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The New Berek Athar

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Posted 24 May 2008 - 11:39 PM

Alright, completely new fluff for my dwarf hold please ignore the other topics about Berek Athar, they are outdated and longer in use by me.

Edit: Here's Important stuff of the hold.

The hold is sometimes known as Karak Brew Peaks because of the many mountains and stronghold's in the area. There are five great peaks, four ruled by a king and the last peak ruled by the High King of the DragonBack Mountains.

The first peak is Krag Birak of the mighty Mining Guild, it has the richest mines in all the Brew God's Kingdom, almost as good as Ekrund. It is home to the Mining Guild and several renowned ironbreakers. This small hold contributes several mining ores to the other holds.

The second is Kagar Azad, this peak is the hold of the engineers. It shelters the bulk of the warmachines and engineers in all of Brugner's Kingdom. This hold cotributes firepower and inventions to the other holds. This hold has the smallest population.

The third is Birak Azar this is one of the wealthiest holds. It is right beside water so has many crops and breweries below it's main settlement. Birak Azar is known as the farming hold, it shelters many merchants and foriegn dwarfs of Barak Varr and other holds. This hold contributes food to the other holds.

The fourth is Dirog Akadif, the hold of craft. Many great runelords and blacksmiths live here. The small hold makes good use of what ores the recieve. Crafting them into jewelry and weapons. This hold is one of the wealthiest ones as it contributes to most holds with weapons and armour.

The fifth peak is the mighty Grand Mountain of Berek Athar. This is the largest of all the peaks and the most heavily fortified. Home to the high king and most of the dwarf populace it is the pinnacle of breweries. Hundreds of breweries and barracks are in the halls of the mountain. The grand mountain provides the others with beer and protection. Thousands of dwarf warriors march out to defend the other holds.

Neither of these holds could live without each other, the kingdom would quickly collapse without proper support from each other.

Other Important Places Worth Mentioning

Thar Obressi: Thar Obressi is one of the twin citadels guarding against attacks from greenskins and any other dwarf enemies. It has served well through out the many wars in Berek Athar and a strong bastion of warriors and soldiers. It is heavily fortified by gun outposts and dwarf defenses.

HammerFall: HammerFall is also one of the citadels guarding the Brew God's Kingdom. It is positioned next to the Lake of Ale and it is used to bloodshed, being the forefront of most greenskin assaults during the Goblin Wars. The fort is also heavily fortified with most of the same defenses as Thar Obressi.

Axeforge: The lone fort against the wood elves and shadow warriors of White Wood, AxeForge is maintaned with an army of rangers and quarrelers. The fort has seen many sieges through the War of Vengeance and present day as the elves still assault the fort.

Valley of Brews: The Valley of Brews is a large community of dwarfs below the Grand Center Mountain. It is full of breweries and smithies. Several merchants and farms are located here as well.

-4442 This year is the year Brugner, the ancestor god of ale and the sea, founded the hold of Berek Athar along with the other ancestor gods. The hold is prosperous and Brugner and his followers begin to set up a massive fortified brewery hold. The lake next to the hold is turned into ale by Brugner. The hold is known as Berek Athar (beer hold).

The hold prospers and at least seventy thousand dwarfs are sheltered in the hold. Small towns and breweries are set up in the valley along with two massive citadels carved out of stone in the mountains. The valley is known as the Valley of Brews on account of such numbers of breweries.

However, soon chaos comes and the Valley of Brews is deserted and the hold is flooded with refugees. The hold reaches at least a 100,000 strong. Brugner and the other dwarfs of the hold dig deeper and deeper into the ground, fleeing the storms of chaos. The great gates to the mountain are closed with some of the most powerful defense runes the runelords could make.

-4439 The dwarfs hollow out the surrounding mountains from within as chaos still taints the land. The mountains are formed into the Brew Godís Kingdom.

Brugner appoints four kings to watch over the four mountains of his kingdom and one High King to watch over the Grand Mountain of Berek Athar. It is said deep below the Grand Mountain, Brugner has his treasure hold along with thousands of mazes and corridors. Four massive gates are the only entrances to the golden rooms.

The counsel of kings include High King Snorri BrewBeard, Bergeth Brewer, Alf the Alcoholic, Fargoth FarBrew, and Gertrun GoblinBane.

-4436 The Dwarf High King of Berek Athar and his grand throng along with Brugner and the other four kingsí armies emerge from the hold, seeing massive swarms of chaos ogres and other foul chaos daemons swarming all around the outside mountains. The five armies of the Kings smite the foul chaos worshipers. The dwarfs continue to smite all the forces of chaos in the area.

-4430 The dwarfs of Brugner come upon the high elves; the high elves thought themselves under attack and let loose a volley of arrows, killing the high kingís son. Enraged the dwarfs proceed to wipe out the entire high elf army enraged by the death of their prince. Only when an army of daemons attack do the dwarf and elves unite to push them back.

The elves and dwarfs then sign a cease fire agreement after the daemons are completely destroyed.

-4424 The elves begin to set up several sea forts around the black gulf, in case of another chaos attack.

Brugner enraged, but not enflamed let the elves stay for the time being. The golden age begins as the daemons and other chaos worshippers are pushed back by Grimnirís sacrifice.

Brugner the brew god disappears deep into the sea, he says that he will return when the dwarf race is dire in need. It is rumored that he sets up a massive underwater fort that shelters all the dead warriors and pirate dwarfs of Berek Athar.

-4000 The new age begins as the elves and dwarfs of Berek Athar come together and trade. Both races flourish and the dwarfs even start to like the elves.

-3800 Grand High Elf Admiral Marthin DoomSale and the New High King of Berek Athar, Baragor BrightBrewing, and the other kings sign a great oath of friendship with each other.

The elves and dwarfs flourish like never before, these are happy times.

-2182 The Elven Civil War is brought to the shores of Berek Athar. Elves continue to fight amongst each other as the dwarf kings hold counsel on which side to aid.

Finally after three days of bloodshed, the dwarfs decide to aid the true high elves and beat back the agents of Malekith. Hundreds of dwarfs are slain in the fierce combat.

-2177 After several foul years of heavy fighting Malekithís forces are broken and scattered, however small skirmishes continue on the seas between the fleets.

