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Lore Specialization: High Magic

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Elven prince

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Posted 10 August 2008 - 08:32 AM

High Magic

Drain Magic 7 +

Adds additional spell casting difficulty to a spell, for Dwarfs this doesn't hold any direct danger, however HE FAQ does state that is also effects RiP type spells making them harder (if not impossible) to dispel with just basic power dices.

Shield of Saphery 5 +

Gives a unit a ward saves, may be cast into combat. Truth be told this spell seems worth it at first glance, especially since itís not RiP type spell but in practice when this spell will mater it will be stopped and in case of multiple SoS in play opponent will simply pick a unit he will later bombard back to stone age and dispel it. It can however save few casualties which may result in preventing a panic test or making a difference who takes the break test (it happened few times).

Curse of Arrow Attraction 6 +

Choose a unit. Re-roll any failed to hit dice in the shooting phase when shooting at that unit. Most of the HE shooting units only have S3, which is when facing though opponent inadequate to cause any serious casualties. With this spell, things donít change much, the only difference becomes when HE players takes huge amount of RBTs and magical bows.

Courage of Aenareion 8 +

Any unit with 12" radius counts as stubborn when taking a break test. In my experience sometimes having something like this can really help (ever seen a stubborn eagle or a lion chariot?!), though the spell is still situational and I am willing to bet any player with a small amount of experience will know when one is trying to pin him.

Fury of Khaine 8 +

Damage dealing spell, Fiery Blast without its flaming ability. Probably wonít cause much harm, cancel it only when you canít afford to take casualties or fear that you may fail your panic test (or prevent it just because you can).

Flames of Phoenix 11+

Every member of the unit is hit with S3 attack that raises his strength value in each HE phase. Nasty, but it will take a two or three turns to take heavy tool on Dwarfs.

Vaulsí Unmaking 12 +

All magical items that the unit is carrying must be revealed, HE player chooses which item will be nullified. This spell is really nasty against kited characters, since it can disrupt that 'nasty' surprise you've been hiding. Also beware; this spell can be cast in combat.

High Magic doesn't hold any serious damage dealing spells (with exception of Flames of Phoenix) but it does have few of better augmentation spells. Dwarf players should be careful when deciding how much attention this lore should be receiving, otherwise missing more potent spells from other Lore the second HE mage is casting.

If someone noticed any grammatical error, send me a PM and Iíll edit my post.

#2 LF - Kevin B

LF - Kevin B


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Posted 12 August 2008 - 08:25 AM

Well thanks for your effort into this project drinks.gif

Just like everything else pointy eared, lots of flash but no real bang to use Dawi.

Added to the spellbreaker guide.

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