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Spellbreaker Guide - Tzeentch Magic - Warriors Version

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#1 lordgoober


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Posted 30 November 2008 - 05:30 AM

Now we come to the Tzeentch Lore from the new Mortals book. I don't play Tzeentch myself but have seen it in action and have thoughts about the spells in the lore. Note that these comments are being made in the context of a pure Tzeentch mortal list. Certain combos of gods may make some spells more annoying.

1: Flickering Fire: .5-1 beers guinesssmilie.gif
Ok, the default spell is a magic missile of d6+1 S. This makes it either a joke or a nasty spell. On average it's going to be as effective against Dwarves as Fireball is from the lore of Fire. Most likely you're going to be able to ignore this.

2: Baleful Transmogrification: .5 beers guinesssmilie.gif
This spell is an absolute joke to dwarves. Essentially it causes a unit to take a "Crumble" test. Dwarves are base Ld 9. At worst we're going to lose 3 models in a unit. Ignore this.

3: Pandaemonium: -2 beers: pirates.gif beer1.gif beer1.gif beer1.gif
This spell is even MORE of a joke to Dawi players. Most of our characters are the same Ld as our units so we're not passing Ld to units anyway. Also, we DON'T HAVE WIZARDS so we don't have miscasts happening PERIOD smile.gif

4: Treason of Tzeentch: 1-3 beers depending on target.
Ahh, our good friend Green Fire. Depending on the target unit, we can either ignore the spell as the target would need 5s to wound if it's a normal dwarf unit and elites would need 4 to wound. If this spell hits Hammerers however, you need to DISPEL THE SPELL as the hammerers will be whacking themselves with their great weapons.

5: Call to Glory: 0-1 beers:
This makes another hero level character. We should be able to handle these jokers fairly well. I've never actually SEEN this spell cast.

6: Infernal Gateway: 8 Beers: guinesssmilie.gif guinesssmilie.gif guinesssmilie.gif
Here is our primary Spelleater target. Yes it's hard as "I swear too much" to cast and it's random strength but it could be an absolute game breaker IF for example MR tzeentchtwit casts it on your lord + hammerers and rolls that magic 11 or 12 strength that just nukes the unit. Remove this spell from the game ASAP.

While not as detailed as the Nurgle post, it doesn't need to be as 4 of the 6 spells aren't really that much of a threat to Dwarf players.

#2 Dunrik Ironhammer

Dunrik Ironhammer

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Posted 30 November 2008 - 10:33 AM

So to make a summary, the only spell you need to stop is Infernal Gateway, or you risk see an entire unit go poof. Flickering Fire you should dispel unless they have another mage with an other lore. Not the best lore against dwarfs with other words wink.gif



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Posted 30 November 2008 - 02:08 PM

This is a really useful post thanks very much!
have a drink on me guinesssmilie.gif


#4 LF - Kevin B

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Posted 02 December 2008 - 01:40 PM

Thanks for this added to the Spellbreaker Guide drinks.gif

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