-2172 A massive enemy fleet of elves is caught and destroyed by the combined fleets of Marthin DoomSale and Fleetmaster Umbar StrongSale.

-2025 The skirmishes between the elves have become strangely silent and fewer and fewer dwarf armies march out to confront the dark elves.

-2015 The high elves turn on the dwarfs for unknown reasons and kill two of the kings and burn a dwarf fort to the ground. (they are actually dark elves wanting revenge)

The dwarfs are quick to react and they launch a massive counterstrike worthy of Grimnirís recognition and completely decimate the high elf coastal forts along with Marthinís fleets. It is unknown of Marthin survived, the dwarfs suffered heavy casualties along with the elves.

-2011 The high elves arrive from Ulthuan with a massive fleet of war attacking the dwarfs. The dwarfs and elves battle it out in the sea for several days, both losing several good ships and troops. The dwarfs and elves continue to launch several attacks against each other for several years.

-2009 The Battle of Blood River, an elf army marches up a small river to assault Berek-Athar, however a small dwarf outpost stands in the way with only three hundred dwarfs garrisoning it. After a heroic last stand reinforcements arrive to attack the elves, however sadly all the dwarfs were killed defending the outpost to the last.

Several small attacks continue against the dwarfs.

-2003 A dwarf fleet from Barak Varr arrives cornering the elven fleets. Several ships are destroyed in the battle, however before the fleets can bring a swift end to the elvish fleet a messenger comes from the High King himself ordering the dwarfs of Berek Athar to stop their offensive.

The elves pull out on Caledorís orders shortly after.

-2000 Tensions rise as the elves start to set up several sea forts, however the High King Kazador ElfBane set up their own defenses and starting preparing for war.

-1999 Several elf patrols continue to taunt the dwarf forces stationed in the guard towers, however the High King orders them not to attack.

-1997 Kazador has orders from Gotrek StarBreaker himself to crush all elven forces in the area.

Elf patrols are destroyed on the spot and any stragglers are wiped out. The elf fleets muster under the sail of a new leader, Elvar DwarfHater. The elves launch a massive offensive against the dwarfen defenses.

The elves and dwarfs are at war again. Hundreds are slain in combat. Constant attacks are common once more.

-1811 The elves fight their way through the dwarf defenses and land on the coast. However, the dwarfs make sure the elves suffer enough, at least fifteen thousand elves are slain in the invasion.

The dwarfs create massive killing zones as Gun Outposts bombard them with their hundreds of bolt throwers, crossbow dwarfs, and stone throwers. The elves are hard pressed to clear the coast of its defenders.

-1800 Prince Tyroth and his rider hosts from Ulthuan arrive, assaulting the dwarf outposts with several mounted armies.

The dwarfs fight the elves to the very last, however after several bloody months of combat they are overwhelmed. The elves continue onto the Valley of Brews and the main hold. The dwarfs assault them every step of the way.

-1799 The elves assault the Citadel of HammerFall and the Citadel of Thar Obressi (The Watcher). The citadels are well garrisoned however and the elves are not able to take them, the siege begins.

-1782 The siege ends after several years of combat and the elves are defeated. However, the elves continue to assault the dwarfs.

-1777 The dwarfs finally beat the elves off the shores, however thousands of elves are still stationed on the seas.

Kazador ElfBane sets out with his grand fleet, attempting to clear the elves out once and for all. Their first stop is the sea fort of Tion Tharath. After a long week of battling, the fort falls to the dwarf onslaught.

-1734 The dwarfs move through the elven sea forts, shattering one after another. The elves flee to their main fortress of Tiar Fiona as the dwarfs conquer the fleet yard of Char Ion.

The elves await utter doom as the massive dwarf fleets approach. Prince Tyroth and the other elven commanders are relieved as elven reinforcements arrive from the Knight of Caledor, Caliph, warrior of Khaine. Three massive elven fleets are sent out to stall the dwarfs.

-1733 The dwarf fleet shatters three mighty elven fleets and the High King of Berek Athar himself slays the mighty fleet master Elvar DwarfHater in combat and sends the elf admirals flagship to the bottom of the sea. The dwarfs continue to the elf fortress of Tiar Fiona

-1732 The dwarfs arrive at the fortress of Tiar Fiona and besiege it immediately. Caliph and his mighty warriors fight back with such ferocity that they defeat a massive boarding party twice their size. Kazadorís son Kungrid was sadly on the boarding party. Caliph takes Kungrid hostage and sends him to the bottom of the sea in front of all the dwarfs to see. Kungrid is drowned as the rune armour was too heavy.

Caliph thinks he has broken the dwarfs, however he has done the exact opposite. The dwarfs are enraged at the loss of their prince and assault the fort uncaring of their safety.

-1727 After several years of slaughter the fortress is breached. Caliph and Prince Tyroth both with their armies rush out to stop the dwarfs from taking the fort. However, Kazador ElfBane slays them both in a monumental battle that results in a dwarf victory.

The dwarfs are the masters of the Black Gulf now, Kazador and his fleets return to see that the city of Berek Athar has been undersiege for nineteen years by elves trickery. Hundreds of dwarf citizens are victims of the war. It is said the elves came out of a secret fort.

Kazador launches a massive counterattack against the elven besiegers.

-1726 After several years of heavy fighting the elves are defeated and beat back to their secret fort.

Kazador scours the lands for the secret fort, clashing with several elven forces on the way there.

-1720 Kazador halts his search after defeating the backbone of the elf forces in the forest, he does however set up a fort in the forest to keep an eye on elf activity. The fort is named AxeForge.

The elves slowly launch raids on the dwarf forts and breweries.

-1685 The elves return for another suicidal attack on Berek Athar, this time by the sea and land.

The dwarf forces are surrounded and assaulted from all sides and both sides lose heavy casualties.

-1682 Kazador is slain in a last stand as the elves pour through the western wall. Kazadorís clan, the GreenskinKiller Clan, charge out with their own army led by the thane Garthen GoblinSlayer before the other kings or thanes can even react.

The elves are quickly beat back as the other armies of dwarfs arrive. However, the hold is now without a high king. After a meeting of the thanes and kings, Garthen GoblinSlayer is made the new high king.

-1681 Garthen rallies the armies and the full support of the thanes. And with a massive host he sets out to defeat the elves.

