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Lore Of Light: Dwarf Spellbreaking Guide

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#1 Lord Asterix

Lord Asterix

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Posted 21 July 2007 - 10:59 PM

Ok here is the break down of the Lore of light not an amazing lore against dwarves but it has a few spells which can be pretty effective.

Burning Gaze:
Easy to cast has the same effect as a fireball not going to do much real damage to a dwarf unit but could pick of the remainder of weakened unit.

Pha's Illumination:
As with most combat magic spells if the wizard is in combat your already in a good position and few fighting characters will benefit significantly from this spell.

Healing energy:
Cheap to cast but only restores 1 wound but can be cast anywhere on the board, it's main use is probably late in the game to bring a character back above half wounds this can be worth about 150pts for some lords so it's worth recognising the value late in the game compared to other spells that might be cast.

Dazzling Brightness:
Cheap to cast by reducing the WS of our elite units this spell can have serious implications on a combat hitting on 5+ instead of 3+ halves the killing power of the unit and being hit on 3+ isn't good even with our quality armour.

Guardian Light:
Useful to rally units which failed to rally in the movement phase and units below half strength also protects against panic checks caused by our shooting.

Cleansing Flare:
High strength attack that can do reasonable damage to lots of units but it only has a limited range of effect, could be used handily to take out rank bonus/outnumber bonus form our units once they get in combat.

Honestly unless you accidently brought an undead army for a game rather than your dwarves Lore of Light is a poor choice for your enemy. Any wizard who can take Lore of Light can take Shadow/Metal/Death as far as i'm aware and all these lores are much better versus dwarves. Empire may take it if they choose to take a particular college of magic regardless of opponent but they probably won't. The main benefit of the lore is the spells are very cheap to cast

Any of you guys have any experience of Lore of Light?

#2 LF - Kevin B

LF - Kevin B


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Posted 22 July 2007 - 04:11 PM

While against us not the most brutal of lores around it can still be a pain, 2/3 of the spells are 6+ of less to cast meaning they will never have spare PD around, Pha's Illumination could turn a champion onr engineer into a nasty hitter, Dazzling Brightness could really hurt as then the enemy has the better stat troops and prob he numbers to back it up.

Guardian light could stop us getting nice vps at the end of the game for wiped out units (if they were under 25% strength and then rally that could add up), Cleansing Flare is strong but not a killer as it has a short range meaning the wizard can be hurt back and its only 1d6 hits per unit

If we are deamon or undeard we would fear this a lot more

#3 Lord Asterix

Lord Asterix

    Dwarf Longbeard

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Posted 22 July 2007 - 09:52 PM

Pha's Illumination could turn a champion onr engineer into a nasty hitter

Actually champions don't count as characters so it can't be cast on them.

And yes against undead light is the first choice for my level 2 wizard.

#4 Durin the Young

Durin the Young

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Posted 22 July 2007 - 11:53 PM

It's no Lore of metal, thank Valaya but it's still going to sting a bit, for mine the healing spell is annoying (as are warrior priests for the same reason). I use a master rune of flight to knock off wounds on characters, having someone undo this handywork is annoying as well as denying me VP.
Durin the Young

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