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Threadomancy Policy

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Posted 15 April 2007 - 07:12 AM


I just wanted to post a note about the topic of threadomancy, i.e. digging up old threads, and the general policy as I am aware of it here at the Brewery. Basically, the mods/admins will in general lock older threads that someone posts to, but for whatever reason haven't had other posts in the recent past. It is preferable that members if they have something new to add to the topic to start a new thread instead. The reason for this is simple. Allowing the older ones to continually be resurrected is considerably frustrating to users who may have already made their comments, but not realize it until after they have been forced to read the old topic again because they thought there was something new to be added.

Why does the Brewery police threadomancy in the first place? In general because it is desired by the forum members. Bugman may comment himself on this if he likes, but in the time I've been here I've had many people complain when an old thread is resurrected. The reasons are always the ones I mentioned above. To date I have only ever had one member question the policy saying they didn't like it. It is for this reason that we maintain and promote the policy that threadomancy is frowned upon here at the Brewery. From my own experience, this policy is similar to many other Warhammer/Gaming sites on the net and as such should not be entirely new to members.

Why then keep the old threads in the first place? Well for starters the old threads often provide valuable information that members may want access to long after the topic has died. Threads that cover strategies, tactics, painting advice, etc. are all useful even if not referenced on a daily basis. Secondly, they provide a means of allowing new members to research and catch up on goings-on in the Brewery without having to repeat the same old questions over and over again that we have all answered many times before.

If that is the case and we don't want old threads resurrected, then why don't we lock them all after they reach a certain cutoff? The answer to that is time, specifically the time we mods and admins have to police / monitor the forums. All of us are volunteers and can spend only a limited amount of time here making sure things run smoothly. It is difficult enough at times to monitor the active threads to watch for potential flames, spam or other tasks that need taking care of. It is far easier (and within the capabilities of our limited spare time) to simply lock the few that do come up and post a note in them saying why.

What is the limit on how old a thread can be before it will be locked by the mods? To my knowledge there is no set timeframe of inactivity that all of us adhere to, though the general trend is if a thread has been inactive for 3 weeks or longer then it will usually be locked.

What is the best way to address a topic that has been inactive for a while? Before posting on an old topic, we recommend doing a search on the forums to see if it has been discussed before. If it has and there is a current discussion going on then use that thread if you have something new to add to the topic. If it is not a current thread then please create a new post. You might consider including a link to the old thread as a reference if you think it has information you think would help aid the discussion. If you can't find the topic anywhere then feel free to create a new post to discuss it as usual.

If for whatever reason you wish to see the policy changed, I would recommend PMing a mod or admin with your views. If enough people comment that they don't like it, perhaps the policy would change, I don't know. Likewise, if you have any comments on the above, please let us know. I just thought it might be best to post a note explaining things so everyone knows what to expect.

Cheers, Gary

PS. If any of the other mods/admins/Bugman wish to add their thoughts to this note please do. I'm obviously not the one in charge, but I thought this was something folks might be interested in for future reference.



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Posted 16 April 2007 - 03:52 AM

Good call Silas. Its due. Theres been a rash of threadomancy lately. I suggest members contact a Mod and maybe post a FRIENDLY reminder. Some new members get anxious for that "next promotion". 3 weeks seems a good guideline,I've seen members complain of threadomancy after 9 days.

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Posted 18 April 2007 - 05:00 AM

QUOTE(BLOOD AXE @ Apr 15 2007, 08:52 PM) View Post
Some new members get anxious for that "next promotion".

That's a fair point as well. I know people like it when they get "promoted" to Longbeard, Hammerer, or whatever. However, if you are getting close please make sure you don't succumb to the one-liner posts that don't add to a given topic just to make the next rank (except in the few instances where it is okay such as expressing praise for people's work in the Forge). You will all get there soon enough. Just remember this is a Dwarf site and have a little patience please. If you need motivation to wait a little, have an ale on my tab while you kick back and enjoy the Brewery atmosphere. Besides, you'll never be young again. Enjoy it while you can wink.gif...

Cheers, Gary

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