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Fire Warriors And Other Things

Posted by Equlan , 19 February 2012 · 2,067 views

So, weekly or bi-weekly updates for this blog is unrealistic, I think. At least I felt it would have been too small for the blog-format. Maybe I should make a thread somewhere instead?
Oh well - since last time, I have finished my 12 Tau Fire Warriors, started assembling 19 Avatars of War Slayers (the finished one I assembled quite a while ago, but I included him to show where it's going), and I finished a troll (another one from BFSP).

My next project (which I've only kinda gotten started on) will be touching up the basecoat and then painting skin and eyes on all my assembled and basecoated Dwarfs and Men! That's about 25 Men and 47 Dwarfs!

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Snugg Thistlehammer
Feb 20 2012 03:54 AM
Project eyes getting underway at long last! Years ago, eyes were something I put off for a long time as I thought I would be risking messing up my paint jobs, but like anything the more of them you do, the better you get. So you should be pretty good at them after doing over 150!

I think you did a good job on the Tau armour - very neat.

I'm also looking forward to seeing some of the AOW slayers finished - I'm sure by now that I could find some completed units on this forum somewhere to satisfy my curiosity, however I'm far too lazy for that so I'll just have to keep bugging you to finish some so I can see them. :P
Grabgold Thunderbeard
Feb 20 2012 06:42 PM
Good stuff Equlan, I've always liked Tau. They are like space marines but different, and the space marines always kind of "I swear too much" me off a little with their holier than thou attitude. LOL
Sorry about the slow reply

About eyes: I felt exactly the same way, but I'm pretty happy with MOST of the eyes I pain these days, and I always paint them if I can see the eyes on the model at all. I haven't gone back to my old models and added eyes yet though. Have I painted 150?! :o I don't think the tau counts though, the officers are kinda eyeless really (I had no idea how they should look) and the ones on the helmets aren't really eyes and not comparable in difficulty I think :)

Tau: Thanks - I'm happy with how they look as well. I think the rather simplistic look suits them very well. And I'm much more happy about the skin on the officers than I thought I would be!
I like Imperial Guard as well, and to some degree space marines, but one of my friends already has a sizable IG-army, so I went with tau when I finally decided to try out 40k. I suppose they aren't exactly squeaky clean, but I like that they seem to be relatively good guys and at least not JUST motivated by paranoia and hatred etc. 40k is an entertaining universe, but I think sometimes it gets a little too "grimdark".

I can't remember if I've mentioned it before, but I plan on supplementing my tau with human auxiliaries from Mantic's Corporation range! I think that will be pretty cool :)

Slayers: It will probably be a while, I'm afraid. "Project Skin" isn't exactly moving along at light speed these days, but I hope it will speed up a bit after friday. I'll try to assemble them as I pain skin on a ton of figures. After that I'm not sure when I'll get around to painting them :(

EDIT: By the way, is it just me or have the smileys disappeared? I mean, they show up, but I can't see the list of them anymore, and I haven't exactly memorised them all.
Snugg Thistlehammer
Feb 28 2012 11:51 AM
Well, 150 eyes is only 75 models... which is roughly how many you said you still needed to do.

Anyway, when it comes to 40k, I'm a guardsman. Through and through. If I ever finish my dwarfs, I might revisit my metal guard army. If only I had the time... *sigh*
Hm, true. I thought you meant I had already painted eyes on 150 models (I might have, I'm not sure really. Just red goblin eyes are quite a lot I think, but I'm inclined to only count more "human" eyes).

I really love the variety in the Guardsmen army, both choices and just the looks of the different armies (Vostroyans are all kinds of cool). And the fact they are, mostly, regular humans against all the ridiculously powerful creatures in 40k is a huge attraction as well. Although their ginormous tanks subtract from that part a bit. If my friend hadn't been playing them already, I likely would have chosen Guardsmen for my first 40k army.
Snugg Thistlehammer
Feb 28 2012 12:49 PM
Vostroyans?! Bleagh! They're my least favourite! In fact they're the only guard regiment they've made which I don't like (Catachans and Tallarn being borderline). I just can't believe they axed the absolutely brilliant pseudo-WWII-Russian Valhallans for those godawful pseudo-napoleonic Russian Vostroyans! It simply defies logic! I mean, I'm all for a Napoleonic styled guard regiment but christ, I don't think they could've done a worse job of it if they tried!

Ok. Rant over. :P

Hey, yeah, Grabgold's right! The smileys HAVE gone! I wonder where they went?
True, the Valhallans are great too. I like both them and Vostroyans, not sure which ones I prefer though. Mordians are nifty as well. I didn't know they shelved Valhallans to make Vostroyans! Seriously?

I don't think they look that bad though :P
Snugg Thistlehammer
Feb 29 2012 07:38 AM
Well maybe they weren't sacrificed specifically for the Vostroyans. Tallarn, Valhallans, Mordians all disappeared around the same time. What they could have done instead of releasing the Vostroyans was re-released new and improved Valhallans like they did with the Cadians. Ah, well. I've got Praetorians anyway so I've really got no right to whinge...
Haha, I had never seen those before. Too bad they don't produce them anymore. Space-Imperial Brits is hilarious :P
Nice work on the Tau, but I'd be tempted to go even FURTHER with the highlights! But that's just because I'm mad! ; )
Thanks, Spawn.

Are you thinking about the dark green or the light green? Or both?

Because yeah... the light isn't really highlighted at all :/
Definitely the light green (with a nice fine line along the edges of the armour) and then see how that looks with the darker green. You might find the dark green is fine, or that it needs another highlight or that it actually needs to be darker. : )

Looking at the darker green now, I actually don't think it'd benefit from another highlight, but possibly some careful shading in the recesses. A lowlight hehe. This could help define the muscle more.
I will consider doing that :)

... once I've finished my batch of about 70 minis (mostly dwarfs, a healthy bunch of humans as well), and my Bretonnian Mordheim warband, hehe

Good to see you back!

I should get around to updating the blog soon..

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