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The lost hold of Karag Dum....

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#1 Barafo Steelfounder

Barafo Steelfounder

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Posted 07 April 2006 - 05:36 PM

Now you may or may not have read any books by William king who writes the tales of Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaegar (he has also wrote a few 40k novels but thats not really important) Now if you have read the Trollslayer etc. books you will have come across the tale of Karag Dum, lost too the forces of chaos in the first chaos incertion it was believed the hold was over-run and teeming with foul chaos worshippers: but by Grungi it was not entirely lost, with bands of Dwarfs living deep within the mountain side; constantly being attacked by chaos worshippers.
Ive made this topic because I want to (try) to create a host of Dwarfs from, yep you guessed it, Karag Dum. Now lets get something straight first, I have only just finished reading Daemonslayer so dont start talking about the storyline of further books as it will spoil the plot for me (but if there is something in the future books please just state it and I'll read the book myself)

Ok this is what I already know about Karag Dum:

I know they are led by King Thangrim, who wields the Hammer of Fate. Thangrim is rather old so long beards and that kinda stuff are rather necceserary (I was think of using the Dwarf model where he has a Warhammer planted in the ground and is holding his helmet in the other, old hammerer champion?) The king also if described as wearing long robes over his armour so perhaps a bit of green stuff is in order.
Thangrim captain or at a similar rank is a Dwarf by the name of Hargrim. Hargrim is a expert tunnel fighter (20 year veteran!) so dorns light armour and carries a crossbow as his main WPN, this is also how his Tunnel fighters are described; not much armour and primarily using a crossbow.
The only two heroes that I have read (that are still alive) are two priests, a priest of Valaya carrying a sacred book. And the other a Priest of Grimnir wielding an Axe of some sort (in the book it doesn't describe if its two handed etc.) this priest also dorns heavy armour so I will probably use an old runesmith model and replace the staff with an axe (the preist of Valaya I havn't got a clue how to do)

The warriors of Karak Dum are doughty warriors who have been fighting against chaos for over 20 Years (200 years in the real time) so refelcting this in the modelling is esential; perhaps giving the models wounds ie. peg legs and bandages over heads. The coulor scheme would also have to refelct there tunnel fighting; dark coulors, browns (snakebite, bestial, scorched) there clothes also need to resemble there 20 years of repairs, basically they need to be in a poor condition by Dwarf standards.
The only other warriors I heard about are Thangrims Bodyguard. They seem to have magical WPN's which have been salvaged from the battlefield (I obviously cant transfer this in gaming terms) they dorn (Quote) "Gleaming armour, and they moved with pride and discipline" so perhaps adding jewels to there armour somehow, it aslo states that these are LB but I prefer using Hammerer models with larger beards (green stuff)

Now I know that in the book they are mainly all killed and the survivers flee aboard the airship (or do they?) but I want this army to represent them before Gotrek and Felix arrived, I also want the begginings of this army to be around 500/750pts too represent Hargrims tunnel fighters. Now if you have any tips or advice or even if you have embarked on a similar project please let me know.

P.S. I'm gonna make six Tunnel fighter his weekend so ill try and give you some links.

#2 Skull Krusher

Skull Krusher


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Posted 17 December 2006 - 06:23 AM

My hold is just south of you across the "The Frozen Sea" within Norsca. The Kraka Draka fluff is an ongoing theme and is written up in the Preachers Corner section. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your army as well as more fluff.


#3 Barafo Steelfounder

Barafo Steelfounder

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Posted 17 December 2006 - 12:19 PM

Ha, I completely forgot about this old project of mine.

But seeing it revitalised I may end up adding some more tunnel fighters to the warband (I've made about two, both using the plastic sprues from the battalion)

Cheers anyway for reminding me SK thumbsup.png

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