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History Of Kazad-grund

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Founder of Kazad-Grund

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Posted 25 March 2009 - 07:49 PM

Note:When describing the history the imperial timeline is used for simplicities sake.
The History of Kazad-Grund
At the year of-1562 a large band of miners led by Daleb Grumbaki sets out from mount silverspear to set out a new Dwarf colony. They traveled north over the plains until they came to the Rib Peaks, there they found a stoneformation closely resembling a hammer, they named the formation "Duraz-Grund". Close to this formation they found a great mountain ideal for a hold and there they founded Kazad-Grund. The old and wise prospector Daleb Grumbaki was dubbed king of Kazad-Grund and his first action was to create the Miners and Prospectors guild. The hold prospered and grew and trade was established with Zhufbar, Mount Gunbad, Mount Silverspear and Karaz-a-Karak. But the joy of the new hold does notlast long as The time of woes came and powerfull earthquakes destroyed a great part of the hold and killed many Dwarfs. But the disaster also revealed a great bronze vein giving the miners bronze to work with for thousands of years.
Kazad-Grund laid in ruins with only a few halls intact when the foe came. Hordes of Hobgoblins led by Gorab Khan poured over the hold. Daleb Grumbaki then grabbed his powerfull greathammer and led a small band of miners behind the Khan, killing the vile grobi. Leaderless the goblins fled but the Dwarfs knew the attacks would not end with that and hastely fortified what was left of the hold. Soon the Nightgoblin tribe "Da dirty unz" swarmed the hold. Once again Daleb tried to mine himself behind their leader but was this time less succesfull, the goblin threw dirt in his face and would had killed the first king of Kazad-Grund with his dirty fighting were it not for a most unlikely savior. The Halfling adventurer Fred Mustardo was passing by, togheter with his small band of halflings they took out the goblin with accurate bowfire thereby rescuing Daleb.. Daleb was very gratefull for this and swore an oath that the royal clan and the hold of Kazad-Grund would one day return the favor. Fred asked to get this written down so that his friends back home would belive him and King Daleb did ofcourse grant that humble wish. A few months after Fred´s departure a new foe came, hordes of vile trolls swarmed Kazad-Grund and even with the runic greathammer simply know as "Grund" wielded by Daleb they were almost impossible to harm. Daleb asked his runesmiths to forge a new weapon to kill the foul trolls.The mighty axe Zharrdum or firedoom was made and soon the first king of Kazad-Grund had slained more trolls than he could count.

Then came the silver road wars. Kazad-Grund was not late to react when the Greenskins poured over the silverroad. Many attakcs against the orcs and goblins were made and most were succsessfull, but the Silver road wars still brought a great tragedy upon Kazad-Grund. When mount silverspear the mine they all came from fell a sadness struck Kazad-Grund. Daleb gathered a large army and went out to reclaim mount Silverspear, Daleb fought Urk Grimfang in a challenge but fell to the mighty blows of the brutal warboss. His son Magnund Dalebsson then charged the foul greenskin too avenge his father and stop the powerfull axe Zharrdum to fall into enemy hands. He fought long and hard against the huge orc but realised that his foe was superior and retreated from battle, something that gave him a bad reputation and he was later called Ufdi-Rik by the elder citizens of Kazad-Grund. The attack at mount Silverspear was a disaster and only Magnund and his hammerers made it back to the hold. After this loss a band of old miners that had previously worked for Daleb swore too avenge this. They were however few and understood that an all out attack would be foolish, they chosed to attack using a tactic rarely used by Dwarfs, they organised a small raid to steal as much as they could. The raid was succesfull and they found out that they did not only managed to damage the foul greenskins but also got loads of valuable objects, most of dwarf origin. After this they started the Raiders guild which has been a great asset in many battles to come.
After this the hold enjoys a time of relative peace durin which it can recover a little from the disaster at mount Silverspear but when Karag Dron errupts at -1250 trolls once again pours over the worlds edge mountains. Magnund grabs Zharrdum and gathers a small force made up of his most trustworthy thanes equipped with runeweapons, and sets out OT kill some trolls. They are very succsessfull and many Dwarfs were saved by the brave band. When Magnund hears about Logazor Brightaxe´s attempt to reclaim the holds near the silver road he gathers allmost every Dwarf in Kazad-Grund (some legends claims he even had women in his army, but that must surely be lies). and heads out to join forces with Logazor swearing an oath to reclaim Mount Silverspear. Mount Gunbad is reclaimed but must be abandoned, Logazor sees that Mount Silverspear can not be taken this time and retreats his forces. Magnund is furious with Logazors decision and Logazor is entered into Kazad-Grund´s book of grudges. Magnund gives Zharrdum and the crown of Kazad-Grund to his oldest son and orders his loyal thanes to give their runic equipment forwards to their clans. When this is done Magnund leads his thanes to meet the threat of the orcs placing his oathstone firmly in their midst holding against the greenskins for three full hours until the last thane fell. Okri Magnundsson is dubbed king of Kazad-Grund. After a few hundred years of peace in Kazad-Grund word spreads that Skorri Morgrimson is to recapture Karak Ungor. Kazad-Grund sends many clansmen to aid him and Okri Magnundsson himself joins the force. The attack goes badly and many Dwarfs fall. Okri loses his right arm but continues to fight. A few dwarfs infiltrates the lower halls but are never heard of again. In the year of -712 Okri onehand which he by then was refered to as dies as a loved leader of Kazad-Grund. Thingrim Okrison becomes the new king of Kazad-Grund. Thingrim marries Hunni Birgitsdaughter the daughter of a runelord from Zhufbar, a runic shield is given to Thingrim as a weddinggift and Thingrim himself makes a weddingdress of fine goldthreads that he gives to Hunni.

