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Quarreler Unit - Finished!

Posted by PrOtOcoN , 18 June 2010 · 1,287 views

dawi karak'odro karaz quarreler crossbow unit regiment xbow dwarf dwarves
A big update coming folks!

I finally finished my Quarreler unit and I got some pictures of their bases this time! (realized I hadn't taken a proper picture of them so far!)
Hope you enjoy!

Front view
Posted Image

Top down (Note the bases =D)
Posted Image

Close up 1
Posted Image

Close up 2
Posted Image

Close up 3
Posted Image

Thats it!
Feels great to have a finished squad!
I've been doing some work on my BFSP Thunderers, expect updates on them soon. Putting finishing touches on my BFSP Cannon, expect that next!

Next up:
BFSP Cannon & Crew

Grabgold Thunderbeard
Jun 19 2010 12:29 AM
What can I say??
The bases look fantastic!
The freehand on your banner totally rocks!
Absolutely love the little puff of smoke from the pipe (I may have to steal that idea if you don't mind)!
The skin on the drum looks totally lifelike!
All in all a unit that would just look amazing on the gaming table!
Balador Silvermane
Jun 19 2010 11:28 PM
Couldn't agree more with Grabgold, the unit looks fantastic, really like the fiery beards too - how did you create them? I think your bases look absolutely outstanding!!! :clapping:
The beards are painted with inspiration from Mousekillers outstanding guide on painting dwarven heroes here on Bugmans Brewery! Link here!

How I do mine is that I prime the model black (as usual).
*Liberal coat of Dark flesh, this is really the foundation color for the beard/hair.
*Drybrush Blazing Orange over the beard, may also need to directly paint locks of hair, braids etc.
* Pick out individual strands with Fiery Orange.
* Highlight top-braids, ends of locks etc with Golden yellow.

If people are interested in any feature of my modelling/painting I'd be happy to throw together some tutorials on stuff. Let me know if you're interested ^^

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