interest me whether its fan made or official [warhammertag52]GW[/warhammertag52]. :)

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Posted 19 July 2009 - 08:58 AM

[quote name='Dunferth' date='17 July 2009 - 03:27 PM' timestamp='1247840830' post='277377']
very good, dwarf fluff never fails to interest me whether its fan made or official [warhammertag52]GW[/warhammertag52]. :)

Cheers Dunferth its something I hav been tinkering with for about four years now (finally put pen to paper or is it finger to keyboard?). I based Silver Crag on my writings in preacher corner for a Dwarf Paymaster called Helmut. (have a look at my signature for a link.) and its just grown from there really.

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