In the year of -553 a band of Halfling refugees comes to Kazad-Grund. Their leader claims to be a decendant of Fred Mustardo and they ask to flee from the risky place called the Moot to the safe hold of Kazad-Grund. The parchament carrying their first kings oath is authentic and the Halflings are allowed tp move in with the Dwarfs. After a few years the Halflings makes a soup that the Dwarfs enjoys almost as much as dwarf ale. This is later revealed as being made from Goblins boiled in bitter dwarf ale. The Dwarfs find the use of goblins in food disgusting but enjoys the soup too much to get rid of it. The Goblinsoup has been a famous dish of Kazad-Grund ever since.

The Warboss Ugrok Beardburner captures Logan Proudbeard. KAzad-Grund as many other holds sends their forces to free the Highking and avenge their fallen king. The current guildmaster of the raiders guild Imrak Goldhand leads his raiders in an ambush killin orc reinforcements on their way to Ugrok Beardburner and aquires a magical drum from the boss of these orcs. The drum has been kept in Kazad-Grund ever since. When Thingrim is out to fight the orcs Hobgoblins attack Kazad-Grund. Quenn Hunni leads the defenders to victory and is seen as being greatly blessed by Valaya and when Thingrim is slain she is apointed ruler of Kazad-Grund rather than his oldest son. She only rules for 30years after which she dies at the age of 658. Thingrims son Ragnar is appointed king thereafter and he was know to be kind to the Halflings. During Ragnars reign more Halfling farms are allowed to be built around Kazad-Grund. Worship of the Halfling godess Esmeralda all but dissapears as the tradition of pieweek is absorbed by Valaya. A great shrine of Valaya is built and Dwarfs travel long ways to pay homage to the great godess. Three halfling clans are established, The bloody spear clan, the singing pie clan and the Ironsoup clan.
Ragnar dies extremely young, killed when he was hunting trolls in the year of -310 at the young age of 85. He is followed by his brother Jotunn Thingrimson. Jotunn leads Kazad-Grund in an age of prosperity. Trade flourished and caravans were sent to the newly established empire and the province of Sylvania trading dwarfmade weapons and proper dwarf ale for large quantities of timber. Jotunn dies at the age of 746 and his son Durak Jotunnson becomes the new king in the year of 436. During Duraks reign in the year of 612 a great army of Hobgoblins assault Kazad-Grund, the invaders are reppeled but at great losses. Duraks oldest son Gotrik is killed during the battle and so are hundreds of Dwarfs and Halflings from the hold. Durak swears to avenge Gotrik and gives forth the title of King to his son Nargrim. Durak then takes the slayer oath and ventures into the wolflands never to be seen again. Nargrim was at the time of his crowning married to a far older woman, Thylda Helgasdaughter. It was Thylda who came to rule Kazad-Grund the folloeing centuries and first when she died 958 Nargrim takes on his duties as king and rules Kazad-Grund. In the year of 1057 Nargrim died, Nargrims own son had taken the Slayer oath due to unanswered love and therefore the kingship was given to Thyldas ilegitime son Grundin Orzadson. In the year of 1111 a plauge sweeps across the old-world. As a consequence the Dwarfs seal their Strongholds. Skavens attack Kazad-Grund but are held back by Grundin Orzadson´s great use of tactics. A few hundred years later Grundin is killed by the mighty dragon Skaladrak Incardine and his oldest son Snorri Grundinson is apointed king of Kazad-Grund. He leads the hold for almost 500years and during this time he becomes the guildmaster of the brewers guild. In the year of 1902 Snorri dies and his son Hargrim Trollhunter becomes king. In the year of 2010 Kazad-Grund sends great armies to fight the undead and Hargrims brother Brokk is killed by a powerfull Wightking. Hargrim slays a powerfull creature known as a Varghulf at the battle of Hunger wood. Some say that Hargrim was seduced by a powerfull vampire lady and later turned but surely there must be a more logical explanation for his dissapearance in 2012, "The Gromril Lady" must be simply a myth. Five years after Hargrims dissaperance Dorin Hargrimson is apointed king. It is said that he never spoke of his father since Hargrims dissapearence.

