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Quill Work - 20 Feb 2012

Posted by Thunderer , 20 February 2012 · 1,822 views

Fluff Slayer Ungrim Ironfist Dragonslayer Karak Kadrin Dwarf
Greetings. Well I am back to working on my stories and I need to get back to painting, modeling and getting my army back together. I had a bad incident two years ago or so where my painted army took a header off of the top of my army transport cast on top of a table at my local store (which has since closed). Needless to say seeing my broken war machines and shattered longbeards on their old regimental bases scattered all over the floor was a crushing moment and I pretty much quit playing.

But a while back I started revisiting my three previously active story lines: Sqalliq Oneleg's Slayer Saga, Fyrmaul Qwykangst's Doomseeker, and Snulli Ironfist's Tale. Each of these stories have been receiving updates in the Preacher's Corner (which isn't visited much and is neglected) and the fluff spot over at The New Slayerbrotherhood. Along with updates I have been going back and fixing up some of the older backstory, errors, and all that. At this point and time I am about 200 pages into the tale and it is still going strong.

That being said today I was working on what I think is a pivotal part of "Snulli Ironfist's Tale" but it is a piece much further along in the story. This piece is after the current battle and mentions some parts that haven't been written in the story yet. For instance we discover that Snulli's wife has died and the clans that were loyal to the Irongrip clan are returning to Karak Kadrin after losing all of their holds in Peak's Pass. We also learn that Snulli and Ungrim Ironfist are distant relatives and have had a fallen out.

So here is a short piece that won't be posted anywhere else until the story catches up... think of this as my chaulk board for some missing pieces of the story or a place to put some draft items for viewing. I will also be posting some army related things as I get back into WHFB in Northern Virginia. So stay tuned and let me know what you think and what is going on... BTW little bit of snow on the car this morning. I guess winter happened:

Snulli’s tired bleeding forces stopped at the eastern gate to Karak Kadrin. Behind him was the remains of the Blue Beard regiment and a hodge podge of remnants of his bannermen from the various holds, camps, and forts that he had commanded in the defense of Peak’s Pass. The gate was barred. The large stone and steel gates made as an ancestoral face’s beard were closed but burning flames could be seen in the sunken eyes over them where watchers and ranged troops stood prepared to rain death down on the enemies of Karak Kadrin.

“Ungrim Ironfist! Open your doors! Cannot you see your people need shelter from the orcish onslaught? Peak’s pass is lost from the gates here to Gnashrak’s Doom.” Snulli paused in his plea to the high king as he two sons and bleeding daughter limped up to join the Lord of Peak’s Pass. “Ungrim, my King, please open your gates. We have women and children, wounded and dying out here. I beseech thee to set aside out quarrels and think of your people!” Bellowed Snulli in defeat as his wounded and bleeding daughter leaned against his bandaged shoulder. His young son stood firm in front of him defiant each holding one of their mother’s daggers that Snulli clan had gifted her on their wedding day.

The gates cracked open enough to allow one dwarf through and Ungrim advanced to the center of the raised causeway that limited the amount of forces that could be brought against the walls and gates of Karak Kadrin. Snulli look at his precious children. “Kindla, keep your brothers here. I must speak to the king.” Broggin and Groggun moved to Kindla’s side and she placed a hand on each of their shoulders. Snulli nodded to her and then advanced to the his king. It was the first time Kindla had ever seen her father broken and defeated. There was no spark. No defiance just broken humility and failure for his people, his bannerman, his loyal sacrificing forces he had commanded in the grueling defense of Peak’s Pass and of his loss of his wife dead and butchered in the pass he was charged to defend.

Snulli stopped in front of Ungrim and nodded towards his King. “Your Majesty the pass is lost. My forces fought them every step of the way but this host of green skins is larger than any we have encountered. Every fort, camp, hold and hearth east of here has fallen and been defiled by the green skins. What remaining Dawi there were I bring to you to strengthen the defenses of Karak Kadrin.”

Ungrim looked upon his once friend with a hint of anger in his eyes. “Snulli Irongrip, Defender of Peak’s Pass, Lord of the Irongrip Clan, Commander of the Blue Beard Regiment you have failed in your sworn oath to defend that which was yours. And now you come groveling to my gates like a vagabond seeking to be let in. You who aspired to reach so high, what have you to say for yourself now?”