After heavy fighting, he breaks through the circle of surrounding elf armies. He then proceeds to assault another elf army from behind, breaking the circle in two places.

-1680 Garthen and his armies continue to assault the elves, the siege is slowly letting up as the elves are slowly beaten back.

-1678 Lord of the Secret Fort and Elf General in the DragonBack Front General Elroth DoomDiamonds sets out to defeat Garthen and his armies. Dargoth DoomSound arrives from the sea with his elite army of Nagarythe shadow warriors to aid Elroth.

The two generals meet and both take oaths to take Berek Athar. The elf armies muster under the banners of the two-elven generals as Garthen musters his forces along with new reinforcements from Barak Varr. Thane Fargoth WaterFire of Barak Varr and High King Garthen GoblinSlayer of Berek Athar both attack together along with the four kings of Berek Athar and King Snorrith JeweledBeard of Barak Varr.

The armies of the dwarfs and elves clash in the Battle of Bloody Falls over a waterfall. Hundreds are slain on both sides in the first hours of combat. Soon the death toll reaches thousands. However, the dwarfs slowly push the elves off the waterfall into the cold waters.

Until finally the whole elven army is routing in confusion. In the bloody retreat Elroth and his commanders are all shattered and destroyed. Only Dargoth and some of his best warriors escape back to Nagarythe. However the dwarfs suffered great losses as well, Fargoth and several of his clansmen were defeated by the trickery of the elves and Kings Borri and Kili were both slain in the heavy combat.

King Godrik was never found, alas only Garthen and Baragor were left to rule the remainder of the dwarfs of Berek Athar. They refused to reinstate new kings, until someone was deemed worthy. (Fili and Borri had no children) Therefore, rule was spilt between the runelords and the remaining kings, however Garthen remains in command.

Dargoth vows he will return someday.

-1622 Garthen and his soldiers scour the forest once more after a small elf raiding party assaults the fort of AxeForge.

The dwarfs confront stranger elves, these elves are faster and they are masters with bows and ambush tactics. Garthen deems them wood elves after several clashes with the strange elves.

The dwarfs stay out of the forest after several losses and defeats.

-1621 Garthen returns to the forest to rescue a small dwarf child captured by the wood elves because he wondered to far into the forest.

Garthen and his soldiers fight their way through several wood elf patrols to find that the child has been slain mercilessly by the wood elves. Garthen enraged, proceeds to cut down every tree and elven soldier in sight. He personally slays the leader of the wood elves and even kills the queen. Garthen spares none. We expect no more provocation from the wood elves.

-1608 Small convoys of shadow warriors are seen on the shores. These elves have somehow got past our defenses.

Garthen assembles a small army and sends them forth to defeat the shadow warriors, however the elite elves slay all the dwarf attackers in a swift battle.

Garthen himself goes forth to face the elves, however when he arrives they are gone, Berek Athar may be in jeopardy once more.

-1603 Both wood elves and high elves unite to attack Berek Athar once again, however the attacks are more like raids and a type of Guerilla Warfare.

Both the wood elves and shadow warriors continue to assault the hold with little casualties. Garthen fears that the dreaded Dargoth is behind these attacks.

-1600 Baragor is assassinated by a shadow warrior. Garthen rushes to confront the assassin along with his warriors, the assassin turns out to be the dreaded Dargoth. After a small battle, Dargoth is slain. However, both Garthen and several guards are slain by the assassin before the sheer number of dwarfs pulls him down.

The shadow warriors and wood elves continue to assault the hold, however they are under leadership of Dargothís son, Feleir who swears he or one of his heirs shall bring down Berek Athar.

The thanes hold council and they finally elect a new king of Berek Athar, however they have yet to choose a high king. The new leader is Garine GoblinSlayer, Garthenís son.

-1575 Garine slays wood elf chief Toran FellBlade in single combat after a failed raid by the elves. The king goes after Feleir, however the elf escapes along with his small retinue.

-1562 The dwarfs of Berek Athar are called upon by High King StarBreaker to aid him in the siege of Tor Alessi.

Garine arrives with an army of his best warriors to besiege Tor Alessi.

-1560 Garine and his army break through the vanguard of a reinforcement army of elves, thus ensuring victory for the high king.

-1558 Garine returns to the hold to see that the wood elves have been defeated along with the shadow warriors. The hold prospers like never before.

-1502 Earthquakes shatter the hold and the rune gates below are sealed with defensive runes as lava and skaven pour into the hold. However, the golden rooms below are never breached. The dwarfs go to the above levels to escape deaths after thousands are killed below. They come above ground to see a heavily armed elf army prepared for a long lasting siege. Garine attacks the elves with all his might, however it is not enough and the dwarfs are defeated and Garine slain.

The oath may be fulfilled after all. The elves lay siege to the hold immediately. The thanes rally for war as hundreds of elves pour into the hold along with several thousand skaven and night goblins. The dwarf forces are caught between three attacking enemies.

Thousands of dwarfs are slain on the three fronts of combat. However, Gartrinn OrcSlayer, the new thane of the GreenskinKiller Clan launches a counterattack with his small army of clansmen, he proceeds to take the western section of the hold and hold it against four mighty elf assaults.

Reinforcements slowly arrive at the newly set up western district along with thousands of refugees. The dwarfs in the main hold are completely trapped as the elves attack from above and the skaven and their allies from below.

Gartrinn rallies his armies and readies for another assault.

-1501 Gartrinn launches a counterattack against the foes of Berek Athar, slaying thousands and taking back several corridors and rooms.

The dwarfs of the citadels HammerFall and BrewFort, surround the elf forces and slay them all, however several elves are still in the hold fighting deeper and deeper into dwarf territory.

Gartrinn and his fellows fight their way to the fourth deeping hall, however they are forced to retreat when an army of night goblins arrive.

-1499 Dwarf relief forces slowly arrive from Barak Varr and Ekrund. The dwarfs fight for the hold, refusing to give up the Brew Godís domain.

Hundreds of dwarfs and night goblins feud in the lower levels, vying for control.

-1498 Ekrund falls and thousands of greenskins assault Berek Athar. The dwarfs are besieged from all sides. Several dwarf armies are relieved, however as the elves flee back to their forests to confront the greenskins who may discover a secret fort.

The dwarf armies muster as more and more reinforcements come from Barak Varr. However the dwarfs are heavily outnumbered and the battle comes swiftly.

