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Bfsp Cannon & Crew

Posted by PrOtOcoN , in Army update 21 June 2010 · 3,771 views

dawi karak'odro karaz dwarf dwarves cannon war machine crew
  • Thanes Freya and Ulf
  • Thane Ulf Vansson
  • Quarrelersquad1.3.jpg
  • Quarrelersquad1.5.jpg
  • Quarrelersquad1.4.jpg
  • Warmachinecrew1full.jpg
  • Warmachinecrew1.3.jpg
  • Warmachinecrew1.2.jpg
  • Warmachinecrew1.1.jpg
  • Quarrelersquad1.5.jpg
  • Quarrelersquad1.4.jpg
  • Quarrelersquad1.3.jpg
  • Quarrelersquad1.2.jpg
  • Quarrelersquad1.1.jpg
  • Warmachinecrew1fulldetail.jpg
  • Runesmith Alviss Gormbrandsson
  • Quarreler Champion
  • Quarreler Standard Bearer
  • Quarreler Champion
  • Quarreler

Hi folks!

I've finished the Battle for Skull Pass Cannon and crew and they were a pleasure to paint. Despite being single-pose casts they're actually very nice!
The only thing I have against the BFSP casts are the weird sides they tend to have. If there's a belt pouch on their side for instance, it'll sortof elongate and look weird. The models also tend to look nice from the front and back and completely lack detail and depth from the side. That being said there are some great models in that kit, so that kinda makes up for it ^^
The crew is finished aside from basing since I'm making a movement tray for the warmachine and crew, so I'm holding off the basing for now so it'll be easier to tie it all together. I'll post a thread in the Forge once that takes off!

Enough chatter, more pictures!

The crew and the cannon.
Posted Image

Front shot and proposed lineup of the models on the movement tray, leaving a space for an Engineer and Master Engineer.
Note the runes I added to the front of the cannon, thought it looked abit flat as it was.

Posted Image

Crew member 1.1
Posted Image

Crew member 1.2 (I really like his nose and mug ^^)
Posted Image

Crew member 1.3
Posted Image

I'm working on some BFSP Thunderers now, making some good progress. I've also been playing around with another Thane for my army so expect an update on that next ^^
I really appreciate any questions or comments you might have, keeps me on my toes!

Next up:

how do u paint ur reds cos i want to paint a karak kadrin army and i dont know which colours to us and what layers to paint . got any suggestions? p.s i luv ur army, nice job
Grabgold Thunderbeard
Jun 28 2010 10:28 AM
Great work!
I like the red nose on the dwarf who's obviously been imbibing just a tad too much (although I don't know if dwarfs know the meaning of too much when it comes to beer)! :guinesssmilie:

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