Snulli sighed as a hint of fire returned to his eye. “Ungrim this isn’t about us. This is about the innocents bleeding behind me. The sons, daughters, wives and wounded. This is about war. I didn’t seek out the greenskins. I and the Bluebeards have been bleed white to whittle down this host of green marauders that will crash against these very gates soon. I am sorry that my aspirations for my clan didn’t make you happy. I took my exile for reaching above my station. But I do not need to watch them and the clans loyal to mine come to naught because of a disagreement we had old friend,” said Snulli softening his voice and bowing his head. “Please my king. Let your people in. I am the one you should feel anger at. Not the thanes and clansmen, I wanted a return to the greatness that was the Irongrip clan of old before we split too far from the Ironfist clan. I was wrong to seek to restore it as I did. Please forgive me my King.”

Ungrim stepped up chest to chest with his old friend and political rival and whispered in Snulli’s ear so only he could hear it. “Old friend I will let your people in but never will I forgive you of the political instability that you have brought to this kingdom. You were popular with the people and the powerful but you sought too much.” Ungrim gritted his teeth and continued. “I will let in the bleeding masses but you and I are not done.” He stepped back.

Ungrim turned and walked towards the gate. “Open the gates. Summon medics and get this host in!” With that the King of Karak Kadrin returned to his hold leaving his oldest friend bleeding, bruised, and humbled on his causeway. Snulli watched his childhood friend and distant relative depart and deep inside he knew that things could never be the way they were. He had lost a friend today and he had lost the respect he had for his King. He was just a petty dwarf to squander the forces of his childhood friend’s clan to diminish the Irongrip clan’s influence in his capital.

Snulli turned back to his people as they slowly and defeatedly marched into the gate of Karak Kadrin. Karak Kadrin wasn’t the home they had carved from the pass. It wasn’t as light or lighthearted as the hold’s they had toiled to crave and tame from the frontier to the east. But at least it was safe, warm and helping hands were waiting for the wounded, hungry and tired dwarven folk that had marched and fought for a month.

Kindla and her brothers waited on the causeway with their father as their clansmen and bannermen passed bearing their worldly possessions, babies, herd animals and supplies from their scattered and destroyed holds. At long last the last of the retreating forces arrived, motley crew of bleeding and bandaged slayers paused near the dwarf lord and his family.

“Lord Snulli,” said Dragonslayer Qwudd. “As promised we guarded your retreat. All of your people are safely in the gates. What would you have me and my troop do Commander of Peak’s Pass?”

Snulli looked at the scared dragon slayer and some flame returned to his eye. “Qwudd I don’t think there is much for me to command in Peak’s Pass.” The slayer and lord barely chuckled. “I suggest you get your troop of slayers inside. The Slayer king will need you before this is all done.”
The slayers and the last four member of the once powerful Irongrip clan walked into Karak Kadrin from the last time.

Snugg Thistlehammer
Feb 23 2012 08:42 AM
Hey Thunderer!

Twice now I've tried to leave a comment and my internet's cut out right when I press "Add Comment" and I've been left with nothing! What a pain in the arse!

Anyway, I've noticed you've been updating your work again, please do keep it up!

The only thing I can pick in this passage is in paragraph 8 where it says;

He had lost a friend today and he had lost the respect he had for his King. He was just a petty dwarf to squander the forces of his childhood friend’s clan to diminish the Irongrip clan’s influence in his capital.

Beginning both sentences with "He" made me think that you were still referring to Snulli in the second sentence - it kind of just flowed on from the first. I had to read it twice to understand that the second sentence was about the king. Maybe continuing with "Ungrim was just a petty dwarf..." might be better - but do what you like, it's your work after all!

Other than that I thought it was great - waiting for the next update. :)

Edit: At last! It worked! :D
Yep I should have led that off with a "Snulli" or "The lord of the Irongrip clan" ... something to break it up. Good catch there. Once I get the story caught up I will definetly roll those changes into the final version. In the story I am still stuck fighting orcs, trolls, and giants deep into the pass. I am hoping to get another update out later today or tomorrow. I am switching from nightshift to dayshift again so tomorrow morning starts my three days off so hopefully less WOW and more warhammer will happen.
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