The dwarfs crush their mightiest hosts and the lake of ale is turned black by the black blood of the greenskins. And the ground is littered with corpses.

No one wins here as both sides are forced to flee on account of such heavy casualties. Shockingly the elves came in handy as they held off half of the greenskin host as the dwarfs battled the other half. Both wouldíve fallen without each other. The greenskins and skaven make constant attacks against the dwarfs.

Gartrinn is made king of Berek Athar and the hold grows greatly as DragonBack refugees from several mining outposts and forts.

-1472 After, several years of fighting and taking back a little of what was lost to the greenskins and skaven Gartrinn orders the runelords to seal the remaining gates that lead into enemy territory.

Several dwarf expeditions continue into the lower halls to take back valuables and attempt to find the Golden Rooms of Brugner.

-1470 Gartrinn and his warriors set up a small string of outposts to hold back orc attacks.

-1463 Runesmith Scoddi RedBrow leads an expedition deep below, recovering the Scepter of Garthen and the Crown of Kings.

-1460 Scoddi returns to the lower levels to attempt to discover the Golden Rooms, however he only discovers a new mine after battling through several skaven hard points.

The mine is home to several veins of gromril and Scoddi later returns with an army of slayers and miners who settle the mine.

-1453 Skaven finally get the dwarfs out of the mine, however the gromril is all gone anyway. Scoddi is slain defending the mine with remainder of his slayers and guards.

-1444 General Drong the Defender holds off a massive orc host in the small line of outposts.

Gartrinn arrives shortly with a massive throng and soon the orc army is routing.

-1400 Skaven return to the hold. Thousands are killed on both sides. Gartrinn counterattacks with a massive army of elite ironbreakers. The massively outnumbered dwarf forces crush the skaven.

-1393 A massive greenskin fleet passes by several hidden dwarf sea forts, on their way to Barak Varr. Gartrinn is alerted immediately and he sails out to confront the greenskins with his mightiest fleet.

The battle is massive as both sides lob rocks and other dangerous ammo at each other for hours. However, in the end the dwarfs proved to be the masters of the sea as the greenskins sink to the bottom of the sea.

-1390 The shadow warriors assault Berek Athar once more. A couple dozen dwarfs are slain before Gartrinn and the city guard can react. Although the elves are defeated, it cost Gartrinn his life.

The runelords and thanes hold council for the next king. In the end, the new king is Master Engineer Mergith Mechbeard, the reign of the GoblinSlayers end for now. The Engineering Guild rules greatly here.

Mergith and his fellow guild members start experimenting with flight technology and a strange explosive powder.

-1384 A massive Waaagh! Hits Berek Athar, thousands of orcs, trolls, and goblins assault the hold. Mergith sends out his best warriors to fight the greenskins, however he himself does not come out of the hold for several weeks.

However, when he does emerge from the safety of the hold he brings an army composed of engineers from the guild armed with strange weapons called rifles and heavy artillery. The Waaagh force of greenskins is disbanded after several dozen barrages by the new weapons.

Mergith begins to lead several campaigns into the greenskin lands, winning several victories.

-1380 Mergith and his gunmen annihilate a larger orc force at the Battle of Bergot Mountain. The vile Warlord Grashaaak BigAxe is slain in the massive gunfire; several grudges are scratched out of the Book of Grudges.

-1372 Mergith fights his way all the way to Ekrund on his fourth DragonBack campaign. His army fights all the way into the mine, however they are forced to flee when a night goblin army arrives from below.

-1369 Skaven return once more, almost breaking through the defenses of the dwarfs. Mergith locks himself away in his lab, testing for new effective weapons to use against the invading rat-men.
After several months Mergith emerges from his quarters with several bizarre machines and weapons. He marches down to the Skaven tunnels with an engineering army and proceeds to wipe out the skaven attackers. Mergith then launches a full campaign against the skaven, he says he shall genocide them out of the hold once and for all.

So what do you think of the new Berek Athar so far...

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Posted 24 May 2008 - 11:57 PM

I didn't read it all but what i read was excellent, very detailed. Just wish I had the time to do this sort of thing.

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Posted 25 May 2008 - 09:32 AM

Very good mate, far more detailed and better written than last time wink.gif

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Posted 25 May 2008 - 01:41 PM

Thanks guys, it took me about a couple weeks to write all that, so I'll just continue this project bit by bit.

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Posted 26 May 2008 - 11:58 PM

Small update...

-1368 Mergith and his army of engineers and slayers fight their way all the way through to the fourteenth hall of old, killing thousands of skaven on the way. The army continues to the lower halls battling against skaven along the way. Mergith says he shall reclaim the golden rooms.

However, little more is heard from the army after the skaven return with night goblin allies who proceed to cut off the main hold from Mergith and his soldiers.

The dwarfs launch four mighty assaults to break through, however all assaults are repelled with heavy casualties. Fighting continues between dwarfs and the skaven for several hours. However, in the end the dwarfs are forced to halt their assaults on account of being outflanked by an arriving orc army.

The orcs begin a massive Waaagh in the hold and the skaven retreat back to their holds, thinking the dwarfs have been defeated once and for all.

The dwarfs fight for every inch of ground in the hold, never once giving up a hall or room with out a fight. Thousands are slain in the bloody street fighting.

-1367 It has been a year and Mergith has yet to return many think he has been overwhelmed deep in the tunnels. The dwarfs continue to fight for the hold against the Waaaghing greenskins. Skaven troops attack all other dwarf territory as well.

Both citadels are put under massive pressure along with the other four dwarf mountains. Fighting is fierce in all fronts and reinforcements are scarce. Thousands of dwarfs are slain along with thousands of greenskins and tens of thousands of skaven.

Gimli GoblinSlayer takes charge of the dwarf forces and ensures the survival of several dwarf civilians and soldiers. Gimli and his GreenskinKiller Clan fight with much more ferocity than any other dwarf forces and the council of thanes and runelords name him Grand General and Temporary King of Berek Athar.

-1366 Gimli founds deems Berek Athar unsafe for citizens until the hold is cleansed once and for all. Therefore he allows Thane Grimvauld RedJaw of the Wurocal Waral Clan (Wood Warrior Clan) to leave the hold and start a new settlement for civilians and wounded soldiers.