During the great war against chaos in 2302 Dorin is killed by a mighty Shaggoth his son Fagroth Dorinson then took up the hammer "Grund" and slayed the vile beast routing the foul beastmen they batteled. Fagroth also played an important role during the siege of Karaz-a-Karak. The elfs teached magic to the humans and Teclis gets entered into Kazad-Grunds book of grudges for this treacherous act.
In the year of 2358 a dwarf expedition from Kazad-Grund encounters a powerful vampire in the desolation of Drakenmoor. The vampire calls himself Nebneata and kills most of the expedition but some are rescued by a group of Kazad-Grund raiders. Later caravans from Kazad-Grund are attacked by the vile vampire and scores of dwarf gold is stolen. The Dwarfs fight many battles against the vampire taking great losses and Fargroth youngest son of Dagon is mortally wounded by a wightking, he succumbs to the wounds after three weeks time.
In the following years Nebneatas Banshee haunts the hold and it isn´t until runelord Okri Hurgrothson puts up protective runes that the dwarfs and halflings of Kazad-Grund can feel safe in their homes. She then instead haunts the surrounding fields killing countless numbers of slayers earning herself the name Drengdum in Kazad-Grund folklore. In the year of 2368 it comes to the attention of king Dagon that Nebneata has two powerfull apprentices, Dagon leads an army to the tower of Nebneata and drives away the vampire and razes the tower to the ground. This is done at a great costand many lives are claimed by the vile vampire. Nebneata continues to fight Kazad-Grund for many years but when a massive army of skaven assault Kazad-Grund in the year of 2437 Nebneata leaves the Desolation of Drakenmoor. The skaven besiges Kazad-Grund but after two years an army from Zhufbar arrives and defeats the vile ratmen.
Kazad-Grund enjoys a time of relative peace and Dagon who now has become an old Dwarf decides to take a small retinue of his finest warriors with him in an atempt to repay as many of Kazad-Grund´s grudges as possible. He left his runeweapons to his son so that he could defend the hold but tool the Brynduraz crown of Kazad-Grund with him. Neither Dagon nor the priceless artefact was seen again. Some say he has sailed out to kill Nebneata, some that he walks the under-empire killing skavens by their thousands but most recognise the fact that Dagon is dead. His only son Fagrum becomes mad of denial and takes the slayer oath swearing that he will save his father. The runic weapons are taken by Runelord Okri Hurgothson so that Fagrum won´t take them with him into the hands of the enemies. Fagrum is renamed Zaki Dreng. During the storm of chaos Kazad-Grund is in great turmoil and unable to send any aid though the raiders guild sent a small force to aid Alric Raunulfson. A husband was soon thereafter searched for to Borgomina Silverhair and as no appropriate candidate was found within Kazad-Grund Throndin Ironbeard of Kazad Dawr married Borgomina and became the new king.

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Posted 26 March 2009 - 08:23 AM

Great background! I really liked the way you didn't just make it victory after victory for the Hold. I know it's a terribl;e temptation laugh.gif.

I liked that, even accidentally, your background somewhat matches up with mine, e.g. the skaven attacked Duraz Kazad in 1111, though it was far more succesful (for them) than their attack on Kazak Grund was smile.gif.

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