After several hard months of hard labor and building Grimvauld creates a large mountain fort. He deems it Kazad-A-Stromgol (Safe Haven of Brugner). The new hold is flooded with the wounded and young.

-1365 The combined forces of orcs, night goblins, and skaven fight their way to the upper halls. The dwarfs slay thousands of their hated foes before they break through the lower level defenses and outposts.

Gimli and the remaining dwarf defenders defend their remaining territories as best as they can. The other four mountains and dwarf territories do the same as skaven and greenskin troops fight their way through the defenses and kill the defenders.

Thousands of dwarfs are slain in this act. The dwarfs of Kazad-A-Stromgol continue to shelter refugees and fortify with what little soldiers they have when fighting comes to their gates.

-1364 Orcs fight their way into the workshop of Runelord Skargot RedHammer. The orcs are slain in mere minutes by the runelords massive metal guardians.

The runelord emerges from his workshop with the heads of several elite black orcs and at least twenty massive giant iron golems. The enemy forces in the area are immediately destroyed by the combined might of Skargorís golems and Gimliís soldiers.

The other mountains hang on the brink of a thread as skaven continue to assault them from all sides with their greenskin allies.

The two dwarven citadels launch a surprise offensive against their enemy attackers, the skaven are surprised by this action and lose several territories taken. And the greenskin forces are scattered but not broken. Both citadels are saved from sure doom and that takes a bit of pressure off of dwarven troops and several more victories are won throughout the lands as dwarf armies are free to assault the enemy.

-1363 Mergith bursts out of the tunnels with his small elite army. The enemy forces are caught between Mergithís hammer and Gimliís anvil. A great victory is won and the Main Mountain of Berek Athar is taken back as tens of thousands of skaven and greenskins are slain in the heavy combat. The Horned Ratís plan has failed once more.

Mergith and Gimli combine there forces and take back several more key locations as the other forces in the other fronts are ordered to launch massive offensives against their foes. Several victories are won through out the land as thousands more foes are slain by the dwarfs and dozens of decisive victories are won as the dwarf slowly take back their mountains.

Reinforcements from Barak Varr also arrive at this time and once more the Brew Godís Kingdom is safe.

-1362 The High King orders all dwarfs to abandon their holds and mines down south. Mergith and the other dwarfs refuse, therefore the High King makes an exception for Mergith and his soldiers to remain as a defense against all greenskin invasions.

Mergith along with Barak Varr reinforcements finally push out the remainder of the greenskins and skaven. Berek Athar is safe once more as tens of thousands of skaven and greenskins are slain in the purging.

Berek Athar is once more safe. Skargot, Grimvauld, Gimli, and Mergith are officially made the four kings of Berek Athar by the High King himself. The hold is still without a high king however.

A new Golden Age is in the midst.

-1361 Shadow warriors assault the lands once more with a small force of combined wood elves and shadow warriors. The dwarfs proceed to wipe out the smaller elf force in a matter of minutes with several cannon barrages.

Grimvauld goes into the forest with his army of rangers to destroy the elves once and for all. In his search he burns and cuts down several trees. Still he cannot find the elves.

However, on the third day of searching he finds something. Hundreds of assembled wood elves and several dozen shadow warriors along with several angry forest spirits. Grimvauldís forces are slain in a matter of minutes. However, Grimvauld manages to escape with a small retinue of several elite warriors.

Grimvauld returns the next week with an assembled army of elite warriors and ironbreakers. Mergith accompanies him with his army of gunmen and warmachines. To their amazement the forest is completely grown back and it has many more trees than before and the tree spirits are even angrier.

A massive host of a thousand dyrads with several dozen treemen assault the host and the Battle of White Wood begins. The battle is epic and hundreds are slain on both sides, however the battle is won when a relief force arrives from AxeForge. The tree spirits are defeated, however Mergith orders no more missions into the forest.

Several good dwarfs were killed in the Battle of White Wood.

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Posted 27 May 2008 - 03:42 PM

Another small update.

-1359 The Great Dragon Sadrat the Dreadful destros a small dwarf outpost in minutes as it was on his territory. The dragon then proceeds to make an alliance with several thousand orcs and begin towards Berek Athar.

The dragon and his new allies battle against several dwarf ranger patrols along the way, however each band is slain and disbanded as the dragon is far to powerful.

Ownly a couple rangers return from their patrols to alert the kings about the dragon. Th dwarfs assemble their mighty armies and lock themselves away in their forts, awaiting the dragons assault.

At dawn as the mighty dragon and his army of thousands of orcs approach only a couple dwarfs stand outside awaiting the assault. Leading these mighty slayers is a dwarf with a white beard encased in gromril armour. We only know him as the White Dwarf.

As the orcs and dragon charge into the valley, they laugh as they see only a couple slayers and the lone White Dwarf. The White Dwarf charges into the massive hordes of orcs, slaying dozens as he charged. The slayers came behind him, shattering the orc lines.

It was the White Dwarf who struck down the massive dragon, killing hundreds of orcs as he went. Seeing their time to attack the four kings charged out of the hold, striking the orcs in the rear flank. Completely decimating the orc forces. The battle was won with little casualties for the dwarfs. However, most orcs were slain. It is said that the White Dwarf slew over fifteen thousand orcs that day, before dissapearing.

Many soldiers started worshipping the White Dwarf as a god. Berek Athar is split into two cults now, the mighty Cult of Brugner and the evergrowing Cult of the White Dwarf.

The hold prospers never before as the terror of the White Dwarf keeps greenskins and skaven away. Not even the mighty dragons wish to assault the hold.


A bit of stuff about Berek Athar... The lower halls of Berek Athar are very dangerous. Massive stone golems patrol the lower halls, fighting any thing that gets near their treasure.

The lower caves are infested with dragons, monsters, night goblins, squigs, and several thousand skaven. It would be almost impossible to traverse these endless mazes.

The Golden Rooms are somewhere among all these ruins. No dwarf or anything else has ever been in them since earthquakes burried these rooms of wealth, hudnreds of dwarf explorers have tried to locate the rooms many times. However, one would have to fight off massive gold golems and other enchanted ancestral statues to get to them. Only dwarfs are able to get past the golems. Otherwise you are smited with out care.

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Posted 27 May 2008 - 05:11 PM

Looks good, very nice read. keep up the work

#8 Tah Kazak Rik

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Posted 27 May 2008 - 09:30 PM

Yeah i really like how you have nto just one theme but several ranging from the miners and the brewers.

I like the idea of a valley of brewers and brewerys that travellers and traders can stop by.

The idea of the citadel is relly cool.

Cant wait until you finish the time line.

By the way would you mind having me include your Brewer Valley in my Fluff, because King Logan and Master Engineer Duffrin are both master brewers. Let me know.

#9 Thane Godri GoblinSlayer

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer

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Posted 27 May 2008 - 10:15 PM

You can use anything you want from my hold fluff fellow dwarf.

Update time

-1358 The famed brewer Lokaz Grimmson brews for the High King of Karak Eight Peaks himself, tightening relations with the other holds.

Skaven assassins scour the halls of Dirog Akadif , searching for the supposed White Dwarf. They come into Skargot's workshop and promptly interrogate the Runelord King before being crushed by a suprise trap the runelord had installed in case anyone tried to steal his work.

Ironbreakers are ordered to patrol the halls of all the mountains. Searching for any skaven invaders. Gimli GoblinSlayer comes upon a small skaven mining operation in the deep tunnels of Krag Birak, the ratmen are digging up stranger ores known as warpstone and mutating captured dwarf miners with it for their own hideous games and plots. The ironbreakers swiftly assault the skaven encampments, however they are unable to break through the defenses.

Instead of risking a long campaign Gimli orders the miners seal off the whole skaven infested area with dynamite, Gimli returns to the upper halls while the rats attempt to dig out of the massive debris.

#10 Tah Kazak Rik

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Posted 29 May 2008 - 07:28 PM

Godri I have included Berek Athar in my chronicles. Check it out an let me know how you feel. Maybe when you get to it you can include me in yours.

great update by the way.

#11 Thane Godri GoblinSlayer

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer

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Posted 29 May 2008 - 07:30 PM

Yeah,nice read and don't worry. I'd be honored to include you in my fluff.

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Posted 30 May 2008 - 06:48 PM

-1357 The skaven come into the hold of Krag Birak through a fogotten tunnel on the holiday of BrewFest. They quickly find their way into the great feast hall and proceed to wreak havoc, killing several dozen civillians before the guards and soldiers can react.

The skaven are pushed back,however it cost half of the barrels of newly made ale and the Great Cup of Brugner in which the first ale was to be served in. Gimli gives chase to the surviving skaven with a small ironbreaker patrol force.

He chases the skaven until they lead him into a massive underground chamber. Which houses thousands upon thousands of skaven and skaven spawns. The ironbreakers proceed to fight off several thousand skaven to get back to their own tunnels.

Gimli returns to the chamber to find several crude fortifications set out among the entrances. With his army he battles through the defenses with heavy casualties for seveal long days of war and battle.

On the eight day of slaughter and killing Gimli finally breaks through the defenses and into the main chamber. It is here when Mergith took over, bringing down dozens of hot oil pots and riflemen along with cannons with runes of burning inscribed them.

Meright proceeds to kill thousands of skaven with his barages of death and bullets. The miners then proceed to blast the chamber apart with their explosives, killing tens of thousands of skaven. The other kings send several patrols deep in their own tunnels to find several skaven warrens and holes.

The dwarfs proceed to use the same tactic, burn them out. The skaven continue deeper and deeper into the grounds, attempting to get away from the slaughter.

It is great year as the dwarfs take more and more of what's lost.

-1354 The last great battle of the Purging is fought between King Grimvauld and the Skaven Warlord Queek the QucikBladed in the lower halls of Birak Azar. The ranger king proceeds to wipe out the skaven warlord in a massive battle with his famed quarreler regiments.

The battles after this are ownly skirmishes between the retreating skaven and the vengeful dwarfs. Many great grudges are fulflilled this year. It is a new golden age, several dwarfs from the other holds move to Barak Varr on account of such good times.

The population grows greatly and Kazad-a-Stromgol as most foreigners are made to stay their with their own homes. A wealthy merchant from Barak Varr known as Gloin GreatTrade is made leader of the small growing fort.

Lokaz Grimmson continues his tour of the other holds, brewing for the kings and thanes of every single one. The brewer brings great joy to the children and he is sorely missed from Berek Athar as he settles his brewery down in Karak Eight Peaks.

His home brewery in the Valley of Brews remains in charge by his son, Borri Grimmson. The youngster tries best to fulfill the void in Berek Athar, by creating several great ales.

-1353 The dwarfs of Berek Athar continue to grow in number, slowly rebuilding.

-1339 First recorded flight of a hot air balloon invented by Mergith and flown by Grimvauld and a couple rangers. The dwarfs now have improved communication with the other holds.

-1337 The hot air balloon scouts hear of another orc Waaagh! on Barak Varr. Gimli along with a fleet set out to aid their long time friends.

The dwarfs hit the orc ships in the rear with their asssembled fleet and together the fleets of Barak Varr and Berek Athar drive the orcs away, slaying thousands. The orcs are all slain in this battle and the king of Barak Varr signs an oath of friendship with the kings of Berek Athar.

-1336 Mergith and the other kings are shocked by the lack of elf assaults in these past few years. Until finally, a small elf retinue arrive, unarmed.

The elf messengers beg for help against a most dark, unmentioned foe, Mergith slays them all without a thought. However, Mergith is curious and along with Grimvauld the two scour the forest with several warriors.

The dwarf army comes upon a fort of daemons and other dark spirits. The dwarfs launch an assualt against the dark fort.

However, after several hours of battling it is clear the battle is lost and the dwarfs doomed. However, out of knowhere come a small elf army compromised of shadow warriors and wood elves. The dwarf see their chance and are able to defeat the damons along with help from the elves, however before the two forces are able to meet the elves scatter away, leaing hte daemon fort in ruins.

The dwarfs flee the ruins in fear of more daemons. AxeForge recieves several elite reinfrcements in fear of a massive daemon offensive.

Stuff about the hold: BrewFest is a holiday of great celebration. It begins at the beggining of the year with the first new beers being tasted. It always takes place in the great hall of each hold. Even the citadels and forts celebrate the holiday.

The first new beer is poured into the Golden Cup of Brugner. Which each hold owns one of. The citadels and forts use the Glasses of Might.

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Posted 31 May 2008 - 02:24 PM

-1332 A large daemon army is seen making its way toward AxeForge. Grimvauld arrives with his rangers and the harry them with crossbow fire all the way down their advance.

Until finally Grimvauld is slain by a sorcerous light. The rangers retreat back into the mountains, not having enough time to get to AxeForge.

The daemons arrived and the dwarf walls were shattered by sorcerous fire. A hundred flamers swarmed in the air, bombardin the defenders with fire.

The commander of AxeForge, Irog ElfSlayer was caught up in the fire and slain shortly after by the Greater Daemon Egehghjhgjghs'dssbh'ct. The tzeentch daemon is so powerful he fears not the loss of his real name.

The dwarfs flee to the lower escape tunnels as a thousand horrors move past the defeated fort onto the main holds. The small string of outposts is breached in many places as well, as five hundred bloodletters charge onto Berek Athar.

The dwarfs have two daemon armies on their hands. Finally air balloon scouts arrive, warning of the advancing daemons. The dwarfs gather the bulk of their fire-power and await the daemons.

It was here that both powers attacked together, Tzneetch and Khorne. The dwars bombarded them with a hundred cannons and a thousand bolt throwers. The daemons still came at them, not even swayed by the fire-power of the dwarfs.

Mergith ordered the bombs be dropped, dozens of air balloon pilots dropped their deadly cargo on the still advancing daemonic hosts.

They still charged, almost upon the main dwarf host. Mergith ordered the first line against them to charge. Hundreds of elite long beards and warriors assaulted the daemons. The daemons fought with such savagery the dwarf assault was utterly defeated and none survived.

Mergith became desperate and he ordered the main throng to escape such doom as he charged into the masses of daemonic filth with his personal guards.

All of this was part of Mergith's plan, however. As hundreds of miners attacked the damons from behind from unseen passages. The bulk of the gun line and other throngs assaulted the daemons in the left flank. While rangers and warriors came from the right flank, hailing from AxeForge.

The daemons still fought on, inflicting and taking casualties. It was not until Skargot arrived with his magical rune golems that they were shattered. Beaten beneath the rampaging golems.

The daemons have been taught of the dwarven might.

Grimvauld's son, Grunger RedJaw becomes king of Birak Azar.

-1329 The old runelord, Skargot dies of old age. May he be welcomed in the hall of our ancestors. His apprentice, runelord Barget BeatingBrow takes his place as king and runelord.

The dwarfs discover several gold mines under Kazad-a-Stromgol, the times just get better and better.

-1312 Mergith and the other kings begin te Reclamation Wars along with Barak Varr, attempting to drive the greenskins and others out of the DragonBack Mountains.

The first army, lead by Gimli GoblinSlayer move northward towards the Goblin Fort of Black Rock Valley. While, Mergith sails down the Black Gulf, landing at least a couple hundred miles away from Ekrund. Grunger and his small army of rangers and scouts move steathily through the goblin lines, condicting Guerrila Warfare on the greenskins, bringing them away from their defenses and mountain strongholds to fight the small army.

Barget remains in Berek Athar, watching over the peaks. The king of Barak Varr moves along with Mergith. Their missions are clear.

Gimli is to cleanse the lands of Grobi Forts, while Gruner handles any reinforcements. Mergith and his ally King Snorrith OgreEater of Barak Varr will attempt to take Ekrund.

Gimli and his army takes the goblin fort in several days of fighting while, Grugner fights and defeats a larger greenskin reinforcement force.

Mergith and Snorrith fight their way through several orc bands, enroute to Ekrund.

The wars have begun...

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Posted 31 May 2008 - 02:46 PM

Excellent work here, I would even say it can stand next to the stuff we had in the 6th edition army book.
Nice eye for detail, it reads very fast and is very entertaining!

Ale on me lad! drinks.gif

Torendil Zharrgrund

#15 Thane Godri GoblinSlayer

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Posted 31 May 2008 - 07:01 PM

Update time...

-1312 Gimli battles through several more goblin forts, however he is halted and forced to set camp up near an abandoned watch tower. From their he continues to fight off thousands of goblins. Gimli and his soldiers hold out, despite heavy losses.

Grunger takes over Mount, RedPeak, the goblins were overhwlemed withour their mighty orcs who were busy fighting a massive war to ensure their hold on Ekrund against the engineer stunties.

Grunger then proceeds to send supplies to the other kings via air balloons, while fighting off small goblin relief forces in route ti attack the besieged Gimli.

Mergith and Snorrith fight their way through several packed armies of orcs. Slaying hundreds with cannons and bolt throwers.

Back at the hold, Barget and his runesmiths continue to make weapons and armour to supply the figthing kings.

-1311 After a year of siege, Gimli and his soldiers break through their goblin attackers and proceed to advance, fighting off several goblin tribes along the way.

Grugner breaks through the goblin armies to meet up with Gimli. The two kings then proceed to take and storm Mount. Pointy Nose from their night goblin enemies.

Mergith and Snorrith fight their way to the old abandoned outposts of Ekrund and put them to use again. However, the two armies are forced to remain in shelter, for several orcs have arrived by sea and they are in danger of being surrounded.

-1310 Gimli is slain is fierce fighting, trying to break through into Ekrund. Several dwarfs go into the frenzy of the loss of their king and inflict thousands of casualties on the greenskins.

Mergith and Snorrith order the retreat as thousands of orcs and goblins storm their easterb flank, surrounding the dwarfs.

Reluctantly, Grugner retreats from Ekrund, along with his armies, fighting through greenskin resistance.

-1308 After two years of heavy fighting and attempting to get back to Berek Athar, reinforcements arrive by the sea. Bringing thousands of new dwarf warriors.

The fresh warriors proceed to take on the bulk of the orc and goblin armies, while the rest retreat to their ships.

Grugner and his warriors continue to fall back. The dwarfs fight off four mighty greenskin hosts before they make it to the outskirts of Berek Athar. And they are still pursued by orcs and goblins.

The dwarf fleets pull out after two months of greenskin killing with their superior firepower. They decimated the greenskins with their long ranger artillery.

-1307 Mergith and Snorrith return after six long years of war. The war was not a total loss however, the greenskins now know fear and how mighty the dwarfs can be.

Grugner and his soldiers return weeks after, with the head of Orc Overlord Greaza SkullCracker.

#16 Thane Godri GoblinSlayer

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Posted 31 May 2008 - 09:00 PM

-1301 The hold is at the height of its power as Barget BeatingBrow slays the last great greenskin host at the Battle of Black Mines.

Barget then proceeds to wipe out a small elf fort. He is the closest to ever come as close to finding the secret fort. The runelord then proceeds to slay the Wood Elf King Calin WoodWalker and Shadow Warrior General Telier DoomWhisper.

The king is said to be the next great high king. The old runelord said he shall not stop until every Berek Athar foes is dead. He has formed the Grazon Agrong Kazadids (Grand Royal Guard) to do this.

-1300 Barget and his grand warriors discover a secret daemon fort. The runelord and his royal guard proceed to wipe out every daemon insight. It is in this battle that Barget slays the Greater Daemon of Slaneesh Ergrilff'jjdkjdfk'hhjjjh'treerrgf. The daemon was said to be one of the most powerful in the DragonBack Mountains.

Barget has went on a crusade. He leads his army of elites into orc territory and slays a rcord amount of 22,000 orcs with his small warband. The king continues to campaign all over, slaying trolls, dragons, and ogres for ten years.

-1290 Barget returns to Berek Athar, shockingly, only fifty dwarfs were slain in the whole ten years out of war. The other kings make him High King of Berek Athar and Gloin GreatTrade is made the king Dirog Akadif.

Barget says he shall bring back the Golden Years for all the Dwarf Empire.

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Posted 01 June 2008 - 03:47 PM

Really good. Cant wait to read more.

#18 Thane Godri GoblinSlayer

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Posted 01 June 2008 - 05:39 PM

-1283 Barget begins to tax the dwarf citizens with his Ale Tax. Many brewers are outraged and refuse to give him half of the beer they make every month. The high king has let power go to his head.

Several rebelious dwarfs begin to talk of war and start rioting. None are killed in these somewhat peaceful protests, however many noses are broken and eyes blackened.

-1282 The great Beer Bashing takes place. As several famous dwarf brewers led by the famed brewer Borri Grimmson, attack a convoy of ale confiscated fromseveral brewers enrouted to the king. The young beardling raids the convoy of ale.

The raid turns into a small skirmish and six guards are slain along with twelve attacking brewers. His father would be proud.

Barget, enraged orders the regular warriors to aid his Grazon Agrong Kazadids in crushing the rebels. The warriors are ordererd to slay any rebels on sight.

Warriors who disobey are either executed or sent on missions into the Badlands, never to return. Several warriors along with General Fili FamedAxe plan to overthrow the horrible king.

However, Barget's agents overheard and told the high king of the troublesome rebels. The dark king set out with his throng to end the rebellion once and for all.

His army marched straight into The Valley of Brews, slaying or capturing many brewers. Borri charges ou of his brewery with a small assembled host of warriors to buy the others time to get away.

The selfless brewer fought well, however in the end he was pulled down by the Grand Royal Guard. However, his act did not go in vain, many rebels escaped to the other holds and the other four kings have chosen to intervene.

Mergith and the other kings have chosen to resolve things peacefully with negotiations.

In the meeting, Barget denounces them as traders to Brugner and the other gods and he gives the order for execution. All four are slain and replaced by leaders of the Grazon Agrong Kazadids.

Barget says those who resist him are worshippers of chaos. May brewers and warriors prepare for war against the vile high king, something must be done.

#19 Thane Godri GoblinSlayer

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Posted 05 June 2008 - 04:35 PM

-1281 Barget begins house raids on those who resist him as new high king, many are slain or captured and tortured out of hate.

The longbeards order something to be done in the secret meetings and finally organize a rebellion led by Kori Thur. The dwarfs raid the throne room of the new evil kng Darki DarkBeard. The king is slain and his family captured.

Dirog Akadif has finally been brought back to the good dwarfs and it becomes a haven for dwarf rebels as the Grazon Agrong Kazadids are slowly pushed out of the hold.

The high king denounces Dirog Akadif as a traitor hold and orders several assaults on the hold with small raiding forces. The Kazadids are slain without mercy. The conflict has escalated into war as both factions slay each other without a thought.

However, Dirog Akadif is not the only rebel bastion of power, the citadels of Thar Obressi and HammerFall have turned to the rebellion under the leader ship of former hammer captain Grazak HammerCrash. The wise captain leads the dwarfs in their struggle against High King Barget and several non rebels are slain.

The conflict hangs on the brink of war as raids increase in nuimber and casualties mount. Several Kazadid troops surround the traitor hotspots and blockade them off from supplies.

The high king speaks of a peaceful way to end the conflit, however all rebel leaders are fired upon as they emerge from their holds to negotiate.

Grazak barely survives, however Kori Thur wasn't so lucky. The rebels, enraged open fire with every thing they have, dispersing the Kazadid blockades.

Kagar Azad joins the rebellion as they slay the king in a cannon barrage and eleminate any more Kazadid presence in several small skirmishes.

The other holds begin to rebel as well, resulting in the hangings or deaths of the Kazadid leaders.

-1280 Barget orders the final assault on the rebel strongholds, resulting in open warfare. The outnumbered Kazadid troops fight in honour of their high king.

Several suicidal sieges are made on the other holds, Kagar Azad is the first siege to be broken, the enemy army defeated in several barrages of bullets and artillery.

Dirog Akadif is next to break free when a relief forece arrives from Kagar Azad. Thar Obressi and HammerFall break free next as the Kazadid forces are surrounded by reinforcements from the other free holds.

These holds breaking free led to the ultimate downfall of the Kazadid offensive as all other enemy forces were beaten back or destroyed. The reels surrounded the Grand Mountain of Berek Athar, preparing for the last battle.

-1279 As the rebel armies moved in on Great Mountain the gates burst and Barget emerged with an army of Slaneeshi daemons.

This was his biggest mistake, all supporters of the high king turned to the rebellion, seeing the high king as a devotee to Slaneesh. The daemon army was defeated after a long battle and the high king executed.

The Kazadids were dibanded and exiled, while the new kings were chosen. The thanes took time in this selection and several were judged for years to come...

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Posted 09 June 2008 - 03:13 AM

Cant wait to read the update Godri. It is turning